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20+ most popular job posting sites in Southeast Asia

Understand the reasons why job posting sites are crucial to your recruitment process and get yourself a curated list of 20+ most common job posting sites in Southeast Asia to help you get the perfect candidates.

Despite the increasing use of social media recruiting tactics, 58% of candidates still find career opportunities on job posting sites. This means it is imperative for employers to advertise their openings on these sites in order to attract qualified talents. Leveraging free HR softwares can also streamline the recruitment process and make it more efficient.

However, because there are so many job posting sites, identifying a good and suitable one especially in your region can be difficult. To help you, we have curated this list of 20+ most popular job sites in South East Asia. Before that, we start with the question:

Why should employers use job posting sites?

Companies use job posting sites to:

  • Reach more candidates: Job posting sites gain a lot of traffic because of the many activities they promote to attract visitors. Programs like webinars or free online courses draw job seekers hoping to gain more knowledge about their career path. This is where free HR systems can play an important role in organizing and managing these activities effectively.

    By using job posting sites, companies can tap into these sites’ traffic and benefit from the trust that they have earned from job seekers. In addition, companies can use niche job posting sites to reach a large number of specialized candidates and cut down on applications by unqualified candidates. Productivity apps can also enhance the efficiency of this process by automating and simplifying tasks.
  • Simplify the recruitment process: Employers who do not have the time or resources to focus on their recruitment process will find job posting sites helpful. For one, after an employer posts their job, all they have to do is simply wait for candidates to apply.

    Secondly, these sites have search features that make it easy for employers to look for applicants in different categories. Lastly, job sites can simplify the recruitment process for employers by helping them manage their company profiles on their sites.
  • Complement social media recruiting: There is no reason why you can’t use the job posting sites and social media together when hiring. Using both platforms will help you uncover certain benefits.

    For example, by integrating job sites with social media, you increase your chances of finding both skilled professionals and the young workforce. Leveraging 360 feedback tools can also provide valuable insights into the performance and potential of candidates.

20+ most popular job posting sites in Southeast Asia

In no particular order, the sites are :

1. Indeed

Indeed is a recruitment search engine that boasts of 250 million users spread across 60 countries worldwide. The site caters to jobs of every type, and over 5 million resumes are updated on the site monthly. While Indeed is mostly used in the United States, it is relatively popular in other countries worldwide, including South East Asia. This job posting site has two plans that companies can use; the free and the paid plan. The paid plan is in the form of a job advertisement to boost the visibility of the job opening.

2. JobsDB

JobsDB is one of the leading job portals in the Asia Pacific region. They have representation in countries like Singapore, Thailand, among others. Employees regardless of their niche use JobsDB to browse desired job opportunities while employers can post a job or search candidates. This job site has both free and paid plans for employers.

3. 9cv9

9cv9 is one of the world’s fastest-growing HR tech startups. It develops several HR technologies such as its flagship job applicant tracking system (“ATS”) portal 9cv9.com, a decentralized recruiter management system Jobsrefer, a smart CV builder Urbancv and a tech community Nghe Dev. For its job applicant tracking system, it helps companies track the hiring process from the start to the end easily and effectively.

The best part is 9cv9 offers a Free plan with 1 free job posting and 3 visible candidates. Sign up for free here.

4. Jobsora

Jobsora is an international site that offers jobs in different countries. The website offers new jobs from other reviewed platforms to provide the widest possible set of results. Has several features that make it much easier for people to search. Overall, Jobsora has the following advantages:

  • A really wide selection of offers from verified websites,
  • Daily mailings for participants,
  • The sophisticated filter system,
  • Removal of same job offers,
  • Excellent navigation system,
  • And many others.

So Jobsora's service is really for everyone.

5. Monster

Monster is a global online employment solution that is widely used in South East Asia countries, especially Singapore. With more than 20 years in operation, this site's ever-expanding network provides a wide range of job opportunities for job seekers of every job. They operate on a pay-per-posting payment plan; a price that reduces as the number of job postings increase.

6. Singapore Freelance Zone

As the name suggests, Singapore Freelance Zone caters to the freelancing and part-timing population in Singapore.
This is where employers go hunting for freelancers & part-timers. The platform is growing fast with over 120,000 verified freelancers & part-timers in Singapore and more than 30,000 registered Hirers.

Trial job ad posting is available where you can receive up to 3 applications for each position totally free. A standard job ad will only cost S$25 for a 30 days listing.

7. TechInAsia

Techinasia is a technology media company with a job posting site where employers can find some of the best tech and startup talents in the region. The site caters to almost all the countries in the Asia region and has a paid plan for employers.

8. Maukerja

Maukerja is one of the biggest job recruitment sites in Malaysia. It serves as a connection between candidates to government and private employers in the country. The site records thousands of job postings per month and offers all types and kinds of jobs. Also, Maukerja has a blog with resources for job seekers and employers in Malaysia.

9. JobsCentral

JobsCentral is one of Singapore’s most used job sites. It has an international reach that spans 60 markets with over 24 million job seekers on its roster. Having over 20 local affiliated partner career portals, JobCentral caters to all kinds and types of candidates. You can register with JobsCentral for free and may need to pay if you want your job post to stand out visually for job seekers.

10. Gumtree

Gumtree is the Singapore arm of a UK ad website. This site is popularly used by people looking for entry-level jobs, part-time and temporary positions in Singapore. Job postings on this site are usually paid for.

11. TopDev

TopDev is the leading recruitment network and ecosystem in Mobile & IT fields. Specialized in jobs for developers, candidates can easily search vacancies by specific skills such as JavaScript, Python or C/C++. TopDev has a free and paid plan for employers.

12. Pacific Bridge

Pacific Bridge is a niche job site that caters to professionals and companies in the medical profession. They focus on the Asia Pacific region where they help connect medical executives with medical companies in the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, and many other Asian countries. Pacific Bridge has a paid plan for employers.

13. Kalibrr

Kalibrr has, over the years, earned the trust of more than 500 companies who now hire through them. It is also one of the most widely used job posting sites in the Philippines and Indonesia. They have paid plans for employers and are open to all kinds of postings. Their mobile app enables job-matching based on locations and instant chat on the go.

14. Hire Me

HireMe.ph is one of the most trusted job posting websites in the Philippines. It is free to use and has job openings spanning across all niches in the Filipino workforce and spilling into other countries in Southeast Asia. They have a marketplace that is full of emerging talents that can do your job according to your demands. A candidate can also apply for a job free of charge.

15. JobStreet

JobStreet is a Singapore job board with a presence in South East Asia countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, etc. They have a large resume database that when added with their partnership with JobsDB gives employers access to a large number of candidates. JobStreet has a paid option plan.

16. Recruit.net

Recruit.net is a Singapore job board with reach in more than 30 countries worldwide, including Southeast Asian countries. With over 1 million job searches done daily, this site has a database of talents across all niches. Recruiter.net is free to use for employers.

17. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is a job posting and review site where employees share information about their jobs, companies, and salaries. With about 32 million monthly visits across all geographical zones globally, Glassdoor becomes a trusted site for both employers and job seekers. It offers three types of accounts: job seeker accounts, student accounts, and employer accounts. Glassdoor has both a free and paid job posting plan.

18. eFinancialCareers

eFinancialCareers is a finance niche platform that specializes in posting finance, banking, and accounting job openings. In addition to sourcing over 19,000 jobs filtered according to region, the website allows employers to create their own profile, post their job openings, and optimize their profile to remain searchable by potential candidates. They have both free and paid options and are open to all South Asian countries.

19. Vietnamworks

Vietnamworks is the largest job site in Vietnam attracting nearly 4 million registered job seekers. Not only does Vietnamworks allow employers to publish their job posts but they also provide a full-suite service including resume search, employer branding, and employer workshop. Posting on VietnamWorks is paid with different packages for employers to choose from.

20. Glints

Glints is one of the biggest recruitment platforms in Asia. The site posts over 3000 job opportunities monthly. Glints is most popular in South East Asia countries like Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, where they are one of the go-to job sites for over 30,000 employers. Glints' strength lies in their huge database of millennial professionals, fresh graduates, and interns along with their unique branding. Glints has both free and paid plans for employers.

21. Dice

Dice is a job posting website dedicated to the technology field. With over 81,500 job openings posted, Dice is one of the ultimate destinations for employers looking for tech talents in Southeast Asia. Dice is widely used by top organizations in Malaysia, Singapore, and other Asia countries. It has a free and paid service option.

22. Ziprecruiter

Ziprecruiter is an online job site that leverages the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in matching employers with candidates. What makes this site truly stand out from the others is its mobile app which is the #1 rated job search app on both Android and iOS. This has aided them in their growth to become one of the biggest job sites that actively connects job seekers across all niches with employers.

23. Pinoy Jobs

Pinoy Jobs is one of the topmost job posting sites in the Philippines. The site gets over 300 job postings daily. Their user-friendly site allows for easy communication between top Filipino employers and candidates in any niche. They have both paid and free plans. The paid plan comes like a sponsored ad that helps increase visibility compared to the free plan.

24. Jooble

Jooble is a job search engine used in over 71 countries, including Southeast Asia. What makes this site unique is that they don’t provide job posting services. Instead, they collect job postings from other job sites in one place for job seekers to find. Employers can benefit from Jooble’s pool of users by posting on their company’s career page and linking it to the website at affordable rates.

25. JobGrin

If you're looking for candidates in the Asia Pacific, then  JobGrin.co.in is the place. With 25000+ active users and still growing, JobGrin focuses on providing the most efficient resources to employers and the best job to jobseekers within India. It is completely free for jobseeker as well as employers.

26. Snaphunt

Snaphunt is an AI-driven hiring platform that helps employers find, engage, screen, and hire the right talent anywhere. On Snaphunt, employers can post jobs for free and get automatic distribution to over 20+ channels including job boards. Recruiters receive instant access to targeted talent based on the specific requirements along with powerful automation at every step of your hiring process, such as asynchronous video interviews & automated reference checking tools, to identify the right talent quickly and conveniently.


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