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Inside Apple’s company culture: Collaborative and inspiring

The work culture at Apple has caught the eye of many organizations. How they make the necessary provisions for their employees and keep them satisfied has contributed to the success of this prestigious company. So, what makes Apple's company culture so admirable?

Company culture involves the values of the organization by which all internal activities are run. Healthy company culture helps to increase employee retention and turnover rate. The HR department must ensure that the company culture is well established and fit the mission and visions of the company.

Apple inspires the technology industry to manage teams and employees, in general, properly. The employees at Apple have a unique organizational culture and values, which helps maintain a positive relationship between human resources and creative innovation.

Inside Apple, company culture is shaped to provide the best environment for management and success. This article will find out what Inside Apple's company culture is and why it works like magic.

About Apple

Apple Inc. is the world's largest and most valuable technology company, known for the iconic iPhone, IPad, Macbook, Apple Watch, etc. They compete against other bigwigs such as Google, Amazon, PayPal, Intel, Samsung, and many others.

In 2021, Apple won five awards from Comparably, including Best Product & Design Team 2021, Best Engineering Team 2021, Best Places to Work in the Bay Area 2021, Best Global Culture 2021, and Best Company Outlook 2021. The company's unique culture is giving them an edge over its competitors.

Their unique approach 

If you’ve been wondering how Apple maintains a positive work culture that keeps its employees motivated, here’s a quick review on how they do it; 

1. Creativity and Innovation 

As a technological company, Apple is directed towards innovative thinking amidst a competitive industry. They don't mind breaking standards and norms. 

Employees at Apple are encouraged to think outside the box and then disregard that box. They do not make products or set their goals based on what competing companies are doing. Instead, this pool of professionals is expected to develop the best possible ways, not the best practices.

Grove HR - Apple company culture - Creativity and Innovation

Ceativity and innovative thinking is always encouraged at Apple


2. Moderate Competition 

The company also encourages a moderate level of competition among teams to drive growth and improved output. Apple was more competitive under Steve Jobs, but Tim Cook has reduced the internal competition in favour of more collaboration and teamwork. This balanced level of competition allows employees to challenge their limits without causing a toxic work environment. 

3. Excellence 

Furthermore, as a top-notch company, Apple only employs outstanding talents. The company's leaders — Steve Jobs and Tom Cook, are known for firing those who slack during their duties. This culture allows only pure excellence and willingness to work into the company's system. 

Also, it promotes excellence and Apple's general growth as an organization. The company is well-known for providing only the best products in the technology industry, especially in marketing and product design. 

4. Teamwork 

Apple believes in the power of team collaboration, and how it enhances productivity. The structure of activities at Apple is organized like a start-up business with zero committees and different heads for different departments and products.

Apple employees hold a  three-hour meeting every week, where expectations and progress are discussed. Employees trust each other to deliver quality jobs right on time with minimum supervision. Steve Jobs ensures that the company is run based on ideas, not hierarchy, which prompts employees to get innovative.

If you want to emulate this teamwork culture in your own organization, you may want to use some free HR software that helps you manage your human resources effectively. These tools also help you streamline your workflows, communicate with your team members and track your performance.

5. Integrity 

Lastly, the importance of integrity and secrecy in such a company should not be overlooked. Steve Jobs taught the culture of secrecy in the company to ensure that intellectual and proprietary information is kept hidden from competitors. 

The need for integrity is emphasized in the company's rules, policies, and employment contracts. All employees are expected to keep all company information and property secured strictly. 

6. Customer-centricity

Apple puts its customers first in everything they do. They strive to create products that solve their customers’ problems and delight them with their design and functionality. They also provide excellent customer service and support to ensure their satisfaction and loyalty.

To achieve this customer-centricity culture in your own organization, you may want to use some free 360 feedback tools that allow you to collect feedback from your customers on various aspects of your products and services.

7. Continuous learning

Apple fosters a culture of continuous learning among its employees. They encourage them to learn new skills, explore new ideas and experiment with new technologies. They also provide them with various opportunities for professional development, such as training programs, online courses and mentorship.

To facilitate this continuous learning culture in your own organization, you may want to use some productivity apps that help you organize your learning goals, access various learning resources and track your progress.

Why it works

Being innovative and creative allows Apple to meet the needs of its target audience continually. It can constantly exceed its expectations and maintain its spot as a leader in the technology industry. Creativity and innovation also ensure that the company is constantly growing and developing. 

At Apple, their desire for excellence drives them to hunt for top talents and quality devotion to work.  This drive empowers the HR department to stay unique, which in turn gives them an edge over their competitors. The moderately competitive approach ensures that employees are continually pushing their limits and increasing output without being toxic

Last but not least, integrity and secrecy ensure that the organization is protected from theft and espionage. Not only are the intellectual properties protected, but employee theft is also nigh impossible. 

How to apply it

If you find the Apple company culture appealing and you’re willing to adopt their ways at your company. Here are a couple of things you can try;

  • 1. Hire the best

At Apple, employee excellence is mandatory. To maintain this protocol, they only hire the best employees in the labour market. Individuals who can make a difference are all they seek when processing applications. Invest in building and revamping your recruitment process from screening to interviewing to ensure only the best and most cultural-fit candidates are qualified.

Grove HR - Apple company culture - Steve job quote

  • 2. Encourage innovation

Apple organizes employee programs that spark their creative and innovative sides. The high-tech company believes in rapid innovation. Every expert here is an innovator to take bold yet informed risks that lead to breakthroughs. Give your employees the room to be creative and make decisions so that they can grow as well as your company.

3. Harness the power of teamwork

A company is stronger when there’s a form of team collaboration. Ideas and opinions are shared and understood better. To get your employees to collaborate, you’d need to hold meetings and assign tasks in groups. 

If you're already making huge progress with experts in your company, imagine how much progress you’d make when these experts work together on a team. To prompt them to go the extra mile in achieving results, always recognize and reward the leading teams.

Final verdict 

A proper company culture forms the core values of any company environment, and it represents why and how the employees and employers relate with work factors and environment.

As a leading company in the technology industry, Apple enforces its culture to maintain its brand identity and uniqueness. These cultures have been the company's core ethics and have been slowly refined over time.

If you're wondering about the state of your company culture, utilize this template, send out a survey and find out!

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