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ATS and HRMS Integration: Perfect combo to boost efficiency

The latest advancement in recruitment has been the applicant tracking system ATS integration with HRMS. With this, recruitment & onboarding has become less of a ‘manual’ process and more automated. Let's look at how ATS integration with HR software makes the hiring process more streamlined, centralized & efficient.

With a big talent pool and increased job seekers, 67% of talent managers find it more difficult than ever to recruit the best talent. Not letting this be a hurdle in their hiring process, 78% of employers started using an ATS with recruitment technology that has made it easier to find great talent.

This technological wave isn't solely due to increased competition. The grounds for this transformation include benefits like efficiency, time-saving, quality candidates, centralized & on-the-go management, structured processes, among others. With recruiters & companies looking for ways to cut down on manual work, an ATS integration with HR software has become a steal deal for companies.

Let’s understand how an applicant tracking system ATS integration with HR software can better collaborate between the HR team and the recruiting team while helping new hires settle in quickly.

What is an ATS?

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a web-based software designed to help companies in their hiring and recruitment processes. This artificial intelligence-based software is known for streamlining, organizing, and centralizing the recruitment process by automating time-consuming steps.

Companies can use ATS to screen and select applications, track and evaluate candidates, recruit and hire new hires, and maintain employee records. Applicant tracking systems can be hosted locally or on the cloud, and many organizations now use a combination of both.

When combined with HR, an ATS integration creates a recruitment process that helps recruiters, hiring managers, HR personnel to collaborate more productively, save more time, and reduce manual efforts. In essence, HR & recruiters can manage end-to-end recruitment & onboarding steps effortlessly.

6 benefits of an HR software integrated with ATS

1. Employee data sync

As the pace of workplace efficiency rises and business becomes more complex, the need for faster & easier employee data synchronization becomes critical. With these dynamic changes, ATS integration with HRMS is becoming a go-to approach for many businesses owing to its varied benefits.

Once integrated with the HR software, all your data stored in the ATS can be synced and moved from one app to the other. Such an automated & streamlined system of data management makes it easier for HR & recruiting teams across the company to access, store, manage, & edit employee data without manually re-entering the data each time.

This is becoming a boon for many because the data management process is now controlled from a single, centralized system, reducing the effort & time, while allowing the teams to focus more on the hiring process.

2. Seamless collaboration for the HR and recruiting team

HR and recruiting team have been working together for many years. Both teams were using different tools to perform the same kind of tasks. However, by integrating your ATS with HRM, the process is simplified while enabling companies to generate returns on their recruiting efforts.

Both teams can collaborate and implement the best strategy to get new talents on board while saving time and reducing administrative costs. This will also eliminate the endless email threads and spreadsheets, speeding up the process & creating a strong communication channel.

3. Accelerated onboarding

A great onboarding process should be user-friendly, quick, efficient, and well planned. While this can seem costly, an excellent technology-driven process can make it easier to execute, track and scale recruitment efforts while being affordable. Using automated onboarding features that come with HR software and candidate data synced from ATS, recruiters and hiring managers can keep their onboarding process on auto-pilot.

It is seen that employees who are onboarded quickly and effectively tend to experience higher job satisfaction and engagement and have fewer issues with morale.

4. Fast and streamlined recruiting

Recruitment can be a slow and resource-intensive process that often requires significant investment in time and resources. But, with the advent of technology, companies can benefit from AI-based hiring and recruiting as it saves time (67%), removes human bias (43%), increases the ability to deliver the best candidate match (31%), and saves money (30%).

In addition, ATS integration with HR software will assist HR in leveraging the benefits of both these tools from a single platform at a lower cost. ATS will help fasten talent acquisition, recruiting and hiring, while HR software will improve the workplace and employee management, leading to better HR efficiency and employee satisfaction.

5. Better candidate experience

Candidate experience is an essential component of the hiring process. As job seekers are applying to many companies in one go, it’s vital to leave a good impression. 63% of candidates would reject a job offer if they had a bad candidate experience.

Using technology in the hiring process enables HR to provide job seekers with auto application filling, east tracking & faster updates making applicants more attracted to your company. Recruiters can also share company details, job descriptions, and steps to apply in just a few steps.

6. Feasible reporting and management options

Good ATS integration with HR software comes with analytics and reporting features that allow the HR & recruiting team to monitor their recruiting efforts better. Teams can generate and conclude valuable insights using metrics like the cost to hire, time-to-hire, hire quality, retention rates, and much more.

This will enable employers to understand the bigger picture backed with data. Based on the results, managers can limit their recruitment spending on non-performing methods and focus more resources on rewarding strategies.

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Grove HR integrates with top ATS

Grove HR is an easy-to-use, modern cloud-based HR software that helps manage end-to-end human resources from a single user-friendly dashboard. Using Grove HR's technology and automation, companies can streamline their onboarding process, data management, employee engagement, and performance management.

Connecting the recruiting & onboarding process, Grove HR can easily integrate top applicant tracking systems like Workable, Jazz HR & Lever to centralize your recruitment processes.

Furthermore, with ATS integration, human resources will be able to schedule interviews, send automated messages to job seekers, create a hiring pipeline and auto-generated form for quick applicant review, keeping the recruitment process transparent & seamless.


Workable - Workable's applicant tracking system works well for both small and large businesses, which is why they have over 20,000 customers globally. Workable's most intriguing features are its AI-powered sourcing from over 200+ sites, resume parsing, reports, and analytics, reduced time to hire, job, and offer templates, among others.

JazzHR - JazzHR focuses on specific recruitment needs for small and medium-sized businesses. Not only can their product assist SMBs in finding, tracking, and managing candidates, but it may also help them improve their employer brand. Companies can use their features like recruiting workflows, task automation, automatic-send and sync of email, feedback loops, and more.

Lever - Lever is a robust recruiting solution that combines the capabilities of an ATS and a CRM. It is used by several big-name companies like Netflix, KPMG, and McGraw Hill. Companies can use automatic, integrated job applicant tracking, in-built nurturing, actionable reporting, and more.

How ATS and Grove HR integration works

When you sync ATS integration with Grove HR, you're opting for a centralized management system that stores all your recruitment data on a single software. After a candidate accepts the job offer or becomes a new employee, Grove HR automatically syncs the applicant’s data & information (name, email, role, etc.) from the ATS into the Grove HR dashboard.

With this consolidated approach to recruitment, recruiters and HR will be able to construct a smoother and faster onboarding process. Also, if the new hire fails to show up for onboarding or rejects the offer at the last minute, the data will sync back to the ATS, allowing recruiters to begin looking for new applicants.

In essence, with Grove HR, your recruitment process is automated, simplified, and integrated.

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Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes

  • Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes
  • Automate attendance and time off.
  • Conduct 360-degree performance management easily.