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Automate HR Processes Efficiently Using HR Software

Revolutionize your time-wasting HR process with the right software and effortlessly manage recruitment, onboarding, and offboarding.

Does the thought of recruiting, onboarding, and offboarding make you cringe? Perhaps it’s the many hours spent searching through stacks of papers looking for a candidate’s resume. Or not knowing at what stage a candidate is in the hiring process.

Whatever the reason, many HR teams are not prepared to effectively handle everything involved in the recruiting, onboarding, and offboarding processes.

Today’s technology, however, has a solution! Imagine being able to log in to software designed to help busy HR professionals keep track of candidates, upload and easily search for any document, stay organized throughout the process, and much more!

We’re going to break down how technology can help you with your recruitment efforts, have a smooth onboarding, and keep offboarding from becoming a hassle. We’ll also discuss some of the best HR technology available to help you begin your search for the right tool.


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Recruiting has many stages that can be hard to keep track of. Planning for the new position, developing a hiring strategy and what qualifications are sought, searching for the ideal candidates, first-round screening, interviewing, and evaluating candidates. With so many stages, technology is crucial for organization and management.

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Management Study HQ brings up a very good point about recruiting:

Recruitment programs can miss the ideal in many ways: by failing to attract an adequate applicant pool, by under/over-selling the firm, or by inadequately screening applicants before they enter the selection process.

Intuitive HR tools can reduce these issues by helping you to search and keep track of the best candidates. Platforms that use Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) to filter through resumes are great time-savers, especially for large companies that receive thousands of applications.

One of the best ways to recruit top talent is to ensure engagement through mobility. A large majority of job seekers today are Millenials and that generation spends a lot of time on their phones. Why wait to get home to search for a new position when you can do so while waiting in line at Starbucks? Embrace living in a digital age!


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Signing the offer letter means the onboarding stage has begun. Do you have everything prepared to warmly welcome the new hire? Completing as much paperwork before the new employee’s first day of work is a great way to ensure the first day is spent going over responsibilities and meeting coworkers than spending all day filling out paperwork.

How do you make sure everything is completed? Do you write down a task list or flag emails? Welcome to the 21st century! Technology can help you stay organized and HR tools that use checklists are the most effective.

Checklists make it easy to list everything that’s needed for pre-onboarding, first-day onboarding, and post-onboarding. Just check off the completed tasks so you can focus on making the new employee feel welcome.

Are you not sure what to include in your checklist? Take a look at this article by Indeed.com for some great tips.

What really makes HR software special? Making it easy for employees to access information on the go with a mobile app.

Do you want your new employee to see the checklist as well, ensuring they are part of the process? What about providing the employee handbook, list of benefits, and other information that may be needed?

HR mobile apps engage employees and make it easy to get the information they need without clogging your inbox with questions.


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Offboarding can be a nightmare for an unprepared HR team. Were records kept for the employee? Is it all on paper or keep somewhere in a Word document? Now, how to search for those records.

We can see your head spinning already. Good HR software can manage all the employee records for you. Gone are the days of binders overflowing with paperwork. Today with an HR system, you can maintain and easily manage your employees' contracts and other records.

Not sure where to begin to properly offboard? Take a look at this fantastic list of offboarding procedures and essential offboarding email templates. Next, store this information in your HR system using the checklist feature.

Once an employee must be terminated, offboarding is difficult enough as emotions are flowing. Having a checklist on hand to make sure the process is smooth will save time and help you quickly move on to a more pleasant task.

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Here is a good starting point from which to evaluate the perfect software for your HR team’s needs:

Grove HR

Grove HR enables HR teams to track employees from recruiting through offboarding, checklists to help with organization, manage timesheets, approve time-off, and create reports. Employees are also engaged and empowered in real-time with Grove One, a consumer-grade mobile app providing employees with instant access to HR information.


The Zenefits platform includes HR assistance in hiring, onboarding, and employee management; payroll maintenance; benefits management and employee self-service; time-tracking and scheduling; HR and payroll advisory services; and app integrations.


TribePad specifically assists HR teams with their recruitment needs using ATS. With a summarizing dashboard that shows an all-in-one view of applications, referrals, jobs, tasks, and video interviews, TribePad is great if that is all your company needs

Bamboo HR

Bamboo HR helps with the following: people data and analytics to keep track of employee records, workflows and approvals, reporting and analytics; onboarding and offboarding; compensation, time-tracking, and PTO; culture building with performance management and employee satisfaction; and a mobile app.


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Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes

  • Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes
  • Automate attendance and time off.
  • Conduct 360-degree performance management easily.