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20+ awesome HR podcasts to listen to right now

While podcasts were not as popular in the past, with recent emphasis on human capital development and better employee experience, HR podcasts are now fast becoming very popular worldwide. In fact, in 2020, over 155 million people listen to a podcast every week, according to Statista.

Although books, conferences, and seminars have been conventional sources for new information, many HR professionals, managers, and employees now depend on podcasts to provide quick information on the latest HR trends. Podcasts serve as accessible channels for sharing personal workplace stories and providing easy access to learn from experts in the field.  

If you are here, you are likely looking for the best HR podcasts; this list contains some of the hottest podcasts available and links to subscribe and listen to them.

  • HRchat Podcast


Host: Bill Banham

The HRchat Podcast mainly offers listeners a series of interviews with HR experts, influencers, and famous leaders, discussing talent acquisition, talent management, leadership, and more. 

The show publishes new episodes 2 to 3 times per week, and each episode lasts for an average of 20-30 minutes. With over 125,000 downloads so far, the podcast has listeners from across the globe with the highest proportion in North America, followed by Europe and Asia.


    • Vantage Influencers Podcast



    Hosts: Susmita Sarma

    Main Topics:Employee Engagement, Rewards & Recognition, Company Culture, Future of Work, D&I



    Vantage Circle's Vantage HR Influencers Podcast is one of the most popular HR podcasts available today. It digs into the area of human resources, revealing best practices for boosting employee engagement. It offers guidance on how to become a better leader, manager, and build a successful company culture. Its popular episodes feature the most up-to-date team-building advice and real-life business stories from Alec Bashinsky, Dave Ulrich, Dr. Tim Sharp, Cynthia Pong, Scott Gould, and many other well-known HR speakers from across the world.

  • DriveThru HR



Hosts: Mike VanDervort, Robin Schooling, Dwane Lay, and Crystal Miller-Lay

Main Topics: Tech HR, Talent Management, Company Culture


DriveThru HR offers captivating and comprehensive discourses on a wide range of HR topics. As one of the earliest HR podcasts, it has many subscribers, and a record of over sixty-eight thousand listens on Blog Talk Radio alone. The program features experts and conversations around safe workplace culture, tech, talent acquisition, and management. The hosts are all HR professionals with extensive experience in various HR fields.


  • CIPD Podcast

Host: Nigel Cassidy

Main Topics: People Development, Future of Work, Workplace Inclusion  


This podcast takes a hard look into matters concerning Human Resources, providing current information on serious issues relating to the field. Guests' contributions and listeners' requests are frequent features on the show. Experienced national and international broadcaster, business writer, and consultant Nigel Cassidy is the show's current host. 

The podcast has been running for over ten years. It has numerous listeners in the UK and other parts of the world.


  • Digital HR Leaders



Host: David Green

Main Topics: Future of HR, Digital HR, Tech HR, Workforce Planning


Digital HR Leaders is an excellent podcast for HR beginners and professionals who wish to learn more about skills required in the HR department. The podcast offers the latest trends in the HR world, inviting leaders of various organisations that are making great revolutions in special ways to share their stories.


  • HBR IdeaCast



Hosts: Alison Beard, Curtis Nickish

Main Topics: Leadership, Workplace Innovation, Personal Development


This podcast offers programs where important discussions on the latest business trends and stories from around the world. It also offers career tips for employees. The hosts Alison Beard and Curtis Nickish are senior editors at the Harvard Business Review and organise weekly informative and engaging shows for HR professionals and other population members. 


  • Punk Rock HR


Host: Laurie Ruettimann

Main Topics: Mentorship, Ethical Leadership, Future of HR.


Punk Rock HR tells the best stories about the workplace and gives information on the latest HR trends. The Podcast also features leaders, HR professionals, and Politicians to share personal stories. Laurie Ruettimann, public speaker, writer, and HR professional, began the podcast to help bosses prioritize employee experience and prevent toxic work environments.


  • HR Breakfast Club



Hosts: Genevieve Jacobs and James Judge

Main Topics: Workplace bullying, Emotional Intelligence


Self-proclaimed as the "leading source of information, dialogue, training, and networking", HR Breakfast Club is an excellent podcast on sensitive topics like toxic work environments, employee wellbeing, and free speech at the workplace. Each month, a diverse range of professionals are featured on the podcast to give their insights on the selected topics.


That HR Podcast

Host: People Management Magazine

Main Topics: Workplace conflict, IR35 Taxes

This podcast provides informative dialogues on genuine HR problems, especially those relevant to UK workers and employers. Some of their more popular topics include workplace conflict, four-day work-week, and IR35 taxes. The podcast is released monthly by People Management Magazine.


  • The Future of Work


Host: Jacob Morgan

Main Topics: Future of Work, Leadership, Talent Management


An interesting and perceptive podcast attempts to tackle problems usually found at the workplace, including appropriate employee and employer behaviours at work.  Executives of various organisations are invited to give insights to topics, and these insights are relevant to HR professionals and other corporate workers.


  • Redefining HR



Host: Lars Schmidt

Main Topics: Talent Management, Workplace Culture



This podcast focuses on the latest tactics in talent management to build better businesses. Every episode of the show features leaders and practices changing the HR field every day. The podcast aims to draw light on the importance of building people-centred businesses. The Host, Lars Schmidt, is a writer and speaker with 20 years of experience in HR and recruiting at a range of companies and industries.


  • HR Break Room



Hosts: Caleb Masters and Chelsea Justice




This podcast offers an insight into the latest HR developments, issues, and solutions emerging in the workplace every day. Caleb Masters invites well-informed guests in the HR industry to have engaging, informative conversations on how to solve the common problems arising in the everyday workplace. 


  • HR Happy Hour


Hosts: Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane

Main Topics: Management, Workforce Technology, Leadership


Likely one of the longest-running and highest downloaded HR podcasts on the internet, the HR Happy Hour podcast provides exciting conversations with experts on the latest workplace issues and proffers solutions for them. 


  • Talent Culture #WorkTrends



Host: Meghan M. Biro

Main Topics: Talent Acquisition, Future of Work, HR tech



The show offers listeners entertaining and exciting conversations on topics affecting HR professionals, including weekly chats and with HR experts and Tech vendors. Topics range from how to attract relevant talents and to create great company brands.


  • Nine to Thrive HR


Host: Alan Mellish

Main Topics: Work Culture, Talent Management


Nine to Thrive HR offers listeners fresh, engaging, and informative content to HR professionals. The podcast is best for HR professionals who do not have enough time to listen to long podcasts. It provides short, 15 minutes episodes every week discussing new trends in HR.


  • HR Works

Host: Chris Ceplenski

Main Topics: Talent Acquisition, Talent Management 

Chris Ceplenski takes listeners on interesting and relatable journeys through topics most relevant to HR professionals. The program is also very useful to job seekers as it provides informed information on what recruiters look for and interview tips.

  • The McKinsey Podcast


Host: McKinsey and Company

Main Topics: Workplace Diversity and Inclusion, Management, Analytics


The McKinsey Podcast offers bi-weekly episodes focusing on a wide range of topics relating to HR professionals and the business world members. The show features conversations with business experts about leadership, analytics, and change management.


  • Illuminate HR


Host: Nate Randall

Main Topics: Future of Work, Employee Experience


Nate Randall, through this podcast, provides listeners with futuristic conversations on leadership across the human life continuum. 


  • The Hennessey Report


Host: Dave Hennessey

Main Topics: Talent Acquisition, Leadership 

Launched in 2017 and with only about 50 episodes, The Hennessey Report is fast becoming one of the hottest podcasts for HR professionals. The show features dynamic discussions with leading HR experts. Topics range from issues impacting the success of a business to emerging HR issues in the US and across the globe.


  • Workology



Host: Jessica Miller-Merrell

Main Topics: Talent Management, Leadership, Workplace Culture


One of the top podcasts for HR professionals, Workology offers conversations on unorthodox methods to solve HR issues. With just a little above 200 episodes on her show, Jessica Miller-Merrell has become an influential voice in the HR world. She organizes discussions with weekly guests on emerging trends and solutions in the workplace. The podcast currently has a record of over 300,000 downloads.  


  • HR unConfidential


Hosts: Gina Flaig and Turiya Gray

Main Topics: Workplace Culture

HR unConfidential is the best podcast for those looking for insights into the world of HR without all of the corporate buzzwords. The hosts of the show, Gina Flaig and Turiya Gray, who are also best friends, share entertaining and unfiltered personal stories on the reality of today's workplace.


  • Flip Flops and People Ops



Host: Christie Hoffman

Main Topics: Leadership, Workplace Culture



Here is a new podcast for employers and other leaders in workplaces. This podcast offers awareness of the need to put employees first and practical strategies to improve the employee experience.


  • People over Perks

Grove HR - HR podcast - People over perks


Host: Leapsome

Main Topics: Career Development, Leadership



This new show provides an insight into various leadership positions. It features progressive HR and people operations leaders in every episode. These people come on air to discuss their roles, processes, challenges, and the general structure of their work lives.

  • Honest HR



Hosts: Gloria Sinclair Miller, Amber Clayton, and Wendy Fong

Main Topics: Workplace Culture, Workplace Compliance, Workplace Equity, Workplace Inclusion, and Diversity


This honest program delivers sensitive discussions relating to workplace culture and employee experience. Episodes include conversations ranging from employee’s mental health to supporting employees of colour and LGBTQIA+. 


  • HR You Kidding Me?!?



Hosts: Whitney and Sue

Main Topics: Future of HR, Workplace Culture



This is an eccentric show that discusses HR issues using lighthearted humour to drive home important points. The hosts, Whitney and Sue, who are self-proclaimed HR ‘experts’, offer refreshing views on workplace culture and issues relating to Human Resources. An excellent program for HR professionals looking for a  podcast with a different tone.

  • Working with People (Pavestep)



Host: Harrison Kim (Pavestep)

Main Topics: Leadership, Employee Experience, Talent Management


This show provides executives, managers, and HR leaders with relevant content on talent management, giving insights into improving employee experience. Harrison Kim, the show’s host, interviews different HR experts, managers, and executives every episode. 


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