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Best 10 video interview platforms for online recruitment in 2023

Hiring teams are embracing the use of video interview tools. It helps them to ease out scheduling conflicts, cut on costs and time, and go through emergency situations. 

By now, the majority of hiring personnel recognize that video interviewing is a game-changer for modern recruitment. According to a recent survey, 47% of employers use video interview software for recruiting. Even big companies like Facebook, Google, and Apple have implemented it as part of their recruitment process. This year will only witness wider acceptance of the trend.

In this blog post, we put together a list of the best tools in the market that interviewers are using to reach their candidates effortlessly. 


Why is video interviewing?

According to a survey, 65% of professionals will turn down a job if the interview process is poor. Adopting a video interviewing tool and approaching it the right way are certain ways to yield better hiring results.

Without further ado, here are the benefits of video interviewing:

  • Remote workforce: For a company that wants to harness the use of the increasingly international workforce, video interviewing is vital for remote recruiting. Since you may never meet these candidates face to face, using a video interview tool will let you meet the personality behind the resume. Also, you get to study their expressions better and come to a better conclusion about who they really are.
  • Cut on cost and time: What better way to cut down costs than adopting the use of video interviews? Video interviewing tools reduce the cost-per-hire by more than 65%. It also removes the cost on the part of the candidates as they won’t need to transport themselves. As for the time-for-hire, a 5-minute video interview is equivalent to 200 written assessment questions.
  • Emergency situations: If there is one thing the coronavirus outbreak has taught us, it is how easily disaster can abruptly stop businesses from functioning. However, with the proper HR contingency plan and the adoption of a video interviewing tool, the hiring process can go on despite disaster barriers. Challenges like a disease outbreak, temporary travel ban or natural disaster will no longer affect the hiring process.
  • Good candidate experience: Adopting the use of video interviewing is one sure way to enhance your recruitment processes. It will help candidates see your company in a positive light. This will also help you build a personal relationship with them. 80% of job seekers have chosen a job over another for this reason. Hence, using a video interviewing tool can give you that needed recruiting edge.

Now that we know the advantages of using video interviewing tools, check out the 10 best online tools for video interviews.

Top 10 video interview platforms

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    Spark Hire
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    Modern Hire
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Let’s look through each platform


1. Interviewstream

Interviewstream is a video interviewing tool that offers a plethora of key features for its users. These features range from one-on-one video chats to panel-style interviews that can accommodate as many as 20 participants. Another exciting feature of this tool is that it has a platform that helps prepare your candidates for the interview. This way, your candidates show up prepared and ready.

Customers’ feedback on Interviewstream has been very positive. This has earned them hundreds of clients, which includes large enterprises, midsize companies, and emerging businesses.


2. VidCruiter

One feature that sets VidCruiter apart from other video interviewing tools is that it supports customization. It offers pre-recorded and live-video interviewing functions. And both of these functions can be modified to be as lax or as in-depth as the interviewer wants. It is one of the best video interviewing platforms with a full recruiting suite that helps companies solve multiple problems at once.

VidCruiter’s customers are impressed by the software’s efficient and user-friendly platform. They also enjoy their tech support assistance. Presently, VidCruiter caters to thousands of clients from big organizations to small-scale businesses.


3. MyInterview

MyInterview is a cloud-based video interviewing software. The key feature of this tool is that it merges with AI to provide predictive analytics. This lets you get the true sense of a candidate. MyInterview also allows information sharing among the hiring team, personalized video introductions and customization options. It also features an interactive dashboard that provides detailed analytics and a step-by-step integration instruction.

This tool’s ability to integrate with third parties’ applications have earned it positive reviews from customers. They also loved the fact that it makes analyzing candidates easier. It caters to companies of all sizes. Perhaps, the greatest thing about MyInterview is that it has a special offering that gives companies a free-forever video interview plan.


4. Spark Hire

Spark Hire is one of the most used video interviewing tools out there. This is not just because they offer the best analytics tools on the market. Spark Hire has a lot of key features such as an effective & analytics dashboard that tracks everything from interview completion rate to rejection and more. If you are a data-driven recruiter, then Spark Hire is for you.

Major companies such as Honda and IKEA use Spark Hire. However, that does not mean emerging Startups can’t join the train. Their clients’ feedback always touches on how much it fastens their hiring process and how efficient it is.


5. HireVue

The HireVue video interview software platform is one of the few mobile-friendly tools on the market. This software allows candidates to record their video responses on their smartphones and tablets. This software also uses AI to analyze non-verbal cues like facial expressions, eye movements, and voice nuances. This helps the interviewer make meaningful assessments at the end of the interview.

JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs are few of the companies that HireVue counts as their trusted clients. Customers’ feedback has been widely positive. Most of them praise the software for its easy to use features.


6. Modern Hire

Creating a great candidate experience is what the Modern Hire (formerly Montage) video interviewing software is all about. It offers your candidates plenty of support, flexibility, and control over the interview process. This means every candidate you use Montage with will think highly of your company after the interview.

According to clients’ feedback, this software makes high volume recruitment easy, works well with any device and has a global reach. It is guaranteed to get you a high ROI.


7. Zoom

Zoom is an all-in-one video conferencing platform. This makes it perfect for holding video interviews. One key feature that sets this software apart from the rest is its screen-sharing function. This means candidates can share the contents of their screen with the interviewer in real-time. Other key features include it supports up to 25 participants at once, allows you to share interview videos, and it is mobile-friendly.

Customers love Zoom for its affordability, efficiency, and user-friendly interface. This has helped them seal the loyalty of customers from small companies to big corporations.


8. Jobvite

The Jobvite video interview software seeks to eliminate one major issue. The need to integrate your video interview software with a third-party ATS. This tool is a combination of an ATS and a video interview platform. That way, interviewers don’t run into delays caused by incompatible ATS.

Recruiters, hiring teams and candidates love Jobvite because it makes the interview experience seamless. Not only that, it is easy to use, easy to collaborate with, and helps make decision faster


9. RecRight

If what you seek in video interview software is a tool that will hasten the hiring process, then RecRight is the tool for you. Its key features include one-on-one interviews, a candidate portal, interview management, virtual/pre-recorded interviews and much more.

One of the things customers love about this video interview software is that it offers a free trial period. This will let recruiters and hiring teams know if it is compatible with their interviewing process. However, from the feedback, it is obvious that RecRight fits perfectly with large to small companies.


10. Skype

It is not difficult to see why Skype is one of the most popular video interview tools on the market today. It is free and has a straight-to-the-point, easy-to-understand interface. Other key features that have made Skype stand out include: it is mobile-friendly, it allows screen-sharing and it has HD quality video & audio functions. It also supports group video calling.

Customers trust this tool for its efficiency. It is widely used and therefore candidates are familiar with it. This helps prevent bad interview experiences, which can leave candidates with positive opinions about the company.


Take time to find the one that fits your recruitment goals

Now that you know the 10 online tools for video interviews, you should take your time to find the one that fits with your organization’s recruitment goals. Adopting these tools will help you fix scheduling problems, create a great candidate experience, and help prevent obstacles in the form of disease outbreaks (e.g. Coronavirus), transportation bans or natural disasters, etc. Of course, this is only one part of the process.

Asking the right questions during the online interview will also go a long way in making a difference. Basically, it will take your interview stage to the next level and guarantee you an ROI.

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