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7 Ways to Improve Your Core HRMS

Human Resources Management System (HRMS) exists to connect technology with HR functions and facilitate its processes. However, there are certain modules to look out for in HR software if you fully want to optimize HR management. In this article, we’ll be discussing these models and how they improve Core HRMS.

HR management is one of the most demanding work fields in any organization. Professionals in this field, work round the clock, ensuring that both the people and operations of a business stay effective. They handle all Core HRMS functions from planning onboarding programs, data management, recruitment processing, up until the departure of an employee.

While their duties are crucial to the success of a business, they are super-repetitive and hectic to deal with. Hence, it's essential to adopt an automation system that eliminates manual labor and improves the execution of HR functions.

Here are some of the ways technology has paved a simple and more effective way to handle core HR processes.

How HR software centralizes and improves core HR processes

Expedited recruiting

A streamlined and quick recruitment process is not only beneficial to HR, but it is also a dream come true for many applicants. Having to apply to their dream company or for their dream job and completing the process in minutes gives them a positive first impression of your company.

The recruiting module allows companies to publish job openings on a custom, no-code website, filter applicants according to specific skill tags, grade candidates, and automatically trigger offer emails to successful applicants. Keeping the process quick and easy is the best way to maintain their interest in the applying stage.

Simplified employee onboarding

Preparing a structured onboarding program is one of the most important retention strategies a company should adopt. New recruits are more likely to spend more time working at a company that gives them a memorable onboarding experience.

HR solutions with a resourceful onboarding module should consist of an onboarding checklist that assigns specific tasks to responsible team members including HR, the manager, or the new hire. More importantly, the platform can also help you track onboarding progress and automatically remind people of pending tasks.

Grove HR - Employee Onboarding

Track all new hires' onboarding progress at a glance 


This module also supports employee self-service by allowing employees to fill in their data. With core HR software, HR can monitor the onboarding program and draw reports that can boost their creativity for upcoming ones.

Centralize employee management

Core HR software help keep all HR data and management process in one place for easy and multiple access. Rather than going through countless cabinets looking for folders, HR can enjoy the ease of a system that sorts and stores these files in the cloud.

With a centralized employee management system, HR can tend to their daily tasks from anywhere, and at any time with the correct access details. This module also allows HR to customize access to specific information, in cases where sensitive data needs to be kept out of reach.

Improved time tracking & attendance

Adopting the use of a modern time attendance tracking system ensures the accuracy of employees’ working hours, pay, and absence requests. With this module, HR can monitor clock in/out hours, track project progress, and switch on the geofencing location feature that only registers an employee’s attendance when they’re in a specific location.

Grove HR - improve your core HRMS - Geofence location

Clock-in and track attendance correctly with Geofencing technology.


Hence, HR can take charge of employees’ physical commitment to work with an improved time tracking and attendance function.

Automatic payroll preparation

Improve your benefits administration system and keep employees productive with an automated payroll preparation module. Organizations can make accurate and timely payments to employees without having to lose them to delays in remuneration. Configurations can also be made for unique payment structures - weekly, monthly, or quarterly, and assigned to the right employees without errors.

Employee performance enablement tools

Performance enablement tools foster a continuous growth culture in organizations. Replacing the traditional performance management, new-age performance features collect 360 reviews from managers, peers, and self for a more rounded evaluation.

Grove HR - improve your core HRMS - self, manager, peers review

Run 360-degree feedback to nurture personal growth


Plus, automatic reminders are also sent to ensure that the concerned parties participate duly. Whether the review is based on project or organization, teams can run their own performance appraisals as they need it so they can autonomously develop their people.

Elevated employee engagement

Give employees the freedom to express themselves and have fun outside the corporate settings with the employee engagement module. With access to interest groups and the company’s social feed, employees can enjoy conversations and content that make them happy without being involved with work.

For a more supportive workforce system, employees can share constructive feedback and award redeemable points to employees. This way, employees can be motivated to help and support each other.

Give your core HRMS a boost with Grove HR

The success of your business relies heavily on the efficiency of the HR department. Strengthening their functionality with an HR solution is a great way to improve your core HRMS without exceeding the company’s budget.

To experience an upgrade in your workforce management approach and help HR reduce their limitless workload, book a demo with Grove HR today!

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Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes

  • Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes
  • Automate attendance and time off.
  • Conduct 360-degree performance management easily.