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Why Onboarding Software is a Must in 2023 and Beyond

Handling onboarding tasks have always been a tedious process for HR, and with remote working on the rise, these processes have gotten more complicated. However, with the incorporation of employee onboarding software in this process, organizations can guarantee new hires a smooth transition into their new workplace and control each experience in the employee lifecycle.

he pandemic has had a great impact on business operations, workplace structure, and the innate demand for talents in the labor market. As the corporate world continues to shift to remote working and organizations begin to re-evaluate their work operations, ensuring that new hires begin to enjoy impeccable workflow and culture right from their first day has become a top priority. And the adoption of HR software in business operations has proven to support organizations in achieving these goals.

With a cloud-based HR platform, organizations can rely on an error-free solution to data documentation, a seamless onboarding process, and improved employee engagement systems to manage employee and business activities, even in the remote world.

That said, here are some of the major reasons why HR software is a business need, especially at a time like this.

What is Employee Onboarding Software

Employee Onboarding Software is a proactive system that supports the automation of onboarding tasks with the use of technology. This tool allows HR personnel to conduct an effective onboarding program where employees get to acquaint themselves with the operations and culture of their new workplace before their first day up until the first few months.

By triggering certain functions with this automated system, HR can improve onboarding workflows and set new hires on the right track. Onboarding solutions also help HR teams to save time and energy dealing with repetitive admin tasks while engaging new hires as quickly as possible.

Why is Onboarding Software a must in 2023 and beyond?

New Hires Expect Seamless Technology

Employees are now aware of onboarding solutions that give them the convenience they desire to immerse themselves in their new workplace. New hires, especially Gen-Zers, are more familiar with the ease technology brings and would be expecting a smooth and engaging onboarding process. They don’t expect to deal with a lot of paperwork on their first day or be unable to identify their team members and leaders.

If your organization fails to meet their expectations, chances are that they wouldn’t be a member of your team at the time the end of their onboarding process is due. With our award-winning onboarding software, Grove HR, you can strengthen your onboarding process with reports that give insights into onboarding trends.

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Create a welcoming first impression

The first impression new employees have of your organization is usually the longest. Get started on the right note by providing all the resources they need to blend right into their new work environment. With an automated system, you can send the company’s org chart, map, and timetable to new employees, to make navigation easy on their first day.

HR can send a pre-recorded video to new hires, welcoming them into the company and engaging them for the first time. For further engagement and learning opportunities, training programs can also be uploaded and arranged virtually, especially for remote workers.

All these can be done effortlessly with an onboarding solution. When they have all the resources needed for a happy first day at work, they tend to be more satisfied with their onboarding experience.

Automation = Productivity

With onboarding software, HR and employees have the time and resources to deal with onboarding tasks squarely. Without having to focus on manual processes and the stress of it, they can pay more attention to strategic and innovative tasks that could take onboarding and the organization as a whole, to the next level.

Hiring managers and their team members can ease the burden of having to remember everything with the help of the onboarding checklist and automated reminders. With a customizable checklist, they can closely monitor the onboarding process of each employee without missing out on crucial activities. For seamless collaboration, team leaders can also delegate tasks to other members with the use of PIC task assigning and set auto-reminders that help them tend to pending tasks right on time.

Grove HR - Kobiton testimonial

According to Tiffany Williams, Senior HR Manager at Kobiton, the ease and speed of Grove HR employee onboarding software helps her bring new employees and operate better. She went from manually processing about 25 people daily to fully automating the whole process. With the help of Grove HR, they have been able to scale onboarding by at least 25%-50%.

Streamlined management

The burden of administrative duties that HR deals with can be reduced when automated with onboarding solutions. Supervisors and HR can work on more strategic management tasks than dealing with the strenuous process of onboarding each new employee.

With a centralized automated system, HR can trigger certain actions without manual operations. They can also eliminate the manual process of filling in employee information at every level, as this all-in-one HR platform syncs candidate data across all approved devices. So, once a new employee uploads their data, it is automatically synced to your employee records.

Accurate compliance 

Ensuring that employment compliance is properly handled and detail-oriented is an impactful function of HR employee onboarding software. Collection of data, file management, tax forms, employee handbook, and other sensitive information can be sorted and stored before onboarding with the help of HR onboarding solutions. HR can also track how much of this data has been collected with a customized onboarding checklist before heading to the next stage.

Smooth transitions

With all the resources provided on the onboarding HR platform, new hires can easily blend into the new company. However, this software isn’t limited to new hires only, its functions span to existing employees transitioning to a new role. HR can have access to the new organizational structure, job details and responsibilities, and new workspace. This way, they can identify leaders and teammates in their new role, address them appropriately, and tender any questions they have to them even before the first day at work.

Start a smoother onboarding process in 2023

Investing in an automated HR system will help the department thrive when dealing with the onboarding process. Instead of manually onboarding each new hire and coming up with new structures, they can customize onboarding with HR software and streamline repetitive tasks.

With the adoption of HR technology, new employees get to save their time and energy engaging in fun and productive activities rather than signing and filling out forms. Internal hires switching job roles also get to benefit from an effective onboarding system when access to the appropriate resources is provided beforehand.

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Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes

  • Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes
  • Automate attendance and time off.
  • Conduct 360-degree performance management easily.