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24 awesome recognition gifts to sweep employees off the feet

All employees deserve a show of appreciation for the work they put in to keep the company running. While there are many ways to recognize their efforts, giving them gifts seems to be the best one yet to boost employee engagement. In this article, we have highlighted the best possible gifts to give your team that suits the professional setting of a company.

As managers, keeping our employees in a positive and productive work condition is the top priority. And that includes letting them know you appreciated the work they put in.

Adequate compensation is just a starter. Employees would also enjoy receiving gratitude through gifts that go beyond their paychecks.  And so, here are the best gift ideas to show that you are “The best boss ever".

Best personalized gift ideas

Personalized gifts include unique gift items that employees find special to them. They sometimes hold sentimental value to the receiver

1. Personalized fan gear of their favorite team

Grove HR - employee recognition gifts - football gear

Source: Etsy 


For sports-enthusiast employees, you can show your appreciation by having their names printed on a jersey or cap from their favorite team.

2. A personalized video message from their favorite celebrity

Have your younger employee’s favorite TV star, artiste, or celebrity mentor send them a personalized video message to appreciate them. There’s a possibility their favorite celebrity has a Cameo account where you can reach out to them and have them appreciate your employee in grand style.

Best gift ideas for Gen Z-ers

For the younger team members, you need gifts that are trendy. Social-media-worthy gifts work best for the Gen Z-ers on your team. However, appreciating young workers is a delicate process; you should couple this gift with some other employee recognition methods to get straight to their hearts.

1. Gift cards

Grove HR - employee recognition gifts - gift cards

You can never go wrong with gift cards. Surprise young employees with gift cards from Amazon, Forever21, and other retail stores where they can get the trendiest accessories and items that might not necessarily be work-related.

2. Free tickets

Grove HR - employee recognition gifts - Free ticket

Source: Dribbble


Get your high-performing Gen Z-ers a ticket to their favorite concert, sports competition, movie, or restaurant. With this, you can show that you care about their hobbies outside of work, and you fully support that part of them.

3. Company’s branded items

Grove HR - employee recognition gifts - Grove TeeYoung employees also like to highlight their work life on social media. Give them a gift box of your company’s branded items like a t-shirt, water bottle, mug, sneakers, and a pair of socks to match. In no time, they’ll have pictures of this gift uploaded on their social media with your logo, obviously, in the picture.



Grove Tee


4. OTT subscription Grove HR - employee recognition gifts - OTT subscription

Source: Paste


Give your employees access to some of their favorite TV shows by taking care of their next Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon membership. Help them catch up with their peers as they keep themselves engaged in some of the best movies and series of the year.

5. A Pair of AirPods

Grove HR - employee recognition gifts - Airpod

Gifting a pair of AirPods to younger employees is more than just a gift; it is also necessary for improving productivity and focus for some. Consider giving them noise-canceling AirPods, so they can concentrate more, or maybe listen to some music if that works for them.

They also would love ditching those long-wired patience-testing earphones that look like this all the time:

Grove HR - employee recognition gifts - Meme

6. Paid plan for productivity tools

Young employees want to get productive too. They desire growth and self-development just like everyone else. However, the payment plans for some of these productivity apps might give them reasons not to indulge. So, a paid plan is also a perfect gift idea.

The beauty of this present is its indirect impact on your team productivity 😉

Best gift ideas for tech-savvy

For your employees that are impressed by the works of technology, you’d need to give them valuable items they’ve spent months watching videos about. Here are a couple of recognition gift ideas for tech-savvy workers.

1. Bluetooth headset Grove HR - employee recognition gifts - Bluetooth headset

A lot of gifts excite a tech-savvy person and a Bluetooth headset is just one of them. Gift them a Bluetooth headset that has voice recognition, lasts for long hours, and helps them pick phone calls.

2. Wireless speakers

Grove HR - employee recognition gifts - wireless speaker

Who wouldn’t love to jam to their favorite music? Your tech-savvy employees also love to play some music with wireless speakers that produce quality sound. There’s a variety of wireless speakers online, so you can get one that matches your budget.

3. Water-proof laptop backpack 

They also like some style, get them a water-proof laptop backpack where they can fit their laptops and other important items as they prepare to work on the go.

4. Smart helmet

Take it up a notch by appreciating your tech-savvy team members with a smart helmet. These helmets usually feature Bluetooth speakers, LED lights, a walkie-talkie, and wind-proof microphones. They can be synced with smartphones for a more personalized feel.

5. Magic cube laser Projection keyboard


Source: Geekbuying


Take it a few years into the future with the Magic Laser Cube Projector. Your employees get to feel ten times cooler when working on the next project. This laser projector can be connected to smartphones and tabs to make working on the go easier.

6. Wireless gaming mouse

Help your employees further reduce the number of wires in their workspace and gift them with yet another wireless device, the wireless mouse. They can also use this to play online games better.

Best gift ideas for team leaders and managers

Appreciate the team leaders and managers at your company with items they often overlook every time they go shopping, undoubtedly busy thinking up a winning strategy for you.

You will always have the tendency to choose “too conventional” gifts for the C-suite, like a gift set, gift baskets, or corporate gifts. However, outside-the-box gifts would be more appreciated by bosses. Gifts that enhance productivity and self-development are also a couple of their favorites too.

1. Mini zen garden

Grove HR - employee recognition gifts - Mini Zen garden

A mini zen garden adds to the aesthetics of your leader’s office and enhances a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. They are soothing to look at and fun to care for.

2. Leather padfolio

Grove HR - employee recognition gifts - Leather Padfolio

Source: Trend Hunter


A padfolio where they can keep their items and portable work devices organized is a gift your manager would appreciate. It adds to their style and is especially great for managers that attend a lot of meetings.

3. Amazon Kindle

Giving your managers access to some of their favorite books is another gift they won’t be letting go of so easily. Instead of loading their shelves with countless books, you can just give them tons of e-books right on their smart devices. Here are some of the best HR books and productivity books you could purchase for them.

4. A virtual helper

Grove HR - employee recognition gifts- Virtual helper

Treat your manager to a virtual helper that automates a lot of functions. It could help them schedule for the day, remind them of important meetings or it's time to pick up their kids from school.

5. Laptop sleeve 

A laptop sleeve is a unique gift that keeps your manager’s tech devices cozy and in one place. Whether they’re always on the go or take their gadgets home at the end of the day, a laptop sleeve will always come in handy. Plus it adds to their style and gives them a more corporate look.

Best gift ideas for remote employees

Gifts for remote employees usually include items and accessories that make working from home painless and more convenient. They also make up for the office benefits remote employees miss out on. You can also apply some virtual employee recognition ideas, to make them feel like a part of the company, even though they might be miles away.

1. Home office essential


Since employees working from home don’t have that office workspace that other employees enjoy, show them appreciation by sending a box of home office essentials. This way, you help them create a convenient workspace right in their homes.

2. Acupressure pillow and matGrove HR - employee recognition gifts - Acupressure mat

Remote employees spend a lot of time sitting in positions that make their backs and necks hurt. Show that you care for their physical well-being by giving them acupressure pillows and mats that help reduce the tension they feel in their bones. Acupressure pillows and mats have spikes on their surfaces that apply pressure to certain points on their backs and necks, which stimulates the release of endorphins and relaxes the muscles.

3. Coffee maker

Your remote workers probably drink coffee to stay up long enough to complete pending projects and tasks. They also can’t use the coffee machine at your company pantry. So, surprise them with a coffee maker and a company-branded mug so they can prepare their coffee easily.

4. E-gift cards

E-gift cards are also a perfect gift idea for remote work if you run out of options. With an e-gift card from their favorite store, you can give them a chance to purchase what they desire the most without risking the chances of buying what they don’t fancy.

5. Virtual exercise classes and equipment

Grove HR - employee recognition gifts - Virtual exercise class

Help your remote workers stay healthy and fit by giving them a paid subscription to a virtual exercise class with the equipment they need to participate in. Include a bottle, mat, elastic bands, and even fitness trackers to motivate them never to skip a class.

Appreciate your employees the right way

Sending gifts to your employees creates a lasting impression that you really do care about them and recognize their efforts. However, you should put your annual budget into consideration before deciding what gifts to get. 

If you’re working on a low budget, you can learn how to organize an employee recognition display board and gamify your employee recognition program. It costs less and also gives you your desired results without having to break the bank.

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