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Performance Review

200+ phrases to guide great performance reviews

Performance review isan essential tool for accelerating your team’s ...

Thao Nguyen Le

Performance Review

Career goals for performance review: 60+ examples that will make you a high achiever

High-performing employees are never settled by the results of their ...

Vu Nguyen Ky

Performance Review

11 smart questions to ask your boss and ace the performance review

The performance review meeting is supposed to be a two-way conversation ...

Tien Viet Nguyen

Work & Life

20 best movies of all time about leadership and management

Watching movies is a way to learn and get some entertainment while ...

Vu Nguyen Ky

Employee Experience

Inside Amazon company culture: Intense and effective

Former and current employees have associated the success of Amazon with ...

Thao Nguyen Le

Company Culture

Inside Apple’s company culture: Collaborative and inspiring

The work culture at Apple has caught the eye of many organizations. How ...

Thao Nguyen Le

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