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Inside Google’s company culture: Creative and gratifying

Google's company culture has been a set standard for other companies. It is no surprise that they get thousands of applications annually and employees at Google love their jobs. So what makes working at Google so exciting and meaningful?

Culture is a major determinant of the company's success. A suitable work environment motivates employees to carry out tasks in the best ways possible.

If there’s one company that prioritizes their work culture just as much as they value their internet services, it’s Google. The work culture at this model tech company is one out of many features that several organizations find enviable and seek to adopt. At Google, the company culture makes their employees comfortable, which in turn increases productivity.

For companies that are looking forward to improving the work-life of their employees, we will be showing you exactly how Google does it.

About Google

Since its inception in 1998, Google has shown tremendous success. The Giant of Mountain View’s primary aim is to give the world access to the internet by any means possible. And they sure seem to be doing a great job.

With over four billion users, Google stands as the most used internet service in the world. Today, Google has over fifty product services that give users access to the internet and is worth about $400 billion. The tech giant has won nine awards from Comparably in 2021, all thanks to the favorable work culture, which Google employees find highly engaging. 

Global recognition doesn’t stop there. Google took the top spot on Forbes’s list for the Best Company Culture in 2020 - above forty-nine other large companies around the globe.


Their unique approach – What Google does differently

Google's company culture takes away the boring structure of the corporate world and helps its employees get liberally creative. Here’s how Google gets it done:

  • 1. Google encourages creativity

Google places no restrictions on where employees must work. Unlike other organizations that force you to sit in front of a desk all through working hours, Google focuses on what works best for you. The award-winning tech company does this to encourage employees and help them turn their workspace into a fun environment to enhance their productivity. You get the freedom to work in the cafeteria, lounge area, even on large bean bag chairs. All that matters is that you get the job done adequately and promptly.

  • 2. Ensure employee transparency

At Google, there’s easy communication at all levels.  This means that a lower-level Googler can share opinions and concerns with Googlers at the managerial level without going through an assistant or writing a series of letters. Google’s flat organizational structure makes voicing out easier for all employees.

However, this organizational structure may impose certain limits on employees; they might fear the possible repercussions of sharing their opinions. To avoid this, Google prefers hiring more vocal applicants about their opinions and eager to share them. This way, encouraging them to do so at their workplace wouldn’t be an issue.

  • 3. Set core values

To give employees a clear idea of their expectations and aims, Google ensures that all employees fully understand its core values. As a matter of fact, there’s a web page dedicated to this function to make it accessible.

Google implores its employees to focus on the user; they believe in providing the best user experience. So, they make their web browser and products easy to use. Employees are also prompted to get innovative as they find new ways to give users all the data they need to help them save time. The company stretches goals to eliminate all forms of restrictions an achievable goal may bring.

  • 4. Provide financial support

Beyond conducting performance reviews that end in providing adequate financial compensation to employees, Google offers financial assistance. The prestigious tech company understands the concept of financial stability, so they give employees access to free on-site financial advisors.

These financial advisors assist employees with debt investing, filing taxes, and general financial advice. They provide all the financial education employees need to avoid future financial issues.

  • 5. Enable company mobility

Another reason why Google remains one of the best companies to work in is its ability to preserve talent. Google pays more attention to your strengths than weaknesses. At Google, they would rather transfer you to a department where you’ve displayed a certain level of expertise than lay you off. Hence, promotion in this company is pretty common.

Why it works

Being at the forefront of technology, Google is always looking at the 10x including the way they build their culture.

Employees at Google are happy and comfortable at work. The working environment is structured in ways that make it suitable for all Googlers. This way, they return the favour by giving the company their best. Google believes that the employees make the company and treats them accordingly. 

Making the voices of employees at all levels heard helps them feel more comfortable and free at work. Their freedom to self-expression and creativity facilitates innovation. So, employees are not scared to go beyond their skillset and push the boundaries that will yield results.

Grove HR - Google company culture

"There is just a vibe that I want to be a part of" - Anthony Hylick


How to apply it

To give your employees the Google experience, you’d need to make certain changes to your work structure. Here are some ideas that’ll guide you to achieving a commendable working environment;

  • 1. Set the company’s core values

Help employees understand your expectations and what you want your company to achieve. Setting core values will help your company move in one direction. But setting is not enough. Reminding them about the core values is also crucial.  They help keep your employees in check every time they seem to be moving out of place.

  • 2. Better communication channels

Keep the work environment at your company positive by providing a better communication system. Allowing lower-level staff, especially Gen-Zers to communicate with supervisors and CEOs, births innovation and creativity at work. When every employee feels heard, it’s easier to get creative at providing well-defined results.

  • 3. Learn to preserve talent

Monitor all employees individually and assess them according to their strengths. Instead of hiring new employees yearly, assign them to departments where they’ve shown interest and excelled. This way, you don’t give out such talent to competing companies.

  • 4. Encourage flexibility at work

Do not confine employees to a particular office or workspace. Find out where they work best and make such provisions at the office. Employees get more productive when they’re a little relaxed and in their element.

As Sergey Brin says:

“I would like to see anyone be able to achieve their dreams, and that's what this organization does.”

Final verdict

Caring for your employees is caring for your company. Getting your employees to put in their best goes way beyond salary increments and promotions. They want to be happy getting the job done and have fun while at it. 

Employees that work at Google have the zeal to work there because of the impeccable work culture they get to enjoy all year round. If you want to increase productivity and make your company feel more like home, follow Google's way.

If you want to know the state of your company culture, utilize this template, send out a survey and find out!

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