| 23 February, 2021 | 4 Min Read

Greendeck switches to Grove HR to facilitate change and expansion

Started in 2017 back in Mumbai, India, Greendeck - a tech company offering price optimization and competitor monitoring for retailers, is now expanding into Europe, with their new headquarters in London. On the way to find the right solution that adapts to fast-paced growth, Greendeck found Grove HR an absolute delight and effectiveness to facilitate their expansion.

Aayush Jain - CEO of Greendeck and two other friends founded the company in 2017  to help brands and retailers with pricing optimization and competitor intelligence. Soon, it expanded to London and was selected as one of the ten participants in the Techstars global accelerator program powered by SAP in 2017. 

With growth comes inevitable challenges, and Greendeck has had its fair share. In its earliest days, like every company just starting out with a very small team, it resorted to Google Docs and Excel sheets for managing employee data. More so, without dedicated HR personnel, the duties  of employee management fell on the leaders’ shoulders. 

As the company grew, the inefficiency of the manual operations was exposed. “The time we reached over 10 employees is when I realized we need an HR system", says Aayush. Even though they had tried other platforms such as Freshteam and Zoho, they were not fully satisfactory. That was when the CEO came across Grove HR. Apparently, the team at Greendeck only needed 30 minutes to complete the setup and fully migrate from their old system. 





Company growth and employee expansion.


Shift from manual methods (Google Docs and Excel sheets) to a centralized management platform.


Fast-paced recruitment leading to improper onboarding.


Onboarding checklist functionality to improve onboarding processes and engage newcomers from the first day.


Employees missing announcements and important updates.


Revamp company-wide communication by using the News feature  to announce important updates with push notifications on Grove HR mobile app.   


Set new hires up to success easily 

For a company that had new employees joining weekly like Greendeck, optimizing its onboarding process to integrate new hires much faster into the organization is a major priority. Therefore, Grove HR's customized onboarding checklist becomes Greendeck's most favorite feature.

The company has a huge checklist of onboarding activities for both general  and team-focused employees including access control, provision of resources, sorting out legal documents and other paperwork, etc. Grove HR provided a platform to manage and track all these effectively. The checklist showed details of person-in-charge, task description and due date allowing Greendeck to provide new employees with the right kind of support and guidance they need. 


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Boost communication for better collaboration 

Another big win was improving employee engagement at Greendeck. Previously, the company used Slack for announcing major news and policy changes. Such announcements were usually lost in the sea of other messages, making employees miss important updates. 

Now, with the News feature on desktop and mobile the company can communicate important updates in one click and bring all employees on the same page at the same time. Besides communication, the management team was also able to accurately track employee leaves, time-off balance, and attendance in one place.

Save loads of time with one single platform 

“Grove HR has helped the company save time on managing documents, projects, and employees'', says Aayush. He admitted that Grove HR has saved him a minimum of four or five hours of work every month even though he is not one of the primary users. 

Combined, the Greendeck team saved lots of hours by using Grove HR. As a result, they were able to channel these hours to increase workplace productivity. 

With Grove HR, Greendeck team was able to manage and track everything  from one central system. This benefit extended into the pandemic period. Coronavirus has left most companies working remotely, including Greendeck.

In Aayush’s words:

Grove helped us manage things more effectively in remote migration by automating manual processes and smoothening operations despite the distance.


Ready to embrace fast-paced growth? 

With the plan to actively recruit in the future, Greendeck team continues to rely upon Grove HR for easy onboarding and people management. 

Rapidly scaling up? Digitizing your HR processes with an all-in-one platform. Let Grove HR take care of your administration so you have more time to take care of your people. Sign up now for free.

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Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes

  • Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes
  • Automate attendance and time off.
  • Conduct 360-degree performance management easily.