| 10 September, 2021 | 3 Min Read

Grove HR announces partnership with Dreamplex

The workforce has evolved and it's time for HR to evolve with it. We are delighted to announce that Grove HR has partnered with Dreamplex to deliver a better employee experience for start-ups and small businesses.

With new generations come new expectations. People used to be interviewing for jobs because they needed one badly. Now, candidates interview companies to check if they like the culture and the company mission.

Every company needs to think harder about how they can positively impact their employees and enhance every touchpoint of the employee experience.

At Grove HR, we are always looking for ways to improve Employee Experience. Like Grove HR, Dreamplex’s mission is to reinvent what work is like and deliver a world-class employee experience for companies that care about their people.

This new partnership serves to help increase the tools, resources, and insights available to our current customers. By integrating both companies' strengths, startups and small businesses will benefit greatly. They will have access to an all-in-one HR platform that digitizes core HR processes and a leading co-working space that offers flexible workplaces and employee experience of the future.

About Dreamplex

Dreamplex is the new workplace for the new workforce. Established in 2015 as Vietnam's first co-working space, they offer flexible and inspiring workspaces to work, collaborate and innovate to help businesses deliver a better employee experience.

Here are 3 reasons why companies choose Dreamplex:

  • Your brand, your office: Your company will be provided with a personalized office floor that will be branded with your logo and feature flexible seatings, private offices, meeting rooms, collaboration hubs.
  • Dedicated Dreamplex Member Experience team: An Employee Experience member team will take care of your employees, help you build a sense of belonging for your teams, and a professional, welcoming smile for your guests.
  • Ensure you have a vibrant and healthy company culture: Give your employees access to social events, training & development, creative workshops, and more without additional HR resources.


Source: dreamplex.co


Commit to delivering a better experience for the new workforce

Gen-Z makes up a huge population of today's workforce. They are innovative, tech-savvy, socially conscious employees who expect more from their work than just a paycheck; they want to use their skills in meaningful ways and feel like they belong at the company. It's time for businesses to break from traditional HR confines to attract and retain talents.

The partnership between Grove HR and Dreamplex is based on our shared mission and value to help companies deliver a better experience for the new generations.

Now Dreamplex’s customers with under 50 employees can experience Grove HR for free to digitize core HR processes. Plus, they can get access to exclusive deals for advanced plans that enable them to create an outstanding employee experience, enable continuous feedback and recognition, and seamlessly run performance reviews that focus on employee development.

Another goal of the partnership is to provide startups and small businesses with what they need in order to have happier employees by co-creating insightful resources and events.

Speaking about the partnership, the General Manager of Grove HR, Bao Nguyen said:

"We're excited to have them as partners because we both see a lot of synergies on the respective value propositions that will benefit them, their clients, and us”.

Daan van Rossum, Chief Executive Officer at Dreamplex, added:

”Our mission is to support leading companies in Vietnam that care about their people to deliver their teams a Better Day at Work. When we started using Grove HR, it was soon clear that there are many benefits for companies to provide more and better care for their teams by automating many of the HR processes that companies often don’t have the budget and resources for. With our own experience being so positive, we are excited to now introduce Grove HR to our community, and partner with Grove HR on a range of other initiatives to create a Better Day at Work for teams of all sizes.”

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Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes

  • Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes
  • Automate attendance and time off.
  • Conduct 360-degree performance management easily.