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Grove HR announced partnership with Glints Vietnam

We are excited to announce the partnership between Grove HR and Glints Vietnam - the #1 recruitment platform in Asia in the effort to support Vietnamese SMB community to rebound strongly after COVID-19.

Vietnam has earned global praise for its successful handling of the Covid-19 outbreak. As the country moves to the "new normal" state after easing lockdowns, economic analysts predict that the fast response to the pandemic will inspire a boom in business opportunities. In view of the fact, Grove HR is excited to announce its partnership with Glints Vietnam - the foremost online recruitment platform in Asia.

The partnership between the two companies will serve to help increase the resources and insights available to their current clients. By integrating both companies' strengths, SMEs and HR professionals will benefit greatly as they will have access to an all-in-one HR platform that digitizes core HR processes and a top recruitment platform that will connect them to the best talents in the region. A combination of this will make navigating the post-COVID era easier.


Why partner with Glints Vietnam

Grove HR prides itself as an innovative HR platform for SME business companies. By streamlining and optimizing HR functions, Grove HR helps eliminate the need for spreadsheets and scale-up HR operations effortlessly. During this difficult time, Grove HR aims at helping the SMB community overcome the dual challenge of HR digitization and engagement. Like Grove HR, Glints Vietnam is also committed to the SMB community and looking out for their best interests.

About Glints Vietnam

Glints Vietnam is one of the leading recruitment platforms in Asia. Their mission is to make traditional more efficient and help companies build successful teams with the best talents. Some of the benefits the SMB community gains from using Glints include:

  • Recruit top talents fast: As recruiters try to make sense of the post-outbreak hiring trends, Glints Vietnam offers them a direct connection to the top talents. This allows companies to focus on running their business as the platform helps with the selection, interview, and hiring of talents - all within 2-4 weeks.
  • The best fit for your company: With their algorithms and team of expert recruiters, Glints will help companies hire only candidates that are culture-fit for their workplace. Costly bad hires will become a thing of the past.
  • Risk-free: Perhaps, the biggest benefit the Glints recruitment platform offers is that it is risk-free. As a result, they get a 3-month replacement guarantee. In addition to that, when you use the Glints TalentHunt portfolio, you are only required to pay after a successful hire.

Commit to supporting SMBs community in Vietnam

The partnership between Grove HR and Glints Vietnam based on our common mission and value for the SMBs community and HR professionals in Vietnam.

While some industries are more affected by the outbreak, every industry has felt the impact and as a result, are taking steps for the future. To help mitigate the impact on the SMB community, both Grove HR and Glints took action to help our clients.

Grove HR started the COVID-19 Support Program which gives SMBs free and unlimited access to HR Foundations Plan until the end of 2020 From people management to keeping in sync with employees, SMBs will have the right tools out-of-the-box to digitize their employee records and manage time-off, engage their workforce, and maintain morale and productivity high.

Glints created the #BraceTogether initiative that seeks to help companies and job seekers. Through this, the recruitment platform offers resources to help companies through the outbreak, organizes skill upgrading programs for candidates, and provides data-based insights into Asian countries' industries.

The partnership between the two will help to spread their support to a wider part of the SMB community. As the two companies come together, they are committed to producing and creating insightful content for the HR and SMB community.


Moving forward

The partnership between Grove HR and Glints Vietnam is born out of their mutual commitment to supporting the SMBs community in Vietnam. By combining forces through their two campaigns and vast vault of resources, they will be able to offer insights to businesses on how to transcend the post-COVID world. With this knowledge, SMBs will thrive and be at the forefront of the predicted economic growth.


Contact Grove HR for partnership opportunities

Interested in partnering with Grove HR. Drop us an email at hello@grovehr.com.

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