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Havenhill Synergy saves 840 hours monthly with faster HR process using Grove HR

The Nigerian energy access company, set to become a part of the leading renewable energy service providers in Africa, struggled to manage HR processes as the business grew. With Grove HR, they can now recruit, onboard, and empower the talents they need to achieve their goal.

Established in 2010, Havenhill Synergy Limited is a Nigerian company whose operations are guided by its desire to end blackout and develop rural economies in its nation. They are on the mission to increase enegery access by using solar energy to generate clean, safe, cost-effective & sustainable electricity across rural, peri-urban, and urban Nigeria.

Today, a cohesive team of 62 members is working relentlessly to generate electricity in both rural and urban areas of the federation in which they operate using solar energy.

Tasked with the increasing workforce, the company tried out a couple of HR software like Zoho People to reduce manual work, which Antinuke Adamolekun - People Relations Associate described as ‘complex and vast’. However, Grove HR can automate HR processes with crystal clear and understandable procedures.




Long and inefficient onboarding process


Using a combination of Grove HR’s Onboarding Checklist functionality and its Automated Follow-up feature to simplify their onboarding process


Poor employee data management and loss/error in vital information


Utilizing Grove HR’s employee records management to secure and restrict access to employee data


Manual attendance and email tracking via emails


Tracking employee clock in/out time with geofencing technology set within a close radius to the company


Reducing time to onboard by 60% 

Prior to Grove HR,  the three-person recruiting team at Havenhill Synergy has had trouble having new members on board as the company expands. 

They now can take their onboarding capacity up a notch with Grove HR. The onboarding checklist saves time since the team can schedule meetings with new hires and assign onboarding tasks for them in quick and automated steps.

The checklist also gives involved parties a heads up on the onboarding process. They all get notified of each activity to be carried out, which enhances collaboration - creating a seamless onboarding experience for newcomers.


Grove HR - Havenhill Synergy case study


A more organized and secure data management system

Atinuke shares that the team didn't have to deal with the hassles of finding employee contact information anymore. This task has been made easy with Grove HR, as personal information is now at the fingertips of each employee.

Employees can also input or update their data when necessary. Searching for employee information, especially in the case of an emergency, is also quick and convenient using the Grove HR mobile app. Every employee at Havenhill has access to the company-wide and offline directory on their phone.

Put time-off process on auto-pilot

Havenhill used Excel sheets to track time off before. But this has changed since they started using Grove HR. Employees can now request time off and have managers approve it instantly. 

In addition to their newly implemented time off approach, they also have their employees clocking in with geofencing technology, which is set up to only allow clock-in/out within the approved office site. Plus, the implementing process is “easy to implement, no struggle at all” - said Atinuke.

Effortless onboarding and HR process with Grove HR

With Grove HR’s new Performance Enablement module coming out, the team is exploring digitalizing their performance review process. 

Rapidly scaling up and onboarding new people like Havenhill Synergy? Digitizing your HR processes with an all-in-one platform. Let Grove HR take care of your administration so you have more time to take care of your people. Sign up now for free.

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Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes

  • Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes
  • Automate attendance and time off.
  • Conduct 360-degree performance management easily.