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Hiip Asian joins HR digital transformation with Grove HR

Launched in April 2016, Hiip Asia was on a mission to become the leading influencer marketing platform in Southeast Asia. Growing their business also goes with taking better care of their employees. With the help of Grove HR, Hiip Asia rapidly improved its data management process, streamlined its core HR, and is on the way to achieve its goal.

In late 2015, Singapore-based influencer platform Hiip Asia was founded to solve the difficulties affecting the influencer marketing industry. Hiip, which now has offices across Viet Nam, Indonesia, and Thailand, currently helps about 500 brands connect with over 10,000 social influencers based on big data and AI.

In the beginning, Hiip Asia did what many new companies do: use Excel and spreadsheets for managing key personnel data. This resulted in messy files, folders, and caused delays in daily HR procedure. With recent funds led by Vnet Capital and Vulpes Special Opportunities Fund, they experienced exponential growth. Hiip's Senior Human Resource Executive - Viet Truong realized that they need a centralized HR platform to manage employee data, recruitment process and more - enter Grove HR.


Loss of critical data due to the use of manual management tools. Use Grove HR to manage company directory, timekeeping, payroll, time-off request and more
Not have a structured way to manage candidate profiles and follow up after interview stage Implement Grove HR to centralize candidate data and foster collaboration with hiring notes
Problems attracting tech and non-tech talents Customize the internal hiring pipeline to match different roles


Rapid & smooth recruitment process

Over the years, Hiip’s HR team used Excel to manage their candidate data throughout the whole hiring process. But this method of operation is no longer convenient. As Viet puts it, “Managing data in the past with Excel is very messy.” Due to the absence of a centralized system, the HR team had to use different spreadsheets and various Skype chats to follow up, communicate and track applicant stages throughout the interview process.


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Now, in Grove HR, Hiip found a central place to store all their candidate data - from both online and offline sources.

This included CV bulk upload to move their data from spreadsheets to Grove HR in minutes and get candidate profiles straight from online job boards. The HR team picked it up on the platform immediately and integrated it with its internal process. They also found hiring notes extremely helpful for everyone to give their evaluation and follow up with the process - instead of getting buried in emails and chats. This moved the time burden away - a resource they can't afford to waste.

Next level of HR management efficiency

As a company with only 2 HR personnel to take care of about 40 employees in the Vietnam branch, managing the daily HR tasks has been problematic. Hiip formerly used emails for leave requests and spreadsheets to manage employee data. These manual methods of processing time off or calculating payroll were beginning to take more time with the increasing workforce. Looking for a way out, Hiip Asia found a solution in Grove HR.

With Grove HR by its side, Hiip Asia automated its core HR processes. “We created a policy that encourages employees to go to Grove to time-off,” says Viet Truong.

Now, Hiip's employees can request a day off right from the Employee Mobile App and get approved in seconds. At the same time, the HR team gets accurate numbers to process payroll - no more data cleaning. According to her, the benefit is paying off as this resulted in saved time for time-off, support timekeeping, payroll, and more.

Future HR plan with Grove

While recruiting is still pending due to the pandemic situation, Hiip has future plans to expand more in Southeast Asia - with Grove HR managing its HR operations.

After the pandemic, the company plans to hire 7-8 employees per year. According to Viet Truong, "When the company expands fast, it doesn't mean that the number of employees has to increase at the same rate. That is one of the reasons why we plan little new hires although Hiip grows so fast. We focus on employee's productivity so that the more the company grows, the more the benefit of each employee is enhanced."

Using Grove HR, Hiip Asia has a centralized system for its HR department that they can trust, align, and centralize everything as it seeks to achieve these future plans.


What does Hiip Asia love most about Grove HR?

Our favorite things about Grove HR are the easy-to-use UI and its well-fit recruitment features. Their team is also always available to help whenever we are in need of support. It is worthy to note that their regular product update to solve customers' problems is another key reason why we enjoy using Grove HR. - Viet Truong Senior Human Resource Executive of Hiip Asia


Start your HR digital transformation journey with Grove HR

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Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes

  • Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes
  • Automate attendance and time off.
  • Conduct 360-degree performance management easily.