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Employee Engagement

2020 New Normal: WFH Burnout - How to beat it?

Deep dive into the current global situation of WFH employee burnout. Get well-researched tips on ...

Tien Viet Nguyen

HR Tech

Top 10 best free HR software for SMBs that actually work in 2021

What's the most critical step when digitizing your HR operations? ...

Tien Viet Nguyen

Talent Attraction

20+ most popular job posting sites in Southeast Asia

Understand the reasons why job posting sites are crucial to your ...

Tien Viet Nguyen

Crisis Management

How to ensure workplace safety as employees return to work after COVID-19?

As businesses start opening up after COVID-19, learn the factors to ...

Nguyen Huu Phuc

People Management

5 key factors that help reduce HR costs for SMBs

Discover how you can reduce your HR budget costs without compromising your organizational ...

Thao Nguyen Le


Recruitment process for SMBs: Step-by-step guide to hire effectively

How to attract, interview and implement a recruitment process that will ...

Thao Nguyen Le

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