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The ultimate list of Facebook groups for recruiters

A lot of HR professionals are sharing their opinions and experiences on Facebook groups. These groups help them connect, communicate with like-minded peers and express their struggles. This article lists out some of the best HR Facebook groups to join.

Facebook has yet again proven to be a resourceful online platform, and thousands of HR professionals can attest to this. The online social media platform is helping HR's from around the globe connect and help each other.

With so many groups on Facebook, filtering the active and useful ones could be quite the challenge. So we found for you the best HR Facebook groups that you'll find as an excellent asset for your professional growth.

Benefits of joining HR online community

Being a part of an online HR community has its perks. These groups offer you the knowledge and support you never knew you could find. Here are some of the benefits these HR groups bring:

1. Networking

Communicating with people that know exactly how you feel can be a soothing relief. In addition, HR groups help you connect to like-minded people, seek professional advice or just sharing your day.

You also get to meet new clients based on recommendations from your peers, more contacts, and service providers too.

2. Share and download free tools and templates

Being a part of a human resources group also means you are shared free tools and templates posted on these groups. These resources, tips, and tools help keep activities and tasks organized.

3. Crowdsource knowledge

Access to HR professionals with different experience levels from various nations gives you revolutionary insights into tasks you find difficult. All the more, this information is gotten from first-hand experience, something an internet search would never fully explain to you.

List of HR Facebook groups

Sourcers Who Code

Grove HR - HR Facebook group - Sourcers who code

Topics of discussion: Talent Sourcing and Coding

Number of members: 3,900+

Description: The Sourcers Who Code (SWC) group is a collective learning community of HR Professionals seeking innovative ways to recruit top talents. Group members are also taught coding and how it can improve their sourcing game.

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HR Open Source (HROS)

Grove HR - HR Facebook group - HR Open Source

Topics of discussion: Case Studies, Resources, and Success Stories of real-life HR and recruiting professionals

Number of members: 11,000+

Description: Bringing an open-source approach to HR and recruiting, the HROS community brings HR and recruiters together; to inspire and educate one another. Members also get their self-generated content promoted based on the principles of egalitarianism, meritocracy, and self-organization.

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BadAss Recruiters & Sourcers (BARS)

Grove HR - HR Facebook group - BARS-min

Topics of discussion: Growth Hacking

Number of members: 5,100 +

Description: In the BARS group, they majorly focus on offering members unique HR content and engagements. This group is communicative, as members ensure they share new ideas and thoughts on each content posted. Members also learn all about growth hacking and download playbooks.

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Growth Hacking Recruiters

Grove HR - HR Facebook group - Growth Hacking Recruiter-min

Topics of discussion: Growth Hacking

Number of members: 5,800+

Description: Growth Hacking Recruiters is a group for HR Professionals, Marketers, Recruiters, and Salespersons that need to hit target rates. Members are taught how to leverage technology, media, and data to meet their targets with little financial investment possible.

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Recruiters Online

Grove HR - HR Facebook group - Recruiter online-min

Topics of discussion: Recruiting

Number of members: 21,300+

Description: Recruiters Online is strictly for professional recruiters who only discuss one thing, Recruiting. This group has a policy for zero advertisements and other promotions, as it has sub-groups where all these are condoned.

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Grove HR - HR Facebook group - HR success talk group-min

Topics of discussion: Job openings and Best Practices

Number of members: 26,500+

Description: This group offers HR professionals insightful articles, professional tips, best practices, and job openings. It is an HR international group. HRs from around the globe are connected and given a platform to post questions searching for help from professionals worldwide.

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Make Me HR Manager

Grove HR - HR Facebook group - Make me HR manager-min

Topics of discussion: Skill Set Improvement

Number of members: 19,300+

Description: This group is for HRs looking to improve their skills and gain exposure to the various HR functions. And you will have thousands of members that are willing to help you upgrade. Members give updates on new skills and tricks they need to succeed in their world of work. 

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HR In Malaysia

Grove HR - HR Facebook group - HR in Malaysia-min

Topics of discussion: HR News, HR Trends and Statistics, Movers & Shakers, HR technology

Number of members: 32,800+

Description: HR In Malaysia is open to anyone interested in the art of becoming/being an HR professional. The group is open to HRs in practice, students, job-seekers, and fresh graduates. This community is a safe space for anyone seeking to gain HR knowledge on any ground.

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HR Tech Asia

Grove HR - HR Facebook group - HR Tech Asia-min

Topics of discussion: HR Technology

Number of members: 5,100+

Description: HR Tech in Asia aims at exposing HR Practitioners to the technological innovation the HR industry is experiencing. Members share thoughts and ideas on uploaded content and get invitations to different Webinars that discuss HR Technology.

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Philippines HR Group

Grove HR - HR Facebook group - Philippines HR group-min

Topics of discussion: Talent Acquisition, Talent Management and Development, Total Rewards Management, Employee Relations & Engagement, Labor Relations, HR Business Partnering, and Executive HR Management.

Number of members:256,300+

Description: The Phillippines HR Group is one of the best HR networking groups and is more diverse than most HR Groups on Facebook. They create an opportunity to network, share knowledge, get updates on the best practices and job opportunities. Moreover, members get to attend training and learning events. 

With so many HR professionals in one group, you have unlimited access to the knowledge of the HR Industry.

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HR Knowledge Sharing Group

Topics of discussion: HR Best Practices

Number of members: 15,900+

Description: This group helps HR Professionals share knowledge on different topics and struggles in the industry. Members get new information and articles that help them improve employee experience at their company.

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Human Resource Management

Grove HR - HR facebook group - HRM

Topics of discussion: Best Practices and Experience

Number of members: 70,900+

Description: Human Resource Management is HRs who need a team support system as they perform their daily tasks at their companies. Members share tips on the best practices and what it's like working at their company and offer real-life solutions to major challenges.

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Improve yourself, improve your team

Grove HR - HR Facebook group - Improve yourself-min

Topics of discussion: Skill Set Upgrade and Best Practices

Number of members: 860

Description: This group help HRs improve by connecting them with other professionals to provide support, feedback, and pro-tips needed to perform effectively. Members share challenges, start conversations, and share success stories to inspire others.

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HR Services

HR Service-min

Topics of discussion: Career Opportunities and Performance Management

Number of members: 17,500+

Description: HR Services expose its members to job opportunities, training & development, and online test management systems. This group also offers HR consultancy services to members who are facing challenges at work and aspirants.

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Training for Recruiters, Staffing and HR Professionals

Grove HR - HR Facebook group - Training for Recruiters-min

Topics of discussion: HR Training

Number of members: 20,500+

Description: This group is for training events, webinars, workshops, seminars, and other educational meetings for HRs to improve and thrive in the field. These events could be online or physical.

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Indian HR professionals

Grove HR - HR Facebook group - Indian HR Professionals-min

Topics of discussion: Best Practices

Number of members: 12,300+

Description: HR Professionals in India can now connect with like-minds and share knowledge and tips. Group members are also given the opportunity to form networks and introduce each other to better opportunities.

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Grove HR - HR Facebook group - AsiaHRM-min

Topics of discussion: Best Practices and HR Information & Trends

Number of members: 1,600+

Description: AsiaHRM is a group that welcomes the ideas of HR Professionals in Asia. Members have access to resources that keep them at the forefront of the market change. This group encourages members to relentlessly shared ideas with this community.

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HR Phillippines

Grove HR - HR Facebook group - HR Philippines-min

Topics of discussion: Best Practices and Job Opportunities

Number of members: 35,300+

Description: HR Phillippines is a support group for HR Professionals dealing with challenges at work. Members exchange practices, ask questions, and get answers from an expert's point of view. Job opportunities are also posted for members who are in between jobs or looking for better opportunities.

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L&D 2.0

Grove HR - HR Facebook group - L&D 2.0-min

Topics of discussion: Learning and Development Techniques

Number of members: 238

Description: L&D 2.0 provides stakeholder excellence and gives every recruiter the best foundations possible to succeed. Members are taught the best practices in the market that'll help employees at their company learn and develop.

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The People, HR and Talent Group

Topics of discussion: Best Practices and Talent Development & Management

Number of members: 684

Description: This group is an online community for aspiring and practicing HR professionals who need updates on the latest information and trends. Members share thoughts and ideas on how to attain the best work environment, hire the best talent, the future of work, and HR technology.

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Finding an HR Community to grow your network?

If you're looking a resourceful and safe HR forum sites, the Grove HR community is just what you need. This community connects HR specialists, startup founders, and managers across Asia to exchange exclusive HR knowledge and how to leverage work using technology.

In the Grove HR community, you can ask questions, share valuable knowledge, write articles, create groups, and so on. It's a mini social group for like-minds.

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