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How to Find the Right HRIS System for Your Business?

Are you tired of watching your coffee turn cold while staring at stacks of incomplete HR forms and unapproved leave applications? Are you stuck between answering employees and struggling with routine administrative work? Say hello to your new work best friend, HRIS system, to deliver a smooth HR pathway.

uman resources is a complex field with jargon, acronyms, and a seemingly endless list of HR practices and policies. It’s also a field that impacts nearly every aspect of a business — from hiring, onboarding to benefits and compensation to performance and training. It’s essential to get it right because HR touches everything.

Living in the era of technology, it’s wise to take advantage of the HRIS system to make your work easier. The usage of HRIS software to take care of the HR system of organizations is fast gaining pace. You might be stressing over how to find the perfect partner for your company.

So, If you're on the quest to find the top HRIS system for your company, you’re at the right place. Keep an eye out for the below-mentioned features.

What is an HRIS?

HRIS or Human Resource Information System Management is software that provides a centralized platform to store, manage and process employee data. It also takes care of typical HR functions and administrative tasks like time tracking, payroll preparation, onboarding and offboarding, performance analysis, and benefits administration.

Why choose to buy an HRIS?

It would be hard to fit the reasons to move to all-in-one HR software on one page. It is not surprising that most businesses consider buying human resource management systems a highly cost-effective investment because of their definite perks.

47% of companies would have already switched to HR AI solutions by 2022. This hike seems probable because implementing HRIS systems has changed many companies' efficiency game. Here is a summary of all the reasons why you should give this serious thought if you haven’t already.

  • It saves time that can be directed toward making new growth strategies
  • Reduces the scope of human error thereby enhancing efficiency
  • It cuts down the cost of storage, printing, and manual processing
  • Reduces the threat of compliance risks or issues of policy violation
  • Reduces employee turnover by increasing employee engagement and ensuring hassle-free employee management

Once you’ve found enough reasons to hop on the bandwagon, a bigger question looms. Out of the overwhelming number of software solutions available, which management software is the right pick for your company? 

Grove HR - How to Find the Right HRIS System for Your Business?

Dashboard of HRIS System where you can get a quick overview of HR functions 


How to Choose the Top HRIS System For Your Business?

Several factors govern the suitability parameters to help ascertain the top HRIS system for your company. Here's a quick rundown of all the boxes you need to tick before you seal the deal.

1. Make a list of what you need

The choice of software should be made carefully considering the HR processes that the HR software should cover. Conduct an exercise to identify the team's needs, covering all possible angles.

Save the cost of hiring HRIS Analysts and just brainstorm with your core HR employees and other team representatives because they understand the situation of the departments better than anyone else would.

Identify the pain points that the existing HR system fails to attend to. While assessing the organization’s needs, the team needs to look beyond the veil of departmental surface needs. The right choice would only be made when the focus of profiting the business is beyond the short term.

Ask questions like, what needs are not being met currently? Which areas could be given more attention? What new features could be introduced to gain strategic leverage over competitors? Approach such questions with a broader perspective rather than just limiting them to an immediate benefit to the HR Team.

Once the problems are pinpointed and identified, we'll head over to their resolution.

For more details, read our guide to better HR processes - HRMS

2. Choose an HR Software that qualifies your checklist

Start comparing now that you have a long list of everything the 'dream' management software should have. Check out the features of the products in the market and see which one fits best.

Choose the software that covers most of your needs but is also budget-friendly. It is essential to carefully consider the company's budget before making a decision, especially for small businesses.

Must-have features of a top HRIS System

Are you unsure which features should be included on your list? Here are some features you shouldn't dare to compromise on.

1. Talent recruiting tools

The race to hire and acquire the best talent is heated. As important as the recruitment process is, it is an equally arduous task. There are too many things to take care of, and in the hassle of the paperwork, you might end up compromising on the quality of your new pool of employees.

A great solution is to automate the entire talent management and recruitment process. The right Talent Recruitment Tool would include functions like automated job posting, branded careers page, custom hiring pipeline, candidate evaluation, 1-click onboarding, and so on. This feature is sure to skyrocket your company's long-term gains because of an efficient workforce.

2. Streamlined employee onboarding

A report shows that 25% of companies’ onboarding programs lack systemized training to help new hires. They just show them a cubicle, give them access to a computer and expect them to start producing results right away. A well-structured onboarding process would help employees better acquaint themselves with their roles and train accordingly.

Significant weight can be lifted off your Human Resources Team if the onboarding of new employees is automated. Imagine if an employee can be onboarded with the click of a button without fussing through loads of paperwork. That is the dream, right? It could all be sorted if your HRIS software has an Onboarding feature.

A suitable Onboarding tool would take care of onboarding checklists, onboarding templates, self-onboarding, compliances, and more to make the entire process smooth. This would build a reputable employer brand while giving the new hire a good onboarding employee experience.


Grove HR - Onboarding checklist

Create custom onboarding checklists and assign them to new hires, hiring managers automatically


3. Centralized employee management

More employees mean more employee data to collect and manage. Then, on top of that comes to the added responsibility to check for manual errors. One mistake could lead to a redo of the entire process. To avoid such unnecessary yet costly mistakes, you should centralize all your employee information.

Manage all the records and documents of employees, send end of contract reminders, maintain the employee directory and organization chart, and manage permission controls through a single centralized platform. With the Centralized Employee Management feature, ensure data consistency and have a single source of information.

4. Time tracking and attendance

All businesses understand how time is a precious resource. A time and attendance feature proves highly useful to ensure that employees put it to the best use. It would give clear stats and insights on how the teams in the organization are utilizing their work hours. This could help the business easily modify their time investment towards specific goals to ensure greater productivity.

9 out of 10 employees say that flexible work arrangements increase morale. This feature would make it very easy to adjust and maintain flexible work schedules. The Time Tracking and Attendance feature would make managing attendance records feel like a breeze. It would also hold the employees more accountable and motivate them to work more efficiently, ensuring greater productivity.

5. Automated payroll preparation

Payroll preparation is nothing short of a nightmare because of the complexity in the process. Keeping track of every employee's vacation records preparing the payroll while paying close attention to payroll changes gets too much for the HR team. On top of that, the slightest mistake on the part of the management could cost the company heavily.

Imagine how much burden can be lifted off the shoulders of HR professionals with the introduction of this one feature. Automated Payroll Preparation will save you time and cost you just a fraction by giving you access to automatic payroll calculation, automated payslip creation, configurable payroll structure, and much more.

6. Employee Performance Enablement tools

The Employee Performance Enablement Tool is a boon to tracking the productivity of a company and the individual career progress of employees. Crystal-clear stats for individuals to keep track of their progress would help employees have a clear vision of their improvement scope.

72% of employees feel that their performance significantly improves through corrective feedback. Reviews prove to be of great importance to help individuals ascertain their strengths and shortcomings. Using an automated and agile tool help in employee development: 360-degree feedback, performance-based, project-based, and organizational-based reviews from peers, self, and managers

8. Employee engagement

Grove HR - mobile appThe need for healthy social interaction between team members is essential to help teams develop the spirit of teamwork and cooperation. Offer them a digital space to connect that has the feature of instant messaging, company social feed, and interest groups creation. This would increase employee engagement and help the teams build a professional bond.

Use this Employee Engagement feature to conduct polls, surveys, create content, and manage the company's social feed. Build a culture of employee recognition and feedback to support employees and create a work-friendly environment.

These are some features that you should give a permanent spot to in your checklist. Once your checklist is finalized, let’s move on to the final step.


Get started with Grove HR - your ideal HRIS System

Once you’ve narrowed it down to your final 2 to 3 prospects, it’s time to try them out. This would help you judge the software's functioning and utility while it's in action. You would also be able to decide if the cost of the HR system is worth the investment.

Grove HR offers features like employee data management, automated payroll preparation, onboarding and offboarding, attendance management, smart recruitment and so much more at an affordable price.

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Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes

  • Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes
  • Automate attendance and time off.
  • Conduct 360-degree performance management easily.