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How Human Resources Apps Are Changing the HR Landscape

HR apps are a trend of today and the future of tomorrow. Many companies are already changing their HR processes to accommodate a Human Resources app. These apps are not only providing easy accessibility but also helping companies reduce operational costs, increase operational efficiency, decrease employee turnover rates, and increase productivity. 

We’re in the middle of a massive transformation in the way companies hire and manage their employees. It all started with the internet and the advent of Human resources apps. In just a few years, technology has gone from enabling new ways to do old things to entirely changing how we work in just a few years. From self-service to self-learning, machines are taking on more and more tasks that only a few years ago required human intervention.

While there is no end to this technology wave, companies can benefit from this new era using top HR Apps. Not only do they help streamline and automate routine human resources tasks, reducing time and workload, but they also give employees the power to take charge of their own work.

To give a clear picture of how HR software is becoming the new way of doing work, we will be laying down the various benefits and results of an HR app.

What are Human Resource apps?

Human Resources app is a new generation of HR and a vital piece of the management puzzle, helping companies keep pace and grow in the modern workplace. These apps are cloud-based, mobile, and highly flexible, with the capacity of storing quantitative and qualitative data.

A human resources management system helps with complicated HR processes and duties. It manages the entire employee lifecycle as a cloud-based solution, from recruiting and employee onboarding to managing their ongoing performance and development.

Apart from this, a modern HR App can manage the company’s existing end-to-end administrative HR functions, such as employee management, payroll, benefits administration, applicant tracking, and time management, eliminating the dependency on spreadsheets and paper-based manual data entry.

Grove HR - How Human Resources Apps Are Changing the HR Landscape


Why are HR apps important for the future?

An HR app has a huge potential to simplify and automate many aspects of the HR process to make it easily scalable and flexible. The HR team can utilize this technology to increase the efficiency, speed, and accuracy of the overall HR process. It can also reduce costs and increase productivity, ultimately improving HR and business relationships.

While not being limited to strategic business-focused outcomes, a Human Resources App can also contribute towards simplifying the day-to-day HR and employee activities resulting in:

  • Increased employee engagement
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Automated management
  • Increased bandwidth for the HR team
  • Improved decision-making
  • Reduced errors
  • Faster HR processes

5 ways HR apps are changing the HR landscape

1. AI will give more power to businesses

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the latest technology that gives businesses an edge over competitors. It’s already being used in several industries to automate complex tasks, improve customer service, and increase productivity.

As we grow more technologically-sophisticated, artificial intelligence in human resource management is also becoming popular. With HR apps, the HR department can streamline and automate procedures, reduce time and workload, make better decisions, and augment the human condition — all with minimal effort.

Departments can also use AI to automate routine tasks that human employees typically complete. This can include things like creating and updating employee schedules, managing timesheets, generating reports and graphs, recruiting and evaluating candidates, completing analytics, research tasks, and more.

Here’s how IBM leverages AI to streamline and conduct daily HR processes.

2. Remote work | home office

As more and more of the workforce becomes remote, companies are looking for ways to collaborate. It's critical to have the correct tools in place if you're trying to manage a team of remote workers. This is where the HR app can help.

Companies and workers can benefit from a user-friendly integrated platform with an upgraded HR management system that streamlines everything from assigning to communicating to tracking. Many HR mobile apps available on google play/app store have tools to manage daily activities, promote internal and customer communication, track progress, timesheets, assign work schedules, and more.

One such tool is Asana, which can help you connect and collaborate while working remotely.

3. Use of analytics & tracking

Understanding employee performance, retaining the best talent, and increasing business growth are a few pillars for HR. Using an HR app that supports reporting & analytics, the HR department can generate data-backed insights pushing businesses to make required adjustments and plan future projects.

In addition, such an employee management system can help track various KPIs like time to hire, recruitment cost to hire, turnover, absenteeism, engagement rating, retention rate, and more, which help strengthen the company structure.

4. Time-saving (Autonomy)

The HR team spends a lot of time thinking about important topics like compensation, benefits, and performance management. However, most of their daily time is spent maintaining spreadsheets and filling out paperwork. The average HR department worker spends an estimated one-third of their time doing administrative tasks. Why?

The answer is simple - lack of HR resources and automation. A significant advantage of management apps is that you can save a lot of time for HR. A management software enables organizations to automate, manage, and access employee information and data, such as employee records, salaries, time off, benefits, and personal information.

For instance, Grove HR helps automate recruitment, onboarding or time tracking for a small business and saves their HR team a lot of time.

Grove HR - Employee Onboarding

Onboarding made easy with Grove HR's automated assigned checklist and onboarding progress dashboard


5. Evolving roles and re-skilling

Companies find it hard to attract employees in today's competitive job market. Whereas hiring managers are constantly under pressure to retain existing top talent. Today’s employees want to stay updated and relevant in this dynamic workspace. In such situations, companies can assist employees with upskilling and reskilling opportunities that have proven beneficial in increasing employee engagement.

Managers can leverage a human resources app that aids on-the-go and continuous development. An HR app provides a platform for management to assess their employees' skills and potential, thereby helping plan the best training programs. This helps reduce the errors and wastage of time and money associated with traditional training methods.

According to a recent report, 70% of businesses want to embrace mobile learning in the next two years.

With Zoho People, employees can re-skill or upskill on their own time throughout the year without disrupting their job by incorporating mobile device training into their workflow. In addition, employees upgrading their roles can also get adept with the responsibilities and knowledge using integrated HR software.


Streamline organizational management with an HR app

The technology in HR solutions has changed drastically from paper-based systems to online software. HR app systems have fundamentally changed the way HR professionals do their jobs – and it’s only going to get better.

Human Resources apps are now a way for a small business to grow and thrive, improve employee communications, and deliver a truly connected experience for employers, employees, and clients. By using top HR apps, companies can also save time and money while streamlining HR and enabling HR managers to free up time and focus on more important topics.

When there are so many benefits for you, why wait? Book a free demo and get started with streamlining your HR process for good with Grove HR!

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Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes

  • Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes
  • Automate attendance and time off.
  • Conduct 360-degree performance management easily.