| 17 May, 2021 | 5 Min Read

Introducing: New Google Calendar integration and Document Management

Two brand new features are here: Google Calendar integration and Document Management. We've also added a new colour-code system in time tracking, customized payroll cycle, and employees' timezones for clock-in/out records.

Our new feature updates provide better time and document management for teams. The Google Calendar integration allows teammates to know the exact availability period of others, thereby solving the issue of booking appointments into absent periods.

We also introduced a Document Management feature that stores all company policies and guidelines right on Grove HR. Lastly, there are other enhancements in Time Attendance and Payroll!


Time off is now synced to Google Calendar

View employees' leaves right on Google Calendar

With the new Google Calendar Integration feature, you can now view time-off requests on Google Calendar, know the exact availability period of others on your team and save time spent in fixing appointments in the hours they would be unavailable.

Here’s how it works:

      • Head over to the Time-off feature to synchronize with your official Google Calendar account.
      • When you create a time off request, it is also created on your now integrated Google Calendar. You would see a PENDING notification alongside your name. After approval, you would get an APPROVED notification beside your name.
      • You can subscribe to your colleagues' Google Calendar so you can share each other's time off and schedules. This allows you to accurately plan your next meeting or task delegation.

Google integration

Know when your team members take leaves right on Google Calendar


Input detailed hours when requesting time off

With this update, employees can now input the exact period in their time off requests. For example, they can select exactly two hours off in the afternoon on the 26th of May. This update is available on both mobile and desktop platforms.

A major perk is that employees can now get tailored time off suggestions based on their working schedules. The update allows the system to calculate their working period balance which can be used to suggest a perfect time off period.

Store all company's documents in one place

In this update, we're introducing an efficient Document Management feature that allows all the documents created by the admin to be stored in a general Company Document Folder. These folders are available to the employees for viewing, sharing and downloading. This feature is updated on Grove HR mobile app too!

Before this update, teams on Grove HR currently store their company's documents outside of Grove HR in places like Google Drive. Now, with this new feature, you can store and manage your company's documents all in one place.

View, share and download important company documents easily



            • How can I manage my company document folders?

              As an admin, you can create, edit, or delete folders that can be set to be accessed by either all employees, office, department or only you. In folders, you can upload multiple files simultaneously and replace or delete selected files.
          • How can I upload files from Google Drive?

            You can transfer files and documents from Google Drive to Grove and make them more accessible to employees. After the files have been uploaded successfully, there's no connection between the files on Grove and the ones on Google Drive. This means if changes are made to the files on Grove HR, it will not reflect on Google Drive and vice versa.

Time Attendance enhanced for better tracking

We realized that there was no clear way to track and filter timesheets, attendance records that needed to be reviewed carefully by line managers and designated employees so we're introducing a color code and a new filter system for better tracking.

The system will automatically color-code the invalid attendance records on employee's Time Attendance records. And you can filter the attendance records by:

        • Missing Clock-in/clock-out for the working day
        • Missing clock-out
        • Clock-in/clock-out on holidays/leave/non-working day
        • Edit Actual time worked
        • Edit Overtime


          attendance filters

          Instantly filter and see which time records need more attention 

Display timezone for clock-in/clock-out records

We have updated the system to now display the timezone according to the timezone detected on the employee's device when they clock in/out.

HR and manager will see the employee's clock-in/clock-out time based on the employee's timezone. For example, HR (GMT+8) will see that the employee clocked in at 8 AM (GMT+7).

New weekly payroll cycle

Lastly, it doesn't matter if your company runs payroll cycles every month or every week, you can now edit your Pay Cycle in Grove HR. Our updated system will auto-match the uploaded payslip with Pay Cycle and you can have a new weekly or monthly payroll cycle.

Ready to get started?

If you are a current Grove HR user, you can start effectively managing your time and company's documents better with our new updates.

If you are not, Grove HR is 100% free forever for you to eliminate manual core HR processes and get jobs done anytime, anywhere. Sign up now for our Free, forever program to start enjoying this new feature update and other functions!

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  • Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes
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