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Kobiton solved the mass onboarding complications with Grove HR

Raised $19.2M in Series A, Kobiton is a mobile testing platform that helps companies test their apps and improve their time-to-market. The entire business model of Kobiton relies on speed and seamlessness. This includes the HR team, which has to work fast to keep up with the market demand. With Grove HR, the team has achieved the much-desired seamlessness in recruitment and onboarding.

With offices in Atlanta and Vietnam, Kobiton has about 68 employees working on-site and remotely.

Being a fast-growing company, Kobiton is at a stage where recruitment and onboarding happen very frequently. In an interview with Tiffany Willams - Senior HR Manager of the company, she explained that they recruited at least 20 people in the previous three months. In October 2020, Kobiton acquired Mobile Labs, a team of 25 employees. This process involved onboarding all employees within a day to ensure a smooth transition.

The fast-paced nature of work can put a strain on the lean HR department consisting of only two people. Then came Grove HR.




Mass recruitment and onboarding due to fast-paced growth.


Switching from manual communication methods (emails, in-person, etc.) to automated onboarding checklists.


Unsystematic onboarding leading to incomplete employee profiles.


Replacing back-and-forth data collection spreadsheets and emails with Grove HR’s onboarding checklist and reminder.


Email clutter gets tasks lost and missing work items.


Utilizing the overview Onboarding progress to keep track of pending or completed tasks.


A better, faster onboarding process

Before Grove, the recruitment and onboarding process took place manually. Tiffany and her team member used spreadsheets to collect information from each new hire and email for communication to sign documents.

However, since using Grove, the software has enabled the team to be more efficient by automating the onboarding workflow, making the process seamless. Grove’s onboarding allows them to assign tasks to responsible team members. Plus, with in-app and email reminders, people don’t miss the items they are supposed to complete.

And to make sure everything is on track, Kobiton’s HR team only needs to monitor the progress in the Onboarding view right on Grove HR. This creates a cleaner process to ensure that every item on the onboarding checklist is covered.

“With Grove, we’ve been able to scale onboarding by at least 25% - 50%,” according to Tiffany.

Grove HR - Kobiton testimonial


Efficient data collection for seamless people management

Another problem with mass onboarding is improper data collection. For instance, new hires need to fill out different personal information for data collection. Then, Google Forms is used and items are emailed directly to the employees to be signed and emailed back. This type of back-and-forth is inefficient and problematic if one data item is lost in the email clutter. Apparently, it is hard to keep up with tasks sent over emails.

Says Tiffany:

I had to process about 25 or 30 people very quickly, like in a day, and we did not have Grove at the time so I was doing that all manually. So, that’s where things can become a bit cumbersome and overwhelming. Using it (Grove) helps me automate my work, which is important if you want to scale and bring new employees and just operate better.


Now with Grove HR, all the necessary information can be collected and completed within Grove. New hires can even self-onboard and fill out information themselves without HR involvement.

Hassle-free onboarding process with Grove HR

While Grove has different onboarding checklist templates, it enables users to create custom onboarding checklists that are better aligned to their peculiar needs. That is what Kobiton did to ensure efficiency in their onboarding process.

Although the Grove mobile app is not widely adopted in Kobiton since most staff are desk workers, the contract staff have found it easier to use the mobile app for time tracking and other quick needs.

Rapidly scaling up and onboarding new people like Kobiton? Digitizing your HR processes with an all-in-one platform. Let Grove HR take care of your administration so you have more time to take care of your people. Sign up now for free.

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Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes

  • Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes
  • Automate attendance and time off.
  • Conduct 360-degree performance management easily.