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Laundrafé adapts to the new normal with Grove HR

Located in the heart of the Philippines, Laundrafé & Co. is an innovative laundry and coffee service company. Like other businesses around the globe, the advent of the pandemic overwhelmed the company with challenges regarding customer and employee engagement. Solving the latter particularly required a full-scale digital transformation. Since implementing Grove HR, it has seen 100% improved employee data management, employee engagement as well as saved thousands of dollars in operating costs.

Laundrafé & Co. brings a revolutionary approach to the self-service laundry where customers can relax with a coffee while machines spin their clothes. Its vision is to be the country's leader in providing out of the box innovation and to bring a modern lifestyle to the Filipino people.

In 2020, Laundrafé & Co. was also hit with negative impacts of the pandemic. Due to lockdown restrictions, the main challenge was how to keep all employees engaged while a virus is raging globally. This was compounded by deep-seated challenges with digital transformation for HR management.

Before meeting Grove HR, Laundrafé & Co. used a combination of Microsoft Excel and the good old paper to manage employee information and records. The cost of this manual approach included loss of data and lack of security, not to mention how much it slowed organizational processes.

Being a fast-growing company looking to expand all over the country and other countries in Southeast Asia, Laundrafé & Co. requires a full-scale digital transformation to ensure stability along with the expansion. Then came Grove HR.


Difficulties in managing daily HR functions


Secured access to employee data and controlled operations better with Grove HR's permission setting and centralized employee records

Poor employee engagement ratings


Improved employee engagement and lowered turnover rate with Employee Self Service via Grove HR mobile app. The company also redesigned the onboarding process with customized checklist to help new hires adapt to the new job quickly


Taking attendance using a biometric system was costly and unsafe, considering the impacts of COVID-19


Implemented the more affordable QR code technology to take attendance in a contactless manner


Enhance employee data management

Grove HR facilitated the development of an HR portal to replace the manual use of paper and Excel. The digital innovation put in place resolved the challenges the company had been having with data loss. Grove HR is a perfect platform for the HR department to manage standard employee information including address, phone number, job changes or even custom fields like monthly rate, promotion date, employee ID and so on. It also created permissions, thereby securing access to valuable employee data and preventing breaches.

Since all the data is centralized and connected, now it only takes 2-3 days for their team to prepare the individual's pay, which usually took more than 1 week before Grove HR. Moreover, with the Payslip feature, the HR team only needs to upload the files and all of them automatically send to their employees privately and safely.

Keep employees happy and engaged

The gains from better management of employee data overflowed into employee engagement. One of the great advantages of the digital portal was self-service. Through Grove HR mobile app , employees could sign their attendance using a QR code, request time-off, access directory and more. Likewise, HR and managers can easily approve/reject time-off or track employees' attendance. The mobile app enabled seamless communication between employees and the HR department.

Says Viel M. Carillo, HR Director at Laundrafé & Co.:"Before, whenever employees needed information, they had to go to the branches to ask the HR person in charge, now they can go to Grove HR for everything."

Similarly important, Grove HR enabled the company to engage new hires from their first day at work by creating onboarding checklists that will help new employees catch up with their jobs quickly. The next goal Viel shared is to implement a welcome video on Grove HR app to get new hires to bond faster with the company culture.

Develop innovation against COVID-19 disruption

Before COVID-19, Laundrafé & Co. employees would take attendance via a biometrics system. This technology was sufficiently advanced, but was upended by the pandemic since it required physical contact. The Grove HR innovation was to implement a QR code scanning for taking attendance without the need for physical contact. In any case, even without COVID-19, the biometrics system was quite costly. Therefore, pandemic or not, it was only imperative that that would be replaced with a better, cost-effective alternative.

Today, Laundrafé & Co’s employees record their attendance seamlessly and in full adherence to COVID-19 protocols. According to Viel , the QR code option implemented by Grove HR has saved the company about $2400 in bills yearly.

Ready to rise in the new normal?

The gains from these measures are reflected in numbers. With Grove HR, Laundrafé & Co. was able to raise its employee engagement score to 4.34 out of 5 points. Engaged employees are less likely to leave and that is reflected in the turnover rate, which was lowered to 12.5%.

With no sight in end for the COVID-19 pandemic and a global shift to remote work, Laundrafé & Co. has all the tools they need in Grove HR to go beyond the new normal. As the company grows, they're moving forward with a streamlined HR processes and stellar employee experience.

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Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes

  • Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes
  • Automate attendance and time off.
  • Conduct 360-degree performance management easily.