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MonetizeMore tackles remote onboarding and employee engagement challenges with Grove HR

MonetizeMore is a 100% remote company that prioritizes providing publishers and web owners with needed ad monetization support for their business. Even though the company used to experience several issues from managing employee data in different spreadsheets, and inefficient manual operations, Grove HR is brought in to impressively solve these problems.

Founded in 2010 in Canada, MonetizeMore is a 100% remote company proposing strategies on how to increase revenue by monetizing ads online. The field of operation of MonetizeMore is characterized by several active departments including the ad optimization team (the biggest team), support team, sales team, HR, finance, and training departments. 

MonetizeMore has no physical office but the company is registered in Canada and workforce from different parts of the world. After the 11-year operation, they have over 200 team members as of today. Only a few do part-time, while the majority are full-time consultants or contractors.

Jesseth De Los Santos - Senior HR Operations Supervisor at MonetizeMore shared that before using Grove HR, the team mainly used Google Sheets to handle a wealth of employee data, especially when scaling up. The processes were time-consuming and error-prone. Then enter Grove HR.




Manual operations leading to inefficient and longer onboarding 


Adopting Grove HR's onboarding checklist and setting up the automated onboarding  process 


Time wasting on manually reminding employees for their onboarding tasks 


Utilizing automated notifications of Grove HR's to remind new hires on pending tasks and due dates  


Information hassle from managing employee data in different spreadsheets 


A centralized platform that can easily manage, track and access employee data


Incredible time-saving due to efficient onboarding process

MonetizeMore's HR team started with just 4 members but now has 7 members who are assigned to different tasks such as employee engagements,  employee relations, payrolls, employee benefits, and recruitment ( technical or non-technical).

In the past before the involvement of Grove HR, onboarding new employees took lots of time, particularly when it comes to filling their names, addresses, etc., into the spreadsheets manually. 

Now, with Grove HR  it only takes about 2-3 days, depending on the job to onboard a new hire. Plus, employees can see their tasks and deadlines, get notifications through email and mobile app.

As Jesseth puts it:  

Grove HR - MonetizeMore


Hassle-free people management

MonetizeMore made use of spreadsheets in the past but later discovered the problems in employee data management when the company began to grow rapidly in numbers and there was a need to update employees' information. Since spreadsheets are overwhelming to look at and hard to trace employees' data, a better alternative would be the best option.

So, Grove HR software is engaged and successfully utilized by MonetizeMore in terms of employee data information and tracking data. Although MonetizeMore has not deployed every capability of Grove HR, the greatest advantages include saving time by integrating all employee data and tracking it all through Grove HR.  

Jesseth says:

" The top benefit when we centralize employee data is really the time; the matter of time that we have saved doing a lot of admin work, manual tracking, and making everything more organized."

Thanks to Grove HR, everything is made organized and employees can easily sign up, fill in their information and feel secure. Interestingly, MonetizeMore's team members feel it's a more sophisticated system and they like it because it's more automated. 

Find freedom from HR admin 

Jesseth and the team have been able to save about 20 hours/month after using Grove HR, especially the onboarding process. Now they have more time to focus on more impactful work. 

When it comes to employee satisfaction rates, there are lots of variables to consider. Although they cannot measure properly,  in general, MonetizeMore attests to the improvement in the employee satisfaction rate with the estimation of a 2-3% increase last month.

Struggling with manual HR processes? Digitizing your HR processes with an all-in-one platform. Let Grove HR take care of your administration so you have more time to take care of your people. Sign up now for free.

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Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes

  • Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes
  • Automate attendance and time off.
  • Conduct 360-degree performance management easily.