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Inside Netflix company culture: Amazing and unusual

The production of blockbuster movies is not the only reason to love Netflix. Its company culture is also laudable. Did you know that 70% of Netflix's employees leaving Glassdoor reviews saying they would recommend working at Netflix? Let's find out why.

We all have heard of Netflix – the giant of the video streaming industry and are familiar with the popular slang – Netflix and chill.

Netflix has strongly impacted the entertainment industry. This online streaming platform offers TV shows and movies that keep people  entertained and inspired as leaders. The services Netflix offers aren’t the only part of this company that deserves recognition. Its company culture has also captured the hearts of many. The implementation of HR software, 360 feedback tools, and productivity apps have been instrumental in this success.

Netflix's core manifesto is People over the process and its unique culture has played a huge role in company success.  And we’ll be showing you what really goes on behind the scenes.

About Netflix

Netflix is an American online content streaming service that allows subscribers to watch movies and TV shows on their internet-connected devices.

Today, Netflix has over 12,000 employees working in 14 offices spread across 10 countries. After gaining millions of subscribers during the global lockdown, this company is now one of the largest digital media and entertainment companies in the world.

The content producing company has also won several awards that commend its reputation of building a positive work culture. Some of these awards include - Best Company Compensation and Best Leadership Teams 2020 by  Comparably, 4th on  Forbes’s list of Top Regarded Companies 2019.

Their unique approach – How Netflix does it

On Netflix’s quest to provide unlimited entertainment to the world, they found out that a positive work environment is a key to achieving their dreams. So, they have chosen to give their employees the best possible conditions to work in. And here’s how.

Freedom and Responsibility

Netflix has proven to be a great workplace for employees by allowing them to do whatever and however, as long as they act in Netflix’s best interest. Employees are encouraged to be big risk-takers and trusted to make the best decision. Freedom and Responsibility at Netflix mean they can get as creative as they need to be, but must also be accountable for any decisions they make.

The company acknowledges their employees' level of expertise and trusts them to take actions that will yield results and not misuse the opportunity they’ve been given.


Valuing their values

Netflix has highlighted ten core values that determine the productivity of its employees. These values are used to evaluate performance and productivity at Netflix which are:

  • Judgment
  • Communication
  • Curiosity
  • Courage
  • Passion
  • Selflessness
  • Innovation
  • Inclusion
  • Integrity
  • Impact

The main purpose of setting these values is to encourage employees to be the best version of themselves.

Open disagreement

The managers and leaders are responsible for stimulating employees to give their honest opinions about new ideas or decisions, especially if they are wrong. Reed Hastings - CEO at Netflix prompted leaders to provide their team members with the freedom to express their thoughts and constructively criticize the decision-making unit at the managerial level. This way, they flatten the hierarchical structure and leave room for improvements and adjustments.

Grove HR - Netflix Company Culture - Reed Hastings

Hiring the best

Netflix only hires people that show exceptional brilliance, talent, and skill. The company entrusts productivity in the hands of its employees, as it believes that employees possess the intellectual capacity to make the best decisions with minimal supervision.

Their decision to hire the best also leads to individual growth and development at this company. Top talents are challenged by their peers every day to try out something new and stay creative. The best performers are also inspired to keep doing their best by awarding them a generous severance package.

Open the books

Netflix finds sharing information broadly across the company very important in inspiring creativity. Employees are given access to the important documents and information needed to draft strategic plans that contribute to the company’s success - this prompts innovation at all levels, not restricting it to the managerial level.

Why it works

The high-performance culture has shown progress and productivity in its employees for the past couple of years. The company detests micro-managing as much as the experts do. Netflix doesn’t micro-manage its employees, which prompts them to exercise self-discipline and judgment in the company's best interest.

Hasting allows employees to get creative and follow their hearts without going through several levels of approval. Limited information confines creativity and Netflix understands that. They give employees access to all the information they need to implement and execute their ideas.

How to apply it

If you want to give the Netflix Company culture a shot at your company, here are a few tips to doing so:

Farm for dissent

According to Hasting, you need the opinions of all employees before making decisions for the company at large. So, you need to create a safe space for employees to voice out when they disagree with certain actions, decisions, and policies. This way, you can be more open-minded to your employees' thoughts and ideas about the company.

Inspire not manage

When you have high-performing employees, micro-management will only set limits on their potential. Focus more on inspiring them than managing them. You should learn to trust them to make the right decisions.

Share information

Keep all company information accessible to all employees. Giving information to top-level employees only brings politics into the company and silences the voices of low-level employees. Information should be available for all employees to make great decisions.

Eliminate the rules

Focus more on setting the values of your company than setting rules. These rules only confine creativity and hinder employees' ability to think outside the box. No rules RULE.

Promote and Develop

Team collaboration helps employees see things from a different and more professional perspective. Encouraging teamwork will help employees who have achieved results in a field inspire others who are facing challenges. So, keep your employees working in teams.

Put your people over process

Netflix’s version of the great workplace goes way beyond parties and gyms, but its relentless efforts are making tremendous progress in employee productivity.

The work culture at Netflix Company demands total competence from its employees and helps them develop. So, you must know that adopting this culture takes time and patience until your employees can function independently.

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