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Top 10+ niche job boards that recruiters should know.

In addition to reaching a wide pool of candidates in various roles using Indeed or Monster, employers are now able to use niche job boards to target smaller but more qualified candidates.

Some companies have challenges finding industry-specific talents to fulfill their hiring needs. This problem occurs because although general job posting sites reach a wide range of job seekers, not many candidates are qualified for specialized jobs. This is where niche job boards come in.

What are niche job boards?

Niche job boards are online sites used to reach specific talents in particular industries (e.g., tech or finance) or region (e.g., South East Asia). Niche job boards are the perfect alternative to general job sites - which are hard to filter through when hiring these types of talents.

Why should recruiters use niche job boards?

  • Higher chances of attracting top talents: Niche job boards attract job seekers interested in their particular industry. This makes it accessible for employers to reach candidates with knowledge of the position they look to fill. As a result, the less unqualified CVs you receive, the closer you get to your ideal candidates.
  • Reduced time-to-hire: With niche job boards, you don’t have to go through hundreds of unfit candidates’ CVs. This helps you get through the hiring process faster, especially when you need to quickly fill a vacant role.
  • Hiring cost savings: Advertising on niche job boards is relatively more affordable than general boards. This cost reduction is due to the limited audience in the site compared to general job boards.

12 niche job boards recruiters must know in APAC

In no particular order, the most popular niche job sites are:

1. Ybox

Ybox is one of Vietnam’s most visited sites for volunteers, internships, and job opportunities. They serve as a connection between top university students and organizations looking for fresh graduates. Employers can pay to advertise their job posts and career events to attract millions of students.

2. Consultant500

Consultant500 is a niche job board exclusively for business consultants and advisors. This site is unique because they do not act as a paid middleman platform between employers and freelance consultants. Instead, they serve to connect both parties directly.

Their paid plan price starts at $65/60 days for one job post, but companies can enjoy a discount when they pay for multiple posts.

3. Behance

Behance is a platform that houses more than 15 million creatives ranging from freelance photographers to illustrators, graphic designers, and many more. This niche site has representation globally, including in Singapore, Vietnam, and other Asian countries. Behance has paid plans ranging from $399 - $1,499 per month for employers seeking to reach talents on their platform.

4. Startupjobs

Startupjobs seek to help startups solve the talent acquisition problems in Singapore and other Asian countries. They serve as a bridge to help employers reach thousands of tech/startup talents in the region. They also offer resources for employers. Startupjobs have a free plan to support growing startups and a paid plan for startups who want enhanced visibility for their job postings.

5. Careermums

Careermums is a job board dedicated only to women in the labor force. This Singaporean site allows employers to find female talents looking for work-life balance through part-time/flexible/freelance positions. Careermums allows free and paid job placement on their platform.

6. Cultjob

Cultjob is a niche job board for creative talents in Singapore. This site is home to advertising, marketing, PR, and other related field talents, with over a million visits annually. Cultjob has a free and paid plan for employers.

7. Caregiver

Caregiver is a standout online aggregator of caregiving services. It is an online place where care seekers can find freelance and trained caregivers for themselves and their families. While Caregiver is mostly used in Singapore, it is also quite popular in other Asian countries like Malaysia, Taiwan. The site has free and paid plans for employers.

8. Angel

With over 2 million tech and startup job posts, Angel is the world’s largest startup community. One unique thing about this site is that they allow founders and managers to contact talents themselves without a third party’s intrusion. Angel is free for employers but offers a paid plan for those seeking more visibility for their job posts.

9. Dribbble

Dribbble is a social network platform for creative professionals like graphic designers. It also operates as a niche job site for employers looking for in-house and remote designers. Dribbble offers you the opportunity to advertise your job posts to over 70,000 designers starting at about $299/month.

10. Problogger

Problogger is a job board dedicated to blogging talents. It is one of the most preferred choices for companies looking to get talented writers on many topics like tech, astronomy, interior design, etc. Companies can choose whether to hire job seekers on full-time, part-time, and even contract. Problogger has a free and paid service option.

11. Upwork

With more than 12,000,000 registered freelancers, Upwork is the largest freelancer site in the world. It allows employers to find and hire remote workers with skills in about 70 categories of work - ranging from graphic designers to copywriters and more. Employers can place their job post on Upwork for free to attract applications and proposals from interested freelancers.

12. BridgeLabz

Bridgelabz is a Mumbai-based tech incubator that aims to help tech companies solve employability challenges. They hire fresh IT talents, train them into industry-ready professionals, and connect them to employers that need their services. They also help small companies get talents they might otherwise lose to corporates who can pay better.

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