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Palindrome streamlines the hiring process using Grove HR

Palindrome's HR process was plagued by various inefficiencies in the past, but Grove HR platform has helped to optimize recruitment process and enable better people management.

Having an efficient hiring system doesn’t just contribute towards a positive experience for the candidate and reduce hiring time. It can also translate into financial savings for the company.

Palindrome (based in Malaysia) helps startups and SMEs with their blogs, by offering consistent, quality blog post production on a monthly basis. Palindrome is on a mission to revolutionize how Southeast Asian startups get their own original blog posts done and delivered to them. Its founder - Rauf Fadzillah served as a digital content producer at New Straits Times, as a senior copywriter and strategist with digital marketing agencies and even mentored startups at AT&T’s Malaysia Developers Day (MYDD).

As the company scales up, Rauf needs to get their open positions filled with high-quality applicants faster. In order to streamline the hiring process, Palindrome uses Grove HR. 


Inefficient evaluation process Grove HR's top-notch recruitment system interface, lets Palindrome organize and evaluate applicants as they move through various stages - from the newly applied phase, moving on to the screening phase and the interview phases. The hiring pipeline is laid out in a neat and easy-to-understand fashion, so recruiters can easily drag and drop candidate cards from one stage to the next, create custom stages, and review hiring reports.
Poor talent management Employees can access essential information and track their pending tasks anytime, anywhere while staying updated about company news, work anniversary or birthdays. Engagement begins even before employees join and there's also an offboarding feature to see off employees professionally.
Lack of recruitment automation A combination of processes provided by Grove HR's system allows for crucial automation in a variety of recruitment areas from sourcing to offering. Automated emails and reminders are set up to reduce manual workload. Convenience and efficiency are prioritized at every step of the way.



Interviewing candidates efficiently

You would perhaps think it's much better to interview more candidates because it gives you a wider pool of options to work with, but this isn't always the best option for streamlining hiring process. 

You might be able to speed up the hiring process by cutting down on the number of candidates, but then you will be losing out on potential prospects. Another common option is revisiting your list and re-interviewing individuals until you find someone who is a good fit, but this process is time-consuming.

By using Grove HR, Palindrome was able to streamline hiring by focusing on the types of candidates we were looking to hire (students or fresh graduates in Malaysia). Grove HR is a great tool that focuses on quality instead of quantity and helps employers hone down on the relevant types of candidates that match their preferences and requirements.


Add skills and tags to categorize your candidates

Managing and retaining employees

Employees are among the most valuable assets any company has, so care for them is essential. The best way to do this is to make sure your business systems are up-to-date and user friendly. For instance, a good HR system can help to centralize employee records so that employers can manage all of their people from one cohesive platform. This also creates a consistent and seamless employee experience. HR teams can add and remove users, and add extra details easily, while employees can edit their own personal details.

With Grove HR, Palindrome has been able to simplify the way in which the business keeps, tracks, and manages employee data while also improving the visibility and agility of human resource operations. Employee onboarding and employee self-service are features that can make a difference.


Simplifying recruitment through automation

Via automation with Grove HR, an applicant can be made to advance through the hiring process without the HR team's involvement. Palindrome uses automation with Grove HR by getting an applicant to move directly to the application form after clicking on a link to our recruitment site.

As part of the system, Grove HR provides a branded career page - without coding and this has made things much easier. Now our current open positions are available and can easily be accessed via a link from a button on the Palindrome career site. The link to this recruitment site is shared out in a job posting into target groups (student groups) on Facebook. The application process can be handled without the HR manager's manual intervention.

This also empowers the applicant to take responsibility for his or her application but also reduces the amount of time an HR team member needs to make a change in the process.


We have long understood that people management is a huge part of growing and scaling our business, but we haven’t been able to achieve the type of efficiency I wanted out of our HR until now. Grove HR has enabled us to accelerate our business growth plans. - Rauf Fadzillah, Founder of Palindrome.


Start a better hiring process with Grove HR

Rapidly scaling up and need a platform to help you recruit talents faster and easier? Ditch your army of spreadsheets and replace them with one single system of records. Let Grove HR take care of your hiring and administration so you have more time to take care of your people. Sign up now to enjoy our free forever program.

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Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes

  • Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes
  • Automate attendance and time off.
  • Conduct 360-degree performance management easily.