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Product update: Advanced time off, time zone, and in-app calendar are here

We end 2021 with the new features that could help businesses optimize their employee management system. In this update, enjoy advanced time off, time zone, in-app calendar, and more.

The core of every business is the employees. A proper engagement within the employees often leads to better performance and productivity, and business growth eventually.

With this update, you can customize time-off settings, view upcoming birthdays and anniversaries, enable employees' timezones, and more. Check it out!

Your company time off: Upgraded

1. Import time off balance

The new time-off feature has taken information management to a greater level. Grove HR provides different options that can help HR with an easy update of the current balance of many employees.

Grove HR - Import time off

Import time off balance and make the switch to Grove HR effortless


Option 1: Set balance to a new value

This feature is suitable for users who seek to switch to Grove HR from Excel or another HR software. With this process, you won't have any issue continuing from where your employees left off. In particular, you can easily set a new balance for many employees through importing.

Mapping fields when importing

Note that the moment the import time off process is successful, there will be a new set up balance in "Balance History" for every imported employee.

Option 2: Adjust by the number of days

The second option helps users to manually make considerable adjustments on the time-off information of multiple employees all at a time while using Grove HR.

Mapping fields when importing

Note that the moment the import time off process is successful, there will be a new set up balance in "Balance History" for every imported employee.

2. Display the Line Manager in the time-off request

The upgrade allows employees to see the information of the Line manager when they request time off.

3. View pending time off requests from Dashboard

The upgrade comes with a feature that grants HR or Line Manager easy accessibility of time-off requests pending on the dashboard.

4. Request time off next year

Another update for the time off is that employees can request time off for the next year easily as below:

  • An employee is allowed to request a time-off year provided that the policies allow it. See the details of the policies here.

  • It is required that every employee must create separate requests for each calendar year.

Enable multiple Employee time zone for better management

Based on how remote work and international recruitment have been a growing trend, many leaders and employees must accept the reality of looking for a way to manage and work effectively with their employees who reside in different time zones.

Grove's Employee time zone makes having synchronized breaks simpler, improves on-time communication, and establishes a strong work community. Besides, employees in different time zones will have the opportunity to see their shift times according to their local time zones.

Manage employees in different time zones more effectively


  • All tenants (whose account is created before 03/12) will be notified about the new time zone updates.

  • New employees added to Grove HR will have their time zones to be the office’s timezone. In case the office's time zone is updated, the employee's time zone will remain unchanged.
  • Provided that employees are given permission, they can edit their own timezone.

Here are some examples of how the timezone will be applied across system events:

Event Time Timezone
Send an email "Time to review payroll" to PIC to review Payroll 9 AM everyday

Employee's timezone
Send an email Remind Renewal Contract email for Line Manager 9 AM everyday

Line Manager's timezone
Send an email Remind Renewal Contract email for HR Incharge 9 AM everyday

HR's timezone


After setting the employee time zone, Grove HR will display the information (anniversary, birthday date, etc) based on the viewer.

View birthday & anniversary in Grove HR’s calendar

Never miss out on your employees' special days again. Birthdays and workaversaries are set in the Grove HR’s calendar for automated reminders. You can view them quickly from the dashboard which is limited to 1 week or open the full view to see upcoming important dates in this month, next month, or more.

The birthday information of every employee is shared publicly with everyone by default. Nevertheless, if an employee decides not to share the information on the company’s calendar, he/she can edit the birthday settings.

Make data-driven decisions with new reports

The primary goal of technology is to make work easier. It's important to work with accurate statistics for good and effective planning. Check the new updated reports below and start making data-driven decisions:

Employee Age Profile: view the breakdown of employees by age

Grove HR - Employee Age Report

Employee Gender Profile: view the breakdown of employees by gender

Grove HR - Employee Gender Report

Get started now

If you are a current Grove HR user, you can start using the new features now. If not, sign up for free or book a demo with our team to learn how Grove HR can level up your team productivity and employee experience.

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Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes

  • Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes
  • Automate attendance and time off.
  • Conduct 360-degree performance management easily.