| 7 October, 2020 | 3 Min Read

Product update: Announcing the all-new Time Attendance feature

Now you can automatically track your employees’ time, attendance, and overtime in one place. Plus, creating, saving and managing custom employee views are now available.

In this update, we made the Time Attendance feature our main priority. By recording employees' working hours in real-time, this feature aims to save hours of calculating and eliminate spreadsheets. Beyond that, it ensures the accurate data for the accounting team to determine an individual's pay.

We also included a small-yet-powerful enhancement in the Employee list.

Set it, clock it, and track it

Introducing the Time Attendance feature

Grove HR's Time Attendance allows businesses to track the time their employees spend in the office or on a project. It solves the error-prone and time-wasting issue of manually keeping up with these details in different spreadsheets. Additionally, it enables the management team to record overtime and avoid over/underpaying your employees.

Grove HR - Employee Attendance

Manage and track employee attendance in one view


When starting a working day, employees can conveniently clock-in and clock-out right the Grove HR's or the mobile app. If they want to specify their project, adding notes or editing records are made easy. Management team can then review and approve/reject in minutes.

Customizing your own attendance

General settings:

Here are some options to set the Time Attendance feature that fits your company’s policy:

  • Effective date: the specific date you start tracking your employee attendance. The default date will be the date you start using Grove HR.
  • Attendance cycle: the frequency of your time attendance. It can be weekly or monthly.
Repeat on: this defines the day the cycle starts and repeats in the next cycle. With this automated function, you don’t have to bother setting time attendance again every month/week.
Location: by default to all locations.

Grove HR - Attendance settings

Customize your own setting to fit company's policy

Person in charge:

Assign HR members, administrators, or Line Managers to supervise this list. The person(s) chosen will automatically receive a notification a day before the end of the attendance cycle to review employees’ attendance records.

QR code:

For easy and quick access, we provide the QR code generator that automatically creates a new code in real-time. Your employees can scan quickly to check-in. This contactless option is highly recommended to avoid spreading diseases at the office.

Grove HR - QR code generator

Auto generate new QR code 


Finally, you can export the time attendance records for further analysis. In the upcoming update , attendance data will feed into the Payroll module so that you can automate your payroll. Stay tuned!

One-click to save your preferred employee list

Now, you can save your preferred employee lists in a separate view. Simply go to Create a view and filter out the category you want and save the view. No need to filter data over and over again.

Grove HR - Create preferred views

Create and save your favorite views


Fresh UI to self-onboard on Grove HR app

Get your newcomers to finish the onboarding process anytime, anywhere. With the new interface, they can view pending tasks and due dates easily.

Plus, we have added the new To-dos section right on the home screen.

Get started now

If you are a current Grove HR user, you can start tracking your employee with our all-new features now.

If you are not, we are offering you an excellent opportunity to better supervise and manage your employee time and improve their productivity. Sign up now for our Free, forever program to start enjoying this new feature update and other function

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Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes

  • Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes
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