| 7 September, 2020 | 3 Min Read

Product update: Brand new candidate evaluation, easy onboarding & more

As part of our continued work to make Grove HR more helpful, we’ve made updates on how you evaluate candidates, manage time-off, onboard new hires and more.

Proper evaluation of candidates and seamless collaboration between the hiring team during this process will lead to efficient hiring. This reason is why, in this update, we introduce you to our all-new Candidate evaluation feature and other major updates include:

  • Employee time-off
  • Onboarding/Offboarding view
  • Employee records access

Check them out and take one for a test drive.

Streamline HR with smarter processes

1. Make candidate evaluation transparent

This new feature allows the hiring team to input their feedback about candidates with a scorecard equivalent from 1 to 5. That is, you can evaluate a candidate based on how you feel about them with a “strong no,” “no,” “not sure,” “yes,” and “excellent” response. You may then attach the evaluation results and your comments for other team members to see.

Once your evaluation is set, the system will automatically calculate all other scores and show the average number. This number will appear in the candidate profile and even on the hiring pipeline.

2. View employee leave requests and take actions in seconds

Before these updates, only line managers can approve or reject an employee's day off. But since that permission can get inconvenient for both the manager and HR, now we allow the HR team to take these actions right in the “Employee Time Off'. This feature also shows the full list of leave requests in a custom time range.


Grove HR - Team Time off

Now the HR team can approve time-off request, too!


In addition, the system will automatically notify and email the line manager when HR approves/rejects the time-off request so everyone can be on the same

3. Enhance onboarding/offboarding experience

Heads up - we have moved Onboarding and Offboarding to the Checklist menu to make them easier to find.

We also improved the UI so now you can view all in-progress onboarding employees and employees who don't have the assigned checklist. The same with offboarding.


Grove HR - Onboarding quick action

Better UI for you to track the onboarding process seamlessly


But that is not all; we have made it easier for you to assign an onboarding or offboarding template. All you have to do is choose the waiting list and assign a checklist with one click.

4. Access Employee records from anywhere

Finally, we have made it possible for HR/admin to access the Employee records from anywhere. HR can now quickly pull out employee information by simply clicking on their name in Report, Directory, Org Chart, and… yes, the Dashboard.


Grove HR - Access Employee records from anywhere

One-click to access any employee record


And don't worry, for employees , they will be directed to the Directory once they click other team members' names.

Get started now

If you are a current Grove HR user, you can start benefiting from these new features now.

If you are not, we offer you an excellent opportunity to streamline HR with smarter processes. Sign up now to start enjoying our all-new features.

We’re continually working to improve our platform. If you have any thoughts or feedback, we’d love to hear them.

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  • Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes
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