| 31 March, 2023 | 5 Min Read

Product Update: Enhanced Contract Management for HR

Take control of your contracts with our new enhanced contract management features, including contract timeline, contract type, automated employee status process, and more.

Managing your employee contracts has never been easier! You can control the process with our new timeline features and automated reminders. And if manually updating each employee's status is tedious, don't worry! We've got you covered with some great new functions that make life much more straightforward. Take a look!

1. Enable better contract management features

Contract Timeline

Understanding the HR practice, we are excited to introduce the Contract Timeline section in our Employee Profile > Job feature in this product update - a new and improved way to manage employee contracts. Say goodbye to the old Document > Contract section that was only supported for storing files. 

With the new Contract Timeline section, users can easily store files by contract number and indicate each contract's start and end dates. This allows for timely reminders for contract renewals, ensuring no contract deadlines are missed. Additionally, this section offers a timeline view of all contracts signed with an employee, providing HR personnel with a comprehensive overview of contract history for better planning and management. Learn how to upload and manage employee contracts. Grove HR - Contract timeline

For users with existing contract records in the old Document > Contract section, our system will automatically migrate your data and auto-generate a contract timeline in the new section, saving you time and effort. 

Predefine your Contract Type

In this latest update, we add a setting allowing users to set up contract type and length. This means that whenever you add a new contract, all you need to do is to choose the predefined contract type, and our system will automatically calculate the contract end date based on the start date.  Grove HR - Create and manage a contract type

But wait, there's more! This Contract type setting can also be utilized in other features, such as Reminder - which will make it easy to stay on top of contract renewals and deadlines.

2. Not to miss a thing with “Reminder”

Have you ever missed an important deadline like a contract expiration or payroll due date? We understand the frustration and are excited to announce a solution to this problem! A new setting that will greatly benefit Grove users - the Reminder setting! This setting will allow users to set reminders for important events in our system.

In our initial release, we will support setting reminders for contract expiration. These reminders will be sent via email and will depend on the contract type and end date of each contract belonging to that type. Any contract records with the same contract type will trigger a reminder email based on their end date.

Moreover, we'll be auto-generating reminders for existing employee contract records, ensuring a seamless transition to the new setting. 

By reminding users of important events, the Reminder setting will greatly benefit Grove users by keeping operations running smoothly. This is just the beginning of our Automated Reminder feature; more reminders, such as time off approval and payroll due dates, can be set up in our upcoming release, so stay tuned!

3. Time-saving, mistake minimization 

Automated employee status process

Currently, the Admin/ HR in charge has to manually update employee status, which can result in data mismatches. We're introducing a status timeline and mechanism to auto-update status via certain events or required actions to solve this problem.

The status timeline defines how employee status should change from one to another following a defined order, such as onboarding, probationary (if applicable), active, offboarding, and resigned. This prevents any potential mistakes when changing the status manually. However, users can still manually adjust the status for those on leave, as it does not fall within the defined order.

This update will simplify the process of updating employee status and help our users manage their workforce more efficiently. So that you know, the current status of employees will remain unchanged to ensure data consistency. 


Probation Evaluation

Grove HR - Probation evaluation

Following the automation concept, we would like to introduce a new method that allows Admins and HR staff to evaluate and update the probation results directly in our system. This feature is designed to impact how employee status should be changed during and after probation. If employees pass their probation, their status will be updated to "Active" and they will become official employees. Otherwise, they would be offboarded from the company.

This new feature allows users to easily evaluate probation results, ensuring employee status is updated correctly, and employee information is accurately saved. 

4. Service Year

The Service Year field has been added under Employee Job Information, providing HR with more comprehensive data about an employee's work history within the company.

The Service Year field measures the period between an employee's joining date and their last working date, allowing HR to track how long an employee has been with the company. Also, this provides valuable insights for HR, allowing them to use this data for operations such as rewarding employees for their dedication to the company.

It's important to note that this feature will only be able to measure employee data created since 2021.

Get started now

You can now benefit from these new features if you are a Grove HR user. If not, sign up for free or book a demo with our consultant to understand its benefits better.

We always strive to improve our employee management system and provide the best user experience. Keep an eye out for future updates as we continue to enhance our platform.

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