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Product update: Enhance employee profile features

To make it easier for HR teams to manage employee profiles and time off with greater flexibility, we enhanced these features with new properties and settings. Check it out!

With this new update, now you can customize different time-off types and policies for different employee groups, easily manage the position and employee type, and upload multiple files on onboarding/ offboarding checklists.

Manage Position and Employment type in Employee Profile

We added Position and Employment type as default in Employee Profile. With this feature, HR professionals can also create special groups more easily for employees based on their position and employment type. This way, HR can apply bulk policies to a target group and send relevant onboarding information to relevant groups.

There are 2 Position types: Employee and Manager which you can update, download, import, and create specific employee groups based on position type.

Grove HR - Position Type in Employee Profile

Select Manager/Employee in Position Type


In this new update, you’ll also find all job records stored and displayed in historical tables so HR can measure progress and stay updated on the employee’s lifecycle in real-time. For newly hired employees, the system displays no default value. 

Moreover, to keep the team in the loop of new changes, HR can add notes whenever there is an update on employee information.

This feature update is also available on Grove HR mobile app.

Enhanced time off for better tracking and management

1. New time off settings interface

Time-off structure differs across various companies. The holiday calendars, time-off types, and policies are all set differently based on the company’s location and operation. With Grove HR, HR can also customize time-off structure and policies, asides from the predefined types for easy implementation.

  • Time off types: This refers to the time-off category employees prefer to take at a given period. HR can choose between the paid or unpaid option, and the system automatically calculates it in days.

  • Time off policies: This refers to the entitlements, accrual options, carryover details, booking rules, rounding rules, and many other settings that can be customized and applied to various employee groups.

Grove HR - Time off types and policies


2. Assign time off to employee groups

Organizations can apply time off to a specific employee group for a seamless work experience.

This function is applicable to organizations with a diverse workforce type, seeking to ensure that time-off benefits are made fair, based on work hours, rank, department, length of tenure, and performance.

In the previous version, HR have to manually include new employees or employee groups in the relevant time-off policy. But with our new update HR can now assign the custom time-off policy to the relevant “employee group”. Once the policy has been set, the system then automatically applies it to the employees in the selected group. 

3. Apply effective date for time off policy's eligibility

HR professionals can choose a time when a custom time-off policy is to be implemented for different employee groups.

HR can now re-assign custom policies to all employees or a selected few with just a few clicks. For example, if HR mistakenly assigns a set policy to the wrong employees or employee group, they can easily edit the eligibility and re-assign these employees to the correct policy.

Once the eligibility change has been successfully scheduled, users can review it by clicking on the hourglass icon:

R3.3 - 04-2


4. Auto-update time off balance when there is a job change

When an employee has their employment type or position changed. There is a possibility that the time-off policy of their previous employment type or position is still assigned to them. This mistake is common and HR could forget to update these changes. 

Now, Grove HR will automatically update automatically the accruals to make them a match with the employee’s balance.

If you want to learn the details of the new time off settings, visit here.

Upload multiple files on On/Offboarding checklists

Lastly, HR can set up the maximum number of uploaded files. By going to the “File Upload” option, they can create a task and choose the maximum number of files an employee can upload from a range of 1 - 10 files, depending on the requirements.

We also update the maximum size for a single file to 5MB so that you can upload bigger files to the system.

This feature is also available on Grove HR mobile app.

Get started now

If you are a current Grove HR user, you can start using the new features now. If not, sign up for free or book a demo with our team to learn how Grove HR can level up your team productivity and employee experience.

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