| 9 March, 2021 | 3 Min Read

Product update: Faster Payroll, easier Time off, and more efficient mobile app

Our first update this year is the improvement of the new Payroll feature. But there's more! We also enhanced the Time off feature and added new features to our mobile app.

When we introduced the Payroll feature last December, we promised to roll out advanced functionality and improvements. Here is the first of many improvements.

In this update, we focus on resolving the complexities of calculating the Gross to Net salary. This will save HR teams time and effort copying/pasting from one sheet to another sheet. Plus, it ensures accuracy in salary calculation. We also worked on the time off feature - enhancing its function - and made our mobile app more convenient.


A faster way to calculate NET salary

Before, the HR team needs to export the GROSS salary from Grove HR to their existing file to calculate NET pay - a summation obtained from Gross salary with a different formula for each country.

This complicated process takes a lot of time and increases the risk of errors.
With the new Payroll update, you can now get the NET salary calculated without going through different spreadsheets.

Here’s how:

Head over to Payroll and choose Export customized excel. Then you need to upload a template file (which has all the formulas to calculate the NET salary). Next, map the unique employee fields and fields you need for the calculation between Grove HR and the uploaded template. After mapping, Grove HR will show how many successfully created records, duplicated records, etc.

Finally, a file can be downloaded including the Gross salary populated from Grove and the Net salary calculated from the formula. You can now export it to get the NET salary you need to pay your employees.


Introducing the Advanced leave

In this update, we fixed a system bug that allows employees to submit time-off requests freely. Now employees can no longer request day-offs that exceed their balance.

In addition, we are introducing the Advanced leave feature, which enables employees to request paid time off in advance instead of having to request unpaid leave. This new feature, also available on the mobile app, can only be enabled when the employee used all the remaining balance (and carryover).

Depending on your company’s policy, you can activate or deactivate the feature.

insufficient time off

Enable employees to request day-offs in advance


insufficient balance (2)Get more things done in Grove HR mobile app

Lastly, you can now create News right on Grove HR mobile app without having to switch to a desktop.

Additionally, inviting new employees to join and creating profiles just got easier and faster. You can now add new employees on the mobile app by filling in 3 fields and easily edit the information later. Resend invitation is also available.


Did you know?

If you are a current Grove HR user, you can start effectively managing your employees' payroll with our new feature update now.

If you are not, Grove HR is 100% free forever for you to eliminate manual payroll management and get jobs done anytime, anywhere. Sign up now for our Free, forever program to start enjoying this new feature update and other functions!

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