| 26 April, 2023 | 4 Min Read

Product Update: Introducing a brand new goal management feature

Are your team members working towards their objectives effectively? Get ready to level up your organization's goal management and performance appraisals with Grove HR's latest updates!

Grove HR is thrilled to announce the latest update to our suite of powerful tools – introducing a Goal Management feature and significant enhancements to our Performance Appraisal module. Designed with both employees and managers in mind, these updates will streamline the process of setting, managing, and reviewing goals and provide a more transparent and efficient performance appraisal system. Let's dive into the details!

🌟 New feature: Goal Management

It's a well-known fact that practical goal-setting is crucial to driving exceptional performance and growth within organizations. That's why we're excited to introduce our latest feature - Goal Management, which enables employees and managers to create, track, and manage their goals effectively.

Grove HR_Goal management module

With the new Goal Management feature, all employees can:

And for team leaders/managers, the feature enables them to:

    • Assign and oversee team member goals
    • Monitor progress in real-time and provide timely feedback
    • Ensure the team is in line with overall business goals

The feature empowers employees to take charge of their professional growth by setting, tracking, and reaching their objectives with ease. Moreover, managers can conveniently set, monitor, and manage their team members' goals, ensuring that progress is on track and boosting team performance.

This new addition to Grove HR is designed to maximize productivity, alignment, and employee satisfaction, propelling every team to greater success.

Performance Appraisal Enhancements

New Moderator Role

In addition to the existing manager and employee roles, a new Moderator role is now available. The Moderator role adds a new layer of calibration to performance reviews. The moderator can oversee the entire review process, ensuring fair, impartial, and constructive evaluations. This valuable addition provides additional accountability and guarantees that employees receive helpful feedback on their performance.

A designated Moderator can:

  • Check and comment on managers’ reviews
  • Revert subjective evaluations to ensure consistency and fairness
  • Resolve any discrepancies or disputes that may arise

Grove HR_new moderator role in performance appraisal

Improved Visibility Across Business Lines

Working on the same business line? Managers can now view their direct and indirect reports' performance review results. This expanded access to performance review data allows managers to gain valuable insights into their entire team, strengthening decision-making and fostering a more transparent work environment.

This enhancement provides:

  • A more open and transparent appraisal process
  • Improved collaboration and alignment between teams

With these enhancements, Grove HR has raised the bar in the world of performance appraisal technology. Users can expect a smoother, more streamlined experience when conducting their reviews, empowering employees to reach their full potential.

Make the Most of Grove HR's New Update

Ready to supercharge your goal management and performance appraisal process? Sign up for a free trial of Grove HR today and experience the incredible benefits of the new update firsthand.

Grove HR constantly strives to elevate your organization's goal management and performance appraisal experiences. With this update, employees and managers will benefit from smoother, more efficient, and more transparent processes. Keep an eye out for future updates as we continue to enhance our system. 

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