| 4 August, 2023 | 4 Min Read

Launching Goals Report: Gain Real-Time Insights into Employee Goals

Learn how Grove HR's new feature, Goals Report, can help you track and manage employee goals at various levels, from individual to team to organization, with real-time data and insights.

Grove HR is constantly innovating and enhancing our platform to provide you with the best HR solutions. In this article, we will introduce some of the latest features we have added to our software, which can help you manage employee goals, handle HR documents, and learn how to use Grove HR more effectively. These features are designed to save time, reduce errors, and enhance HR efficiency.

1. Goals Report: Efficient Progress Tracking

Grove HR - Goals report

One of the most significant challenges HR teams face across industries is the need for comprehensive reports for tracking and managing employee goals. Since effective goal tracking is essential for improving employee performance and achieving organizational success, Grove HR is thrilled to introduce a new feature in our Report module - Goals Report. This new feature enables HR professionals to oversee employees' goals at various levels, from individual to team to organization, offering a complete overview.

The report shows a detailed view of employees with goals in status "Approved" or "Assigned by Manager," along with their latest progress. This real-time insight helps HR professionals and managers to make smarter decisions and spot potential areas for improvement. Furthermore, the Goals Report can be easily exported as an Excel file, facilitating data sharing and improved collaboration.

2. Enhanced Manager Access: A Wider View of Employee Goals

Grove HR - View indirect members goals

In the past, managers could only view the goals of their direct reports, limiting their visibility into the broader organizational objectives. In this release, managers now have access to the goals of their indirect reports as well. This expanded view offers a more holistic perspective of the entire reporting line, enabling managers to understand better the interconnectedness of team goals and aligning efforts to achieve overall business objectives.

Although managers can view the goals of indirect reports, the feature ensures that assigning goals remains an exclusive function for direct reports, preserving a balanced approach to goal management.

3. Document Intelligence: Transforming Document Handling with AI

One of the most time-consuming and error-prone tasks HR professionals face is the manual handling of numerous HR documents. The sheer volume of paperwork can overwhelm even the most efficient HR departments, from employee personnel records to contracts, forms, and other legal documents. Recognizing this pain point and the need for advanced automation, Grove HR introduced AI Document Intelligence and Clove - a brand new AI Assistant, earlier this month.

Instead of laborious manual data entry and document management, you can now upload digital documents such as PDFs or images to Grove HR. The AI-powered feature takes charge of processing and generating information from the documents, significantly reducing the time and effort required. You can then review the extracted data for accuracy and completeness before instructing the AI to complete necessary actions, such as syncing data to employee profiles or securely storing the documents.

In this initial release, Grove Document Intelligence covers two common types of HR documents: National IDs and Bank Info Documents. As the feature matures and evolves, Grove HR plans to expand its capabilities to handle a broader range of HR documents, addressing more pain points and ensuring an end-to-end, AI-powered document-handling solution for HR professionals.

4. Learn faster with Tutorials

Grove HR Tutorials and Help

We've added Tutorials to Grove HR; you can access them in the right corner of the screen after logging in! These helpful guides offer step-by-step instructions for using our platform more efficiently. Whether you are a new or long-time user, our tutorials can enhance your experience and help you leverage Grove HR's features.

Make the Most of Grove HR's New Update

That wraps up this month's product release highlights! At Grove HR, we continuously work to improve our platform and provide you with the best possible experience. We're confident that these new features and enhancements will simplify and make managing your human resources tasks more efficient.

Stay ahead in HR management with Grove HR's comprehensive and user-friendly system. Sign up for free today and experience the incredible benefits of the new update firsthand.

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