| 29 June, 2023 | 5 Min Read

Releasing Employee Life Cycle & Time Off Request Automation

Streamline your HR processes like a pro with Grove HR's new Automation feature & stay up-to-date on our latest Performance, Checklist & Reminder enhancements.

Grove HR always strives to provide the best HR software to help you manage your business processes more efficiently and effectively. In this release, we are excited to introduce a new feature that will allow you to customize and automate your workflows with ease: Automation. We also have enhancements for our Performance, Checklist and Reminder modules that will give you more flexibility and convenience. Let's dive into the details!

1. New feature: Automation workflow

What if you could see how your HR processes work clearly and interactively and change them according to your needs in seconds? That's what Grove HR's Automation can do for you!

Automation is a new setting that allows you to visualize the product automation workflows with interactive charts, which you could not see before so that you can easily understand how Grove HR's modules work. Once you know workflows, you can flexibly change configurations to fit business needs in seconds without contacting support teams and waiting weeks for updates.

In this initial release, we introduce two main flows: Time off Request & Employee Life Cycle with simple configurations.

Time Off Request

Grove HR Automation - Time off Request

For the Time Off Request workflow, you can decide how the request should be directed to, approved by and informed to stakeholders. For example, you can choose whether the request should go through a manager, whether the request can be approved by HR/ admins or automatically by the system, and who should receive notifications about the request status.

Employee Life Cycle

Grove HR Automation - Employee Life Cycle

For the Employee Life Cycle workflow, you can schedule automatic operations of sending news or mailing to specific groups of stakeholders regarding Onboarding and Probation processes. For example, you can set up a welcome email to new hires on their first day or a congratulatory message to employees who pass their probation period.

Automation is designed to help you streamline your HR processes and make them more dynamic and flexible. We hope you enjoy this new feature and find it useful for your business.

2. Performance Enhancement

We have also improved our Performance module, making your performance reviews more convenient and flexible.

Export reports during performance review

Previously, exporting reports was a tedious task that could only be done after completing a Performance Review. This created challenges, especially when the Performance Appraisal (PA) period was long and frequent data was needed for reporting. With this enhancement, you can export reports anytime during the review process. Experience the convenience of timely report exportation!

Simplify Performance review creation

Performance enhancement - choose rating and rating-less template

We have enhanced the process of creating performance reviews by offering the flexibility to choose between rating and rating-less templates. This empowers you to select a numerical scale, qualitative feedback, or both as your preferred review criteria. With these options, you can design performance reviews that align with your unique preferences, enabling a more tailored evaluation experience.

These enhancements will provide you with increased flexibility in managing PA reviews, enabling you to gain deeper insights into your employees' performance. 

3. Checklist Enhancement

In this release, users can now assign onboarding checklists to employees who are in Active & Probationary statuses. This means you can use the checklist feature not only for new hires but also for existing employees who need some guidance or reminders for their tasks. For example, you can assign a checklist for an employee transferring to a new department or role or for an employee undergoing a training program.

Checklist enhancement

This enhancement offers HR managers enhanced flexibility, empowering them to manage employee onboarding and development more effectively.

4. Reminder Enhancement

Create Reminder

Last but not least, we have added two new types of reminders that you can create for your employees: birthday and probation end date. These reminders will help you keep track of important dates for your employees and celebrate their milestones. Create a reminder for an employee's birthday and send them a personalized message or a gift card, or create a reminder for an employee's probation end date and prepare a feedback session or a promotional offer in minutes.

Make the Most of Grove HR's New Update

We hope you are as excited as we are about this new feature and enhancements. We always work hard to improve Grove HR for you and your business. Stay ahead in HR management with Grove HR's comprehensive and user-friendly system. Sign up for free today and experience the incredible benefits of the new update firsthand.

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Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes

  • Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes
  • Automate attendance and time off.
  • Conduct 360-degree performance management easily.