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Product update: Introducing monthly timekeeping report and better candidate search function

5+ new features and enhancements are here to help you speed up the hiring process and manage employee documents easier. Also, be the first to enjoy our newly introduced monthly timekeeping report.

In this product update, we focus primarily on enhancing our recruitment and people management features. We seek to help you speed up and give more control over the hiring process while also introducing you to our all-new monthly timekeeping report.


Recruit faster. Payroll is simpler. And more

1. Search candidates in a faster and smarter way

During different stages of recruitment, there is always a need to search for a specific candidate. Before now, you can only search for candidates by name or email, which makes it a challenge for many people to remember the exact name or email address.

To help with that, we have smartened up the search feature that lets you look for candidates across four fields: name, email, phone, and CV content. Plus, it allows you to combine multiple search conditions using AND, OR operators.


Grove HR - Search candidates

Search candidates smarter and faster


Let’s say you are looking for a candidate who has experience in java, simply insert “cv:java” or combine with the email field like “cv:java AND email:james”. You will get the right candidate information on the first try and pull up their CV on the fly.

With this particular feature, you get to yourself time, especially when going through multiple candidates.

2. Create more insightful hiring pipeline report

We have updated the hiring pipeline report. This new version gives you an overview of the recruitment process during a period of time and allows you to do functions like add a recruiter in charge, conversion rates, etc.

Having this recruiter-in-charge feature can lead to better hires as it will provide you with access to more insightful data concerning your hiring conversion rate. For example, if you are looking to measure the performance of your recruiters, you would be able to know which recruiter deserves accolades and which one needs to put more work in.

With an overall view of the hiring process, you will be able to easily identify recruitment problem areas and make necessary adjustments, leading to better hiring decisions and improved efficiency.

3. Search function is now enhanced on the career site

Today's job seekers will browse your career site before applying, so their experience should be smooth and frictionless. To help you quickly get the right candidate for the right job, now your potential candidates can quickly search for open vacancies by location, job title, or office department. For example, if a marketer is looking for open vacancies on your career site, they have the option of searching the office location close to them, the job title they want, or the department they seek to work in.

We've also added the ability to automatically assign a source for every applied candidate from job board integration (Vietnamworks, Career Builder or company job site). So, no more messing data!

4. Make job post private or public

There are many reasons why a recruiter might choose to have a private or confidential job posting. For one, they may not want their company’s competitors to know the skillset the organization lacks and is looking for. Another reason could be that the company is looking to fire an employee, and they don’t want the person to know.

Grove HR - private job posting

Make job post private with one click


Whatever the reason is, our new feature now allows recruiters to make job postings public or private. Select the “Internal Use" option allowing the job to be hidden from the career site and only hiring team can get access to it.

5. Calculate payroll as a breeze with monthly timekeeping report

The newly released monthly timekeeping report makes it easy for HR team to HR calculate payroll based on total actual working days in a given month. And no matter how you want to use the data, the report can be exported into Excel for smooth coordination with the accounting / C&B department.


Grove HR - Monthly timekeeping report

Calculate payroll without hassle


HR managers can now save time every month due to the elimination of manual consolidation. The payroll date will also be accurate as time-off is approved digitally by direct managers on the Employee Mobile app.

6. Manage contract right in the employee profile

Last but not least, this update enables you to centralize and manage employment contract along with other information in one place. This feature allows you to stay compliant with regulations and keep track of all legal documents related to your employee.

We've also included the ability to schedule reminders for specific tasks before a certain due date. This update was added to make sure you never miss an essential touchpoint with your employee - such as probation review, preparing employment documents on specific dates, etc.

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