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Product update: The new Payroll module is here

2020 is counting down to its end but Grove doesn't stop releasing new features yet. Throughout the year, we have seen companies struggling to find a lasting solution to their payroll management. To make the process of calculating an individual's pay a breeze, we present a module that you all are waiting for - Payroll.

Payroll management is one of the biggest hurdles faced by the ever-burdened HR department. Now with the new Payroll module, you can manage your employee pay effectively.

Grove HR's Payroll significantly reduces your workload every month by preparing employees’ gross salaries on your behalf. Your employees’ work hours, attendance information, and salary information are now integrated to ensure a smooth payroll process.

Put an end to the monthly trouble with Grove HR’s Payroll

Get a consolidated Payroll Review automatically

Every pay cycle, a consolidated Payroll Review will be automatically prepared. It will include the following salary information for you to easily review:

  • Employees’ gross salaries
  • Recurring compensation items (such as monthly allowances)
  • One-off compensation items
  • Salary deduction from unpaid time-off
  • Salary adjustments due to previous month offsets 
  • Overtime hours

Grove HR's Payroll will also summarize your employee bank information and essential job changes you need to pay attention to when calculating salaries (such as changing from probationary period to an official employee).

After review, you will be able to export this data into an Excel file and share it with your accounting/C&B team for processing.

Payroll 1

Overview your employees' payroll details at a glance


Kindly note that in the current release, we do not support the calculation from gross to net salaries. However, this is only the beginning for the Payroll module. We will improve this feature by releasing advanced features and functionality in the future.

2. Customize your company’s pay

Every company has different payroll policies so you can customize your own in 3 easy steps:

1. Setup your general pay settings and cycles (i.e., the currency to use, when to pay employees, enable or disable overtime tracking, etc.)

2. Define your pay structure (i.e., the recurring compensation items, how often you need to pay them, etc.)

3. Input your employees’ gross salaries or import them all at once


Payroll 2

Get everything set up as the way you want


Once those necessary configuration steps are completed, you will be able to start using Grove Payroll Preparation.

Please see this detailed guideline on how to set up the Payroll Preparation permission.

3. Keep confidential data safe and secured

Rest assured that only the employee can access his/her pay information as you can configure who has permission to view/edit employee salary data.

Our product development always approaches include innovative privacy technologies to protect your data:

  • All information is sent to/from Grove HR is encrypted using HTTPS and encrypts your data “at rest".
  • We have implemented yet another layer of security by specifically encrypting it using an encryption key managed independently by Google. These keys have an expiration date, and Google automatically creates new encryption keys to ensure your data is always safe. Only your company can access this data through your Grove HR account.
  • Finally, the payslip files you upload to Grove HR are also encrypted on Google servers.

Refer to this page for more information on how Grove helps ensure your privacy and security.

4. New improvements to keep track working time


For Time Attendance, we've added Deficit and Overtime so that you can check the working hours employees didn't complete or the hours employees work beyond their schedule. 

Now public holidays will be automatically integrated to everyone's time off calendar by country. Plus, whenever an employee submits day off, he/she can add documents for verification or explanation.

And there are lots of enhancements on Grove HR mobile app with fresh UI to book your time off, clock in/out, view your attendance and more. Check it out!


Get started now

If you are a current Grove HR user, you can start managing your employees’ payroll with our all-new feature now.

If you are not, we offer you an excellent opportunity to eliminate manual payroll management and effectively manage your employee pay, all for free through the "Grove HR is free, forever" program. Sign up now to start enjoying our all-new features .

We’re continually working to improve our platform. If you have any thoughts or feedback, we’d love to hear them.

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Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes

  • Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes
  • Automate attendance and time off.
  • Conduct 360-degree performance management easily.