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Product update: Optimize your employee management

Introducing new features of Grove HR to enhance your business's people management including powerful customized employee list, one-click custom field, new informative dashboard and more.

Employees are the heart of any business. When they are engaged, it leads to better productivity and performance - and eventually, business growth.

For this new features update, we focus on optimizing our system’s people management functions, so you can have more time to empower your employees. This update aims at helping you keep better track of employee records, and making the employee management process seamless and error-free.

Five new features have been updated to give you more power over your employee management process.


Customize to optimize

If your company requires very specialized business processes beyond basic HR needs, customization is a powerful touch. These new update will allow your HR team to create and customize adjustments to the platform that caters to your additional needs.

In line with that, we are happy to announce our new product update features.

1. Customize your employee list

We’ve finally introduced the ability to filter your employee lists by any of your defined criteria. This feature gives you total control when viewing your employee list. Until now, you’ve been free to add the columns you need in order to analyze the data as necessary. Simply tick the needed field whether it is job info or offboarding detail. Additionally, no matter how you want to look at your data, you can easily export them and integrate them with your own pivot tables on Excel.

For example, you could add leave reason and leave note into your employee list, then export to Excel. This can help you to discover the trends driving your turnover numbers.

And yeah, all the columns are resizable so you can view more information - a function applicable for all lists in Grove HR. Plus, it allows you to automatically freeze the first column to scroll through the list. Easy and flexible!

2. Create custom fields in one click

There is different information your HR may seek to manage beyond the standard foundational fields the platform provides. While creating a new field in the Settings section may be a bit complicated and time-consuming, this is why we have added a new feature to help you do just that! You can now create custom fields to manage specific employee records like parking card or even T-shirt size right in the employee profile with just one click.


GroveHR - One-click custom field

One-click creating custom fields


To use this feature, go on any employee’s profile, hover to the green gear button on the right, and click on it to immediately create your own custom fields. All you have to do is fill in the details. It is that simple.

3. Add employee profiles in a simpler and faster way

Got a new employee join the company? Now you don't need to waste time manually filling all his or her information. We have introduced a new feature that gives you the ability to add employee profiles with ease and at a faster rate. Important details now have default values to speed up the employee creation process.


grovehr - new employee profile

Add employee profile made faster


Let’s say you have a new employee joining your organization. All you will need to do is input the employee’s first name, last name, email, phone number, and job title. Our new feature automatically helps you fill-up the rest of the details like the joining date, the employment type, the office, and the department.

This automation can help you reduce the risk of errors and help you provide better onboarding experience for your new hires.

4. Employee dependent information is now visible

Your employee dependent information field is now available by default. If there is a need for employees to declare their dependents for tax-related purposes or any other purpose at all, this information can be easily found on the employee personal profile with sections laid out for every important detail.


Dependent info 2

Employee dependent information is now available


And of course, employees can fill in these details by themselves on the Employee Mobile App at their convenience and reduce the risk of error.

5. Informative dashboard to take quick actions

For employees:

Now, your employees can catch the latest news, upcoming employee birthdays, or work anniversaries at a glance with the new informative dashboard. This will help you create a transparent work culture for your employees.

Additionally, the self-serving ability to manage basic employee information has been improved. We know cumbersome processes leave employees feeling less engaged and may detract from an otherwise positive corporate culture. Therefore, we have made it easier for employees to immediately access pending HR tasks on the dashboard and make sure they get tasks done on time.

Without bothering any HR personnel, employees can quickly request a day off, check the status/balance of time off, and do other things themselves right from the dashboard.

For HR:

With one expansive dashboard view, now you can keep eyes on important details without browsing different places.

For example, when there is a new employee in the onboarding process, the dashboard will present you and responsible team members with real-time information. This helps them know the next important step to take. This also extends to offboard employees.

In addition, the dashboard feature further provides HR with the opportunity to easily monitor the company headcount so you stay on top of the company employee growth at all times.

Get started now

If you are a current Grove HR user, you can start optimizing your people management functions with our new features now.

If you are not, don't pass this golden opportunity. Grove HR is now 100% free, forever. This initiative for 2020 only aims to support our community throughout this unprecedentedly difficult time. Sign up now and digitize your HR operations with Grove HR. 

We’re continually working to improve our platform. If you have any thoughts or feedback, we’d love to hear them.

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