| 7 August, 2020 | 4 Min Read

Product update: Payslip management, customized hiring emails, and new time-off settings are here

This update, we're excited to introduce the brand new Payslip Management feature along with 5+ enhancements to speed up your hiring process and customize your time off settings. 

For your HR team to achieve results, there is no better way than to do their task faster and more efficiently. This is why, in this product update, we focus on solving problems that affect HR efficiency and include new custom features to fit your company needs. Now you can do everything - from payslip management to sending hiring emails - in minutes.

Whatever it is, you can do on Grove HR

1. Introducing the brand new Payslip Management

Our new feature - Payslip Management - that’s also integrated into the employee record, removes the burden of storing and sending recurring payslips manually.

All you need to do is upload the selected payslips, choose the month, and then hit send. The best things are Grove HR can automatically generate the email addresses from the files without inputting them yourself. In seconds, Your employees will automatically receive the payslip via both mail and the Employee Mobile App where they will be able to access it safely and privately.

Automatically notify monthly payslip to your employees


Plus, the payslips are instantly stored in each employee record so they can access and download anytime.

2. Personalize your hiring email templates in minutes

  • Update and edit default emails

Before sending out your hiring emails, it is vital to ensure they fit your brand's tone and voice while keeping consistency throughout the whole process. Now, you can customize all default hiring emails just the way you like as well as create your new template.

  • Edit and send emails on the fly

If you only need to customize a one-time email for a special case, this update allows you to edit and send emails on the fly when moving from stage to stage. With the email pop-up, you can both save time and increase hiring efficiency

For example, when you move an employee from the interview to the offer stage, a ready-made email pops up for you to customize and send instantly.

Need to edit the "office address" in your email template? Do it and send on the fly


3. Add skills and tags to categorize your candidates

Skills and tags are now displayed in the candidate profile. No matter how you want to categorize your candidates, you can always add, edit, or delete tags and skills. These tags are also enabled in the search bar to help you narrow down the specific candidates. This way you can speed up 2x the screening process.

Add skills and tags to categorize your candidates

One tip to use this feature is tagging candidates by their interview answers. This is especially useful if their answer is unique or important to excelling in the job.

4. New time-off settings to fit your business’s needs

  • Custom working time

Now, you can customize the working hours based on your company's policy.

Let's say your company requires employees to work from Monday to Saturday morning. Simply set full-day for Monday - Friday and choose the half-day option for Saturday.

  • Custom date range in monthly timekeeping report

We also improved the monthly timekeeping report with the custom date range function. You can select the start date, the end date, and pull out the report with that exact time frame in seconds.

Custom date range in monthly timekeeping report

  • Notify listed team members or HR when you take leave

Another small enhancement in this update is that until now users can notify any team members or HR when taking a day off. Hence, everyone can be on the same page and ready to back up if needed.

Notify listed team members or HR when you take leave

5. One universal button for quicker access

Our new feature update introduces a universal button that gives you quick access to the essential functions of Grove HR. Users can now create a new profile for a candidate, job, or employee, check the company news, or request for time off - all within the touch of a button.

One universal button for quicker access

6. A fresh design for Employee Mobile App

To round up our new update announcement in style, we have created a new and more user-friendly UI. This engaging interface will improve the user experience along with the new dashboard and employee profile.

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If you are a current Grove HR user, you can start benefiting from these new features now.

If you are not, don't pass this golden opportunity. Grove HR is now 100% free, forever. This initiative for 2020 only aims to support our community throughout this unprecedentedly difficult time. Sign up now and digitize your HR operations with Grove HR. 

We’re continually working to improve our platform. If you have any thoughts or feedback, we’d love to hear them.

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  • Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes
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