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Performance Enablement: Empowering development for the new workforce

We're excited to announce our biggest update of the year - the new Performance Enablement. This module will make it easier than ever to get your employees on track and align their professional goals and aspirations with the mission and objectives of your company. We're confident that this module will be invaluable for companies looking to retain and attract talent in an increasingly competitive market.

It's no secret that the dynamic between employers and employees is changing. Now, candidates interview companies to check if they like working there. As a result, it's important to have an employee development strategy in place so you can keep up with what your employees want and need.

Imagine an office where your employees are more empowered, focused on their development, and dedicated to increasing the company's productivity.

At Grove HR, we want to make this a reality for companies by creating the right kind of culture with meaningful conversations and feedback. That's why we introduced the new Performance Enablement module adopting the agile performance review practice for companies to continuously develop their people.

Let’s check this out!

Launch your performance reviews anytime, in any team

1. Get started quickly with review templates

Starting a performance review season shouldn't be complicated and time-consuming. Grove HR's review templates are available to help you get started quickly.

We have a library of templates you can use for self-evaluation reviews, peer reviews or manager-employee reviews, 360-degree feedback. You can also create new templates, edit or duplicate the current templates.

Grove HR - performance review template screenshot

Create your own review templates or use ours to get started quickly


2. Customize performance review questionnaire

The Performance Enablement module allows you to customize the performance Review questionnaire according to your company's needs.

Many question types are available, including rating scales (1-5), single choice questions, multiple-choice questions, and free text where users could write additional comments about their experience. You can preview any changes made to the questionnaire before saving everything.

3. Enable Peer reviews to get a full picture

With Peer reviews, you can involve relevant people including the employee's team members to create effective development strategies based on all-around information and make performance more objective.

As an HR-in-charge, you can select the set of employees involved in the Peer Review process and also determine the timeline for this review. Employees who are requested to conduct peer reviews will be able to view and write feedback for their colleagues.

Grove HR - Peer review screenshot

Build a more transparent and objective evaluation process with Peer reviews


4. Start reviews anytime in any team with Project-based reviews

The Performance management module also enables Project-based reviews, where project managers set up the performance review timeline for their team members as well as give feedback on their work.

Here’s how it works:

  • HR-in-charge selects “Project-based review" in the review template
  • HR-in-charge assigns the project manager and team members
  • Allow managers to view the shared review template and launch the review

5. Save time with automated review cycles

Automation is important in today's workforce and Grove HR will help you schedule reviews ahead of time and save yourself the hassle of having to remember everything at all times.

Here is how it works:

  • Schedule the specific time when you want your performance review to run
  • Select the review template. This will include the questionnaire you will send to your employees
  • Select the employees that will be included in the performance review and automatically add them to the performance review schedule
  • Set timeline for Self-review, Peer-review and Manager-review
  • Hit the “Launch” button

Also, with automatic reminders for every step of performance management, you will ensure employees and managers finish their tasks in time.

6. Oversee review progress at a glance

After launching performance reviews, now everyone can manage and take actions at a glance in one dashboard and ensure that everything is on track.

For employees, they can:

  • View the review that they join
  • Complete their self-evaluation
  • Check the submitted evaluation
Grove HR - self assessment screenshot

For line managers, they can:

  • Write assessment for each employee
  • Read submitted self-evaluation of their direct reports
  • View the status of their team members

Lastly, for the HR-in-charge, you can track the progress of performance reviews across all employees, including the self-evaluations and manager's evaluations. You can also see if a performance review is suspended or paused for any reason using the performance review dashboard.

Grove HR - Performance review dashboard screenshot

Monitor the progress of performance reviews and ensure everything is on track


Get started now

Now with Grove HR's Performance Enablement, you can run agile performance reviews and enable continuous growth.

The new Performance Enablement is now under our Grow Plan. You can sign up for free and upgrade here.

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Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes

  • Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes
  • Automate attendance and time off.
  • Conduct 360-degree performance management easily.