| 2 October, 2023 | 6 Min Read

Product update: Our Checklist just got more powerful

Have trouble creating and assigning personalized HR tasks? Can't edit approved goals? Don't worry, our latest product updates have you covered. Let's take a look!

We are thrilled to announce the newest upgrades to our HR software, customized for startups and SMBs. With this latest product release, we have fine-tuned essential modules such as Checklist, Goal Management, and Attendance Tracking to provide you with more flexibility and efficiency. Let's explore how these updates will elevate your HR experience.

1. Checklist enhancement: Create your custom checklists and tasks


Our Checklist module just got a major upgrade. We've expanded it beyond onboarding and offboarding tasks. Now, you can use it for a wide range of HR tasks. We've also added a handy feature that lets you customize checklist categories. This flexibility means you can tailor it precisely to your needs.

But it's not just about flexibility; it's about making your life easier. We've polished the user interface so everything is more user-friendly. Navigating the Checklist module is now a breeze. It's your HR sidekick, simplified.

So why wait? Log in and create custom HR tasks, then assign them to your employees now!

Check out our comprehensive guidelines on how to 

  1. Create & Manage Template Categories
  2. Create & Manage Checklist Template
  3. Create, Edit & Delete Tasks
  4. Assign & Manage Checklists
  5. Assign & Manage Onboarding

2. Goals enhancement: Empowering Goals Achievement

Edit Goals 

We've enhanced our Goal Management module to help you set and track goals with precision. You can now adjust goals even after they've been approved or assigned, which is crucial in today's dynamic business landscape. Kindly note that goals with 'Waiting for approval' status are not editable.

  • What goal status can be edited? Approved/ Assigned by Manager
  • Who can edit goals? Only Goals creator
  • What items you can edit? All goal details, including Key Result details

Archive goals


Besides editing, you can now archive goals. With goal archiving:

  • Goal creators can archive active goals at any stage except those in the "Drafted" status.
  • Should the need arise,  goal creators can easily manage his/her own goals by unarchiving goals.
  • All archived goals are neatly stored in an "Archived Goals" list for easy reference at any time.
  • Importantly, access to archived goals is limited to goal owners and their direct managers, ensuring privacy and data security.

Update goals progress


Moreover, updating goal progress is more detailed and transparent than ever before. Employees can seamlessly add comments and attach files as proof for their managers. This not only streamlines progress tracking but also empowers managers with a clearer view of goal status, eliminating the need for repeated inquiries. It's a more transparent way to communicate and collaborate on goals.

Do not worry about missing any updates or wondering who did what. Every change is shown in the activity log, so you can effortlessly track progress and have a complete record of every little tweak.

If you need further clarification, let's check out our comprehensive guidelines on how to 

3. Attendance Tracking Module:

In Attendance Tracking, employees can now add more detailed comments when clocking out, giving them the flexibility to include extra information. These comments are neatly listed for clarity. For detailed instructions, please refer to this guideline.

These enhancements may seem small, but they make a big difference in simplifying attendance management for everyone.

Make the Most of Grove HR's New Update

That wraps up this month's product release highlights! With Grove HR, we're not just giving you software; we're delivering a simpler and more efficient HR experience designed with startups and SMBs in mind. We're confident that these new features and enhancements will simplify and make managing your human resources tasks more efficient.

Stay ahead in HR management with Grove HR's comprehensive and user-friendly system. Sign up for free today and experience the incredible benefits of the new update firsthand.

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