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Introducing Sprynkl - Employee Engagement app to strengthen your company culture

In today's world, it is essential to have a company culture that strengthens the bonds between employees. We're thrilled to announce our latest product: Sprynkl - Employee Engagement app.

Did you know 51% of employees leave because they don't feel a sense of belonging at work? Employee engagement is not a myth anymore, and companies need to keep employees engaged so they can stay at their jobs for a long haul.

With Grove's Performance Enablement, we’ve been able to help companies develop their people based on meaningful conversations both inside and outside of work. That’s why we have Sprynkl.

“When people go to work, they shouldn’t have to leave their hearts at home.” - Betty Bender

With Sprynkl's mobile app, team members can get to know each other and stay in touch – with all the impact and fun that comes from it! Sprynkl has also integrated with Slack to ensure you won't miss out on anything.

Let's see what's more.

Connect with colleagues privately

Sprynkl is integrated with Grove HR so employees can easily join your company network in one tap. There are many things you can do on Sprynkl to promote a healthy and transparent work culture by encouraging coworkers to join the conversation.

Employees can create and join groups to chat with colleagues, participate in discussions, and share knowledge. In-app messages allow everyone to instantly chat with each other without asking for a phone number or email address.

The app can also be used in setting up surveys to collect, evaluate and act on feedback from team members. Give every person in the company a place to raise their voice.


Home feed

Promote moment sharings to know more about your workplace - your second home - your buddies.


Share work and life stories

Stories of the little things can make a difference. Inspire your team by celebrating successes and failures alike!

Everyone can share updates, photos and videos. @mention people in relevant conversations is also available. Using #hashtags is a great way to see what’s trending, check out top stories or interesting topics in your company. Plus, you can either post/comment anonymously if you desire it.

Empower peer recognition and feedback

Give your employees the opportunity to show appreciation to one another for their hard work by sending them points and a personalized message via Sprynkl. This is also a great idea for the HR team interested in running digital awards campaign that will put more smiles on people's faces!

Moreover, employees can give each other constructive and helpful feedback instantly with Sprynkl. Peer feedback can make work more enjoyable and engaging, as well as increase productivity by inspiring employees to give their best efforts in all aspects of job responsibilities.


Feedback + recognition

Give feedback or recognition to your co-workers instantly  


Introduce new hires with an onboarding buddy

Onboard new hires with a real buddy will help new hires acclimate faster, and create an instant sense of belonging. Sprynkl will send a customizable greeting message on behalf of your ambassador to new hires.

Here’s how it works:

  • Nominate ambassadors to onboard new hires
  • Customize greeting messages to fit with any company culture
  • Establish a guideline for ambassadors to keep aside when onboarding new hires


Onboarding buddy

Onboarding buddy -no more first-day anxiety for your new hires


Different employee engagement strategies

Employee engagement helps to boost morale, increase productivity and make employees feel appreciated for their work. There are several ways in which companies can implement Sprynkl into the workplace as a way to enhance  engagement and build better company culture:

  • Businesses that have an office space where people meet up regularly will benefit greatly from this tool since it allows for people to keep track of who is around and how they can help each other.
  • Businesses with distributed teams can leverage Sprynkl to bring employees closer with a place where everyone can share their stories no matter where they are. Engagement activities can also be run like pulse surveys or peer recognition to boost collaboration.

Sprynkl is all about making sure every employee feels appreciated and valued for their input – and eventually create an inclusive company culture for everyone.

Get started now

Now with Sprynkl, let employees express themselves in an inclusive and private social network and invite them to co-create your company culture.

The new Engagement app is under our Engage Plan and Grow Plan. You can sign up for free and upgrade here.

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