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REKA saw a 100% growth rate in their workforce after using Grove HR

With the shift to remote working and tremendous workforce growth, REKA's CEO Muhammad Haziq Faris realized that manual HR is no longer a sustainable approach. Grove HR helped REKA organize, automate and streamline their recruitment, time-off, employee & data management.

An R&D firm, REKA, has come a long way since it first started in 2013, intending to develop technology and products that address particular customer challenges. They have a headquarter in Kuala Lumpur and two labs in Cyberjaya that focus on electronics, AI, autonomous vehicles, and hardware.

Being a technology provider themselves, REKA understood the need for a simple and organized HR system. After examining a range of HR tools such as Easy Work, HR.my, and Kakitangan, CEO Muhammad Haziq Faris found no significant differences.

Managing employee data, contracts, recruitment, and leave requests remained a challenge, much like it had been with Google Sheets and Google Drive.

Extending its search for a simple, easy-to-use, and well-developed HR software, REKA's CEO stumbled upon Grove HR that happened to cater to all their needs at the moment.

"One of the greatest factors is that the user interface of Grove HR is easy to use, intuitive, and overall beautiful. So that was a factor that made us jump on to Grove HR." - Muhammad Haziq Faris.




Juggling between different dashboards for recruitment


Grove HR's recruiting pipeline, auto-generated forms, and career page to make the process efficient and thorough.


Hundreds of hours spent in manual employee data management


Easy accessibility of data via Grove HR’s centralized people and data management feature.

Lengthy and disordered time-off management

Quick and hassle-free administration of time-off requests, approvals, tracking with Grove HR’s employee management.

Messed up and unorganized document management using Google Drive


Grove HR's document management tool simplified management, sharing and creating HR official documents, nondisclosure agreements, etc.


Seamless and automated recruitment

"Before Grove HR, my co-founder and I were technically the HR team. But having Grove HR helps us to put everything in an organization." - Muhammad Haziq Faris.

Finding themselves in the same dilemma of juggling between various hiring portals, google sheet, and manual data entry, REKA's recruitment process had turned into a hassle.

Grove HR simplified this process by providing REKA with the ability to manage its entire recruitment process on a single dashboard. A dedicated career page helped with job listing and talent attraction, whereas the recruitment pipeline and auto-generated form made the applicant review process short and quick. Additionally, the onboarding checklist has cut short REKA's onboarding process to 1-2 days.

Grove HR - Reka saw a 100% growth rate in their workforce after using Grove HR - CEO testimonial


Managing a big team is now easy

Starting with just a few employees, REKA has grown to 20 employees amidst the pandemic. This accomplishment and growth rate made Haziq realize the need for having a simple, well-developed, and well-designed HRM software.

"Most of our communication is digital, and it's easier for us to have a centralized place for all our HR documents that we can share with our employees. So, having the Grove HR documents feature helps us put everything in one place." - Muhammad Haziq Faris.

Earlier to Grove HR, they managed their day-to-day HR tasks using Google Sheet and Google Drive, which became havoc for both employees and management. As Haziq puts it:
"Managing documents and performing HR tasks before Grove HR was a headache, and in a week, I used to spend 2-3 days on HR stuff. I had to manually perform all HR activities, which made the process lengthy. But now, with Grove HR, I only dedicate 2-3 hours a week, which has saved us quite a lot of time and effort."

Plus, employees can now access their information quickly and view documents like contracts, policies, and everything within the Grove HR ecosystem.

Hassle-free tracking and management

For a CEO like Haziq, who values aesthetics and functionality, finding an HR app that can fit all its needs was challenging. However, after using Grove HR, things have changed for REKA.

"The mobile app is one of the best features that made me want to use Grove HR. I wanted an app that is friendly, beautiful, and simple. " - Muhammad Haziq Faris.

With a simplified UI, on-the-go management, timely announcements, and smart time-off tracking, the Grove HR app has made HR easy for everyone across the company.

Grove HR has made the leave application process easy for both management and employees. Employees can now submit leave requests using the app, and management has a clear picture of how many leaves are remaining and how to plan ahead. This has aided in increasing engagement and shifting from the previously used manual process to a manageable approach.

Growth is constant with Grove HR

Do away with the manual paperwork and slide into more advanced solutions, as REKA did! Our modern features made employee and data management easy for everyone from the top-to-bottom level.

Make the switch and let Grove HR take care of your administration, so you have more time to care for your people. Sign up now for free or request a customized demo with our team. Managing a business is itself a big task and let’s not add the responsibility of HR to this.

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Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes

  • Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes
  • Automate attendance and time off.
  • Conduct 360-degree performance management easily.