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Ultimate company culture survey template

The company culture survey helps the management team evaluate all people aspects including working conditions, leadership, personal growth, and more.

Template by Thao Nguyen Le
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Company culture is crucial for the healthy development of a company. But, how can you know if your culture-building efforts are on the right track? The best way for this is to ask your employees by doing a survey. Download now (for free) our Company culture survey template and ensure the right culture is set across your company.


The company culture says a lot about your persona and how well your employees do their jobs, as they can only thrive in a positive work environment. Hence, the success of your company depends on the organizational culture. However, this culture is susceptible to change and the only way to find out what areas need adjustments is by sending a company culture survey to your employees.

A survey sets managers on the right path to achieving a strong corporate culture that enhances productivity. It consists of a series of questions that helps managers evaluate how much positive impact their corporate culture has made on employees’ personal development.

Company culture survey question list

Section 1: Work facilitation

Are we doing our best to help you achieve your job goals?

  1. You can make your own decision on how to do your job as long as you strive for the best result.
  2. You are encouraged to come up with more efficient ways to do your job.
  3. Your job's goals are established, communicated clearly to you and you understand how these goals align with the company's strategy.
  4. The facilities at the office create a dynamic and comfortable environment for your work.
  5. The company policies give you the flexibilities to do your best at work (working hours, location, processes, etc.)
  6. You are trained with the necessary knowledge, provided with the tools and support to do the job well.
  7. Your career is developing through the knowledge and experience attained from your current job.
  8. From 1 to 10, how much do the company's mission and core values align with your owns?

Section 2: Personal & career growth

Are your personal & career growth fostered and encouraged at the company?

  1. Your current job brings out your skills and abilities
  2. Your manager gives you helpful guides and advice so you can achieve your job goals.
  3. You often get timely, constructive feedback from your manager when doing your job.
  4. You feel happy and energized every day at work.
  5. At the company, employees are respected (for their perspectives, needs, strengths and weaknesses...)
  6. At the company, employees have the opportunity to change career paths to match their strengths and desires.
  7. The company has been making appropriate investments in your learning and growth.

Section 3: Leadership

How do you feel about the leadership and management at the company?

  1. You feel open to giving feedback to your manager.
  2. Your team is free to come up with the best way to achieve your goals.
  3. The company is doing well in spotting and developing potential leaders.
  4. The company actively invests in the training and development of good leaders.
  5. In the past 3 months, you have always been recognized for a job well done.
  6. Your contribution is recognized and compensated appropriately.
  7. People at the company are open and honest in communication.
  8. Everyone at the company understands the core values ​​and executes them correctly and consistently.

Download the full company culture survey template 👉

What you'll get:

  • A full-scope culture survey sheet formatted in Google Form, ready to clone and edit.
  • 35+ culture survey questions in rating scale and open-ended styles.
  • 5 main sections to explore: Work facilitation, Leadership style, Personal growth, Work-life, and Recommendations.

How to use this template

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    Before editing, remember to “Make a copy" and edit on your copied file to keep the original file for everyone.
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    The contents in the template are just a starter. Make sure you insert and edit the variables (name, logos, survey scale etc.) to tailor the template to your business’s needs.
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    Click “send" and kick start your survey process.

Who this template is for

  • HR Managers who want to re-evaluate all aspects of the company including work, leadership, personal growth, and more.
  • HRBPs who want to create a healthier work-life balance at their company.
  • Founders who desire to understand their employees and enhance the employee experience.

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