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COVID-19 vaccine policy at workplace template

Covid-19 vaccine policy guides employees on how they can get vaccinated and regulate cases for exemption.

Template by Vu Nguyen Ky
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With the invention of the COVID-19 vaccines, many employers are turning their minds to whether they should require their employees to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. In case of implementing a COVID-19 vaccine policy, it is crucial to guide employees on how they can get vaccinated and regulate cases for exemption. Download (for free) this workplace vaccine policy template and customize it to your need.


Employers are having a tough time deciding whether or not to have all employees fully vaccinated before resuming work at the office. The orientation of each employee has made enforcing this policy a challenge, and employers are looking for ways to ensure that no employee is exposed to the virus.

A Covid 19 vaccine policy prompts employees to take the vaccine and imposes restrictions for unvaccinated employees. It also maps out the course of actions, the deadlines, special cases, and onsite access to the vaccine.

Vaccination policy brief and purpose

This section of the template is for introducing the policy to your employees. Use it to state why the company has this policy and what you hope to achieve.

For example: In accordance with our company’s commitment to providing a safe workplace, we adopt this policy. It outlines the procedures for safeguarding the health of our employees, customers, and the community from the COVID-19 pandemic. This policy is intended to comply with the necessary health and labor laws.

Policy scope

Use this section to state to whom the policy applies and who is responsible for its compliance.

For example: All temporary, part-time, and full-time employees who physically work in our office are required to get vaccinated unless exempted (see exemption below). It does not apply to customers or visitors. 

Any employee who refuses to comply with this policy may be subject to disciplinary action by the HR department.

Sample letter for COVID vaccine policy introduction

Use this letter to introduce the policy to your employees.

Dear {Employee’s name},

Since our business’s primary priority is the safety of our employees, customers, and our community at large, we are taking the necessary precaution by requiring that every employee get vaccinated.

We believe that this is the best way for us to move forward and transition back to a safe, productive workspace. In order to encourage this effort, all employees will be given time off work to receive their vaccinations.

Attached below is our workplace vaccination policy, which clearly states the procedures and exemptions. If you have any concerns or questions about this policy, please reach out to HR.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Best regards,

{Your name}

{Company name}

Download for free the complete policy now 👉

In this template, you will have:

  • Sample letter content for the introduction of the vaccine policy.  
  • COVID-19 vaccine requirements for managers, employees, and HR specialists.    
  • The regulations in cases of requests for exemption: How to request for exemption and exemption restrictions.

How to use this template

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    The template is fair use for your own purposes. Feel free to copy or refer to the structure and guidelines inside.
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    Keep in mind that this template is not a legal document and may not take into account all relevant local or national laws.
  • ✍️
    The contents in the template are just a starter. Make sure you insert and edit the variables (name, logos, etc.) to tailor the template to your business.
  • 📟
    Upgrade the material by changing or adding in texts, sections, and visuals.
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    Export as PDF or print it out for easier handling and communication with your team.

Who this template is for

  • Employers who want to curb the spread of the coronavirus.
  • Managers who intend to have employees resume work at the office amidst the pandemic.
  • Companies with a high risk of COVID-19 infection

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