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Customer service performance review template

A customer service performance review template guides managers and employees for a better and well-structured evaluation process.

Template by Nguyen Huu Phuc
4 minutes to finish · English · DOCX
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Performance review is an opportunity to analyze goals and objectives. This template will help you highlight areas for improvement and drive professional growth in the customer service department. Download (for free) the customizable template and evaluate your customer service team's performance. 


Every company wants to have a happy customer base and it's the customer service team’s main duty to achieve that. Therefore, having a high-performing customer service team is vital to hold, nurture, and grow your customer base. The performance review provides an overview of the individual strengths and weaknesses of each team member in order to assess how they can develop further.

The customer service performance review template will help you evaluate your team's performance to ensure that they are at the standard your company needs in order to increase customer satisfaction. You can use it at the end of every quarter or year to compare results with goals and set targets for the next period.

Customer service performance review template

Duties and personal behavior:

Feedback on the period: Duties: Workload, tasks, collaboration, quality of work, customer satisfaction, sales, marketing, etc.




Customer Feedback 

The easiest and most obvious way of evaluating the performance of your customer service team is by going through their respective customer's feedback. Fewer complaints should be commended and more complaints should be looked into. 


Response speed

Attends to customers quickly. Process customers through the system without delay. 


Conversion Rate

After interacting with the customer they are convinced and satisfied enough to take positive action. 


Job Knowledge 

Attracts potential customers by answering product and service questions, suggesting information about other products and services. Process orders, prepare correspondences and fulfill customer needs to ensure customer satisfaction.



Collaborates with internal and external teams across positions, proactively helps others, puts team targets higher than personal achievements, contributes and takes initiative to social activities. 



Skill Development

1. Personal strengths

Professional and personal strengths and drivers: Eg. analysis, problem-solving, planning, development, method knowledge, technical expertise


  • Displays remarkable empathy when dealing with customers 
  • Has excellent control of his words and so he's able to exude positivity when attending to customer's complaints. 

2. Skills development

Professional and personal skills: Be precise in describing the skills that the employee needs / wants to develop.


  • Needs to take responsibility for the customer's care and make sure that he provides a solution by solving the issue presented by the customer without escalation. 
  • You need to create more patience when dealing with customers 
  • Before persuading a customer to carry out an action, make sure you’ve clearly explained the situation to them to their satisfaction 
  • Learn to keep things simple when dealing with a customer, explain things to its simplest form for them to understand with ease.

Cooperative and well-being

1. You and your colleagues

How do you find the working environment at the company? What are your suggestions to make it even better? Do you get professional support from your colleagues when you need it? Do you think that your cooperation with your colleagues is working well? What is your contribution to the cooperation and community?


  • There's a healthy atmosphere among colleagues in the office and they all get along amicably. 

2. You and your manager

Feedback to your leader: Eg. the delegation of tasks, responsibilities and competence. 


  • John believes he can represent the team and ensure that delegated tasks are being fulfilled. 

Career Development in the long-term

Reflections on job opportunities, other tasks, new disciplines, etc. Do you need support from your manager to achieve your development goals?


  • He'd like to advance and become a Quality Assurance Manager at a point in his career. 

Work-life balance

How do you feel about your work-life balance? Do your career ambitions correspond with your personal relationships (family life, marriage, having children)? Are there other issues you would like to discuss?

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What you'll get:

  • A well-structured form to measure employee performance and conduct better one-on-one reviews
  • Areas for employees to highlight their strengths and weaknesses
  • Honest feedback from employees about colleagues, managers or work-life balance

How to use this template

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    The template is fair use for your own purposes. Feel free to copy or refer to the structure and guidelines inside.
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    Keep in mind that this template is not a legal document and may not take into account all relevant local or national laws.
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    The contents in the template are just a starter. Make sure you insert and edit the variables (name, logos, etc.) to tailor the template to your business.
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    Upgrade the material by changing or adding in texts, sections, and visuals.
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    Export as PDF or print it out for easier handling and communication with your team.

Who this template is for

  • Head of the customer service department in charge of performance review.
  • Employees preparing for a performance review in the customer service department.
  • HR specialist in charge of the performance review process.

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