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The complete OKR setting checklist

The OKR checklist is a framework that helps companies set and manage goals that align with their vision.

Template by Tien Viet Nguyen
5 minutes to finish · English · PPTX
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The OKR framework is a strategic approach to set and manage goals which helps to achieve organizational alignment. However, easier said than done, setting the right OKRs and having every employees onboard with the plan prove to be difficult and problematic. Download now (for free) our comprehensive OKR setting checklist to set and manage your OKRs better.


After deciding to implement the OKR framework at your company, preparing a plan that guides you through the process is a critical step. An OKR checklist help employees to get on board with the idea and align their goals with the set objectives.

The OKR checklist includes a preparation checklist that helps team leaders communicate the importance of adopting the OKR framework. In addition to this, a  brainstorming checklist is also available to guide the team in thinking up objectives and key results, with possible ways to achieve them. After putting the implemented OKR to the test, you can also utilize the action checklist to help your team develop a new and improved structure.

The OKR setting checklist


{This section of the document helps make sure you and your employees are fully prepared to adopt the OKR framework}

Key terminologies to know

  • OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results, a goal management framework that helps companies define their goals and measure the outcome.
  • The objectives in the framework are the qualitative descriptions of what you want to achieve. 
  • The key results are the metrics used to measure your progress towards your objectives. A good KR should be specific, time-bound, quantitative, and verifiable. 
  • The score is the scale between 0 and 1 that shows whether an employee missed or hit the target for the KR.

Understand OKRs

  • Introduce with the team and  explain the following concepts to them: The history of OKR, Setting OKRs, OKRs grading system 
  • Let them understand the importance of OKR to your team and the organization
  • Set up an OKR setting session with the team


Identify your objectives

  • Organize a brainstorming session with your team members
  • Pose the question “What are the most important things we want to achieve in the next month/quarter/year?”
  • Ask your team members to come up with their answers within a stipulated time (e.g. 1 hour)
  • Remind them not to set overly ambitious objectives. Objectives should be simple and straightforward
Choose your objectives 
  • Ask your team members to submit their ideas
  • Ask team members why they think each objective matters

Choose your key results

  • Organize another brainstorming session with your team members
  • Pose the question “What results (not outputs of effort) do you want to see (and can measure) if you reach the objective?”
  • Ask your team members to come up with their KRs for the chosen objectives within a stipulated time (e.g. 2 hours)
Selecting your key results
  • Have team members submit their KRs

{To decide the key results, ask your team members the following questions}

  • Is the KR a perfect fit for the objective
  • Can it help achieve the selected objective?
  • Has a specific metric being chosen to measure your KR? (Example: When choosing a KR, “We want to sell X number of products by the end of a quarter” is wrong. Instead, it should be “We want to increase product A sale by 30% this quarter”)
  • Has an owner been assigned to the KR?

{To choose the ideal objectives, managers can ask the following questions}

  • Is the objective realistic?
  • Is the objective tied to larger company goals?
  • Why is this objective important? 
  • What are the resources or limitations involved in accomplishing it?
  • Is the objective measurable? (Example: Increase the number of company branches by 20%)
  • When is the final deadline for achieving this objective?
  • Using a scale, prioritize the objectives based on the order of importance
  • Choose the 3-4 most relevant objectives 
Download for free the full checklist 👉

In this checklist, you'll get:

  • Preparation checklist to help team members understand OKRs basics before setting them.
  • Step-by-step brainstorming checklist including: identify objectives, choose key results, then evaluate them.
  • Action checklist to put your OKRs into practice and tracking their success.

How to use this template

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    The template is fair use for your own purposes. Feel free to copy or refer to the structure and guidelines inside.
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    Keep in mind that this template is not a legal document and may not take into account all relevant local or national laws.
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    Print out for easier handling and communication with your team.

Who this template is for

  • Managers who want to measure and track the OKRs of each team member.
  • Team leaders who want to take actionable steps to achieve the team's goals.
  • Anyone curious about how to set OKR efficiently.

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