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The must-have OKR worksheet sample

The worksheet sample provides a framework that sets companies on the right path to achieving their OKRs and attaining success.

Template by Thao Nguyen Le
5 minutes to finish · English · XLSX
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Defining Objectives & Key Results, and leading your business to achieve them are fundamental tasks to fulfill your company purposes. However, writing achievable OKRs and tracking them require a lot of efforts from every employee. Download (for free) our ready-made worksheet to start drafting your own OKRs. 


Every manager has goals they aspire to achieve. And the OKR model is a potent goal management technique leading companies like Google are adopting. With this model, managers can communicate their expectations to their employees clearly and concisely. Tracking and measuring your goals are easier if you have the right OKR worksheet.

This worksheet includes a sample that guides managers through the process of creating OKR for the company. It also includes OKR examples for the HR, Engineering, Sales, Marketing, and Product teams. With this worksheet, managers can define measurable key results and map out a plan to achieve them.

Sample OKR worksheet content

The purpose of the OKR worksheet sample

  • This worksheet sample is for managers to prepare their team OKR plans
  • This will ensure every team can create their objectives and track the progress of each one
  • It includes OKR examples for the Company, Product, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Engineering, and HR

How to use this OKR worksheet sample

  • This template will serve as a building block to creating your company's OKR worksheet
  • To use, add, edit, delete or customize these sections in a way that best fits your company

Set and track OKRs across the company as a breeze with Goal management of Grove HR

✓ Set the right Objectives and Key Results to focus everyone in the right direction

✓ Easily review and adjust team progress in a transparent way

✓ Monitor progress at a glance and make the necessary adjustments

Company OKR examples

OBJECTIVE: Engage employees and keep them productive during work-from-home time due to COVID-19

Key results

Provide necessary guidance and materials to the management team to keep their team productive and engaged

Align team members while working from home

Ensure technology continuity throughout work-from-home time

OBJECTIVE: Achieve revenue targets during the targeted Quarter

Key results

Hit profit target of {$*****} by the end of the quarter

Increase sales growth by 30%

Increase the company's booking target by 50%

Increase company's staff number by 10%

OBJECTIVE: Achieve digital transformation across departments

Key results

Transform legacy systems to cloud-based platforms in Marketing, Sales, and HR departments

Hire a Chief Digital Officer to be in charge of the digital transformation process

Communicate and employer employees during digital transformation

OBJECTIVE: Build a great corporate culture

Key results

Provide transparency to company goals by conducting 1-2 small team weekly meetings

Achieve a weekly Employee Satisfaction score of 8.5/10

Host monthly company meeting to answer all employees' questions and concerns

Product OKR examples

OBJECTIVE: Successfully launch the new version of Product (B)

Key results

Conduct 50 user interviews and get their feedback

20% of sign-ups are weekly active users

Track and report usage so that we onboard clients better

OBJECTIVE: Have a fast release cycle process to meet business demands

Key Results

Have a flow to qualify features using insights from clients & internal staff

Implement the new product discovery process to shorten the preparation time for new features to under 2 weeks

Define clear development flow, from ideas to launch, each step has role & responsibilities

OBJECTIVE: Improve feature (A) performance

Key Results

Conduct problem interviews with 50% of our customer

Reduce processing time from 20 secs to 8 secs

Incorporate 4 new tools to improve performance

OKR Worksheet example

Top goal (Company objective) <Goals> PIC  Status Due date Notes
Goal 1 - HR objective          
Key result 1.1          
Key result 1.2          
Key result 1.3          
Goal 2 - Operation objective          
Key result 2.1          
Key result 2.2          
Key result 2.3          
Goal 3 - IT objective           
Key result 1.1          
Key result 1.2          
Key result 1.3          
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In this template, you'll get

  • A customizable worksheet to write and track OKRs progress across the company
  • A list of OKR examples by departments including Marketing, Sales, Product, Engineering, and HR
  • A guide to use the worksheet effectively

How to use this template

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    You can add or subtract variables in the calculation if necessary, but we would advise not to change the formulas.
  • 🪄
    Input your all data to do all the maths in a blink.

Who this template is for

  • Founders who need a strategic approach to goal alignment.
  • Team leaders who want to improve their productivity level.
  • Managers who want to develop ambitious and result-driven teams.

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