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The complete onboarding kit for new hires

This kit has everything you need to facilitate a smooth onboarding process, impress your newcomers, and set them up for success.

Template by Thao Nguyen Le
8 minutes to finish · English · PPTX
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A professional onboarding process starts before the first day. With dozens of preparation and setting up, miscommunication and confusion can get in the way. That's why we put together a kit of essential templates and checklists to help you welcome new hires successfully. Download now (for free) our 3-in-1 onboarding kit and make a great first impression to all new employees.


Starting a new job is a whole lot of pressure for new hires. They probably spend their nights wondering what their first day will be like or picking out several outfits to look their best. As managers, it is up to us to ensure that they have the best onboarding experience at all costs. 

We also need all the help we can get in having a successful onboarding program, hence the need for an onboarding tool kit. There should be checklists to help new hires catch up with the role and a “launchpad” plan that sets them on the right track for future successes.

The ultimate goals of the onboarding process

The ultimate goals of the onboarding process
The ultimate goals of the onboarding process

The New Hire Launchpad


This new hire launchpad represents our organization’s dedication to creating a welcoming environment for our new hires. With this launchpad, we aim to:

  • Help new employees get familiar with the company, their managers and team members
  • Ensure new employees know the team’s goals and understand their roles in helping us reach them
  • Provide new employees with their schedule plan during their first days in our organization

Sample structure of a New Hire Launchpad

1. Meet the teams: Introduce your new employees to the different teams in your organization. Explain the specific role each team plays in achieving the goal of the organization.

2. About your team: This section should be used to introduce new employees to their specific team and its members

3. Team goals: What are the goals of the team? What are the different objectives the team hopes to achieve?

4. Why we exist: Your mission statement is a summary of what your organization stands for. Use this section to state what your company’s mission is.

5. Your contribution: Explain and introduce the new hire to their specific roles and responsibilities to the team goal actualization

6. Your first day: Explain in detail the activities lined up for your new employee on their first day at work

7. Your first week: Use this section to create a detailed schedule for your new hire’s first week in the office

8. Your first 100 days: What are the goals or achievements you expect from your new employees in their first 100 days? Use this section to define your specific expectation.

The onboarding checklist for remote employees

Before day 1

IT department

  • Ensure that the computers and other devices are work-ready.
  • Provide login access to the necessary tools for the new employee. (e.g., email account, communication apps, etc.)

HR team

  • Make sure the HR-in-charge department sends an onboarding email letter to the new employee. (Confirm their first day in the email)
  • Ensure that the necessary documents and training materials are sent to the new employee. (e.g., Employee handbook, New hire launchpad)
  • Provide new hire with a contact in the event of any questions.
  • Notify the manager about the new employee's first day.


  • Work with the HR team to outline each step of the onboarding process to avoid information overload before being forwarded to the new employee.
  • Inform the new employee about their job goals and expectations.
  • Ensure a supervisor or mentor is made available to work the new hire through from the first day.
  • Prepare a training slide for an one-on-one meeting.

To get the full onboarding kit from New Hire Launchpad to Remote onboarding checklist and more, download now 👉

What's in this kit:

  • New Hire Launchpad
  • Onboarding plan & checklist
  • Onboarding checklist for remote employees

With this kit, you can:

  • Develop an all-around onboarding plan with a detailed checklist.
  • Tailor the onboarding process for remote new employees.
  • Help new hires settle in the job with our New hire launchpad template.

How to use this template?

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    The kit may include templates, guidelines, and checklists. Feel absolutely free to edit, copy, and tailor them all to fit your needs.
  • 🖨
    Export as PDF or print it out for easier handling and communication with your team

Who this template is for

  • Managers that want to make a lasting first impression and improve employee retention.
  • HRBPs looking to create a healthy relationship amongst new employees and the existing team
  • HR managers who want to give new hires a headstart on the company’s operations, missions, and goals.

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